The Next Release Date

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I don’t know the next release date of Guild Wars 2 information. If that’s all you’re interested in you can stop reading.

Arenanet last released a profession in August when the demo became playable at gamescom. The official release came about a week later with a full page on their website for Guild Wars 2.

The rate of releasing professions had been just over a month per profession leading up to gamescom, with predictions that the trend would continue around early to mid October.

The problem is that was with the presumption the release of professions wasn’t tied to anything. Like the demo.

When they decided to make a demo they knew that they had to include a ton of gameplay, skills, events, and of course, professions. Instead of dumping that information all at once during a convention, they slowly released it over the course of months as to take full advantage of the hype the information could create. Leaking it at a game convention all at once would create hype for all of one week. Instead there was several months of very steady hype.

By the time the demo came around we were seeing what we had heard about. A perfect confluence of marketing Chris Lye!

Now in late October, there is much less to talk about. Those predictions of a mid October profession release frustrated a lot of people. Knowing that Arenanet released all that information to coincide with a demo, not to coincide with the eventual release of the game, probably isn’t helping.

I’m not sure when they’ll release more information. “When it’s ready” isn’t really an answer. Part of the problem of having such tight lips is that when you release information it builds massive hype (good) but if people don’t like it there is massive backlash (bad). I think we’ve all seen that relatively recently.

Personally I’d enjoy a more open environment in which to discuss the game.

So when is the next information dump? No idea. It could be next week, it could be a few months before release. I suppose there are a few random possibilities. Personally I’d put the release of the next profession much closer to release. I’d also bet it will be released in much the same way as previous ones. Meaning, further professions will be released to coincide with the release of the game, perhaps at least four months before hand.

Then again, that’s just speculation.



  1. I speculate a Halloween info dump of some kind.

    • any reasoning? i kind of doubt any info will be released on the weekend, but, it is a big event and a lot of people will be online and paying attention. so you could be right.

  2. It’s always hard to wait for big reveals, which is why I’m glad SWTOR does their weekly updates, to tide people over in between those big info dumps. Of course, then you have people foolishly expecting that each week’s updates MUST reveal something huge and awesome, you have another problem. Releasing information is a funny business, seems no matter how much or how little you reveal you’ll always be hit with hype and backlash. I pray I never work in game marketing.

    • I would hand over large parts of my paycheck to work in game marketing. Having no experience, skills, or knowledge of marketing shouldn’t hold anyone back from offering me a job so feel free.

  3. I’m sorry, Yarr can’t comment on this very likely accurate post by Hunter as he is very busy killing himself (and having lots of fun) doing Halloween events in GW, Aion, FR, and LOTRO.

    • haha, good luck then. thats a lot of halloweens.

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