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Snooty. That’s the first word that comes to mind whenever I come across some higher up Imperial. They’re all snooty and aristocratic. Holier than thou. Pompous. Full of themselves. They got hubris coming out of their ears. The newest Star Wars: The Old Republic class video does nothing to persuade me from those stereotypes.

“Oh shall we have tea and crumpets in the arboretum mother?” “Why yes Tobias, and don’t forget the tea cozy this time!” *both laugh*

That said the Imperial Agent is one of the classes I most look forward to playing. Sure the rogue-like class is one of my favourites and I haven’t really played one since Dragon Age several months ago, but the very substance and style of a spy has always been a winner with me.

If I’m going to work for the Sith, it’s going to be as an agent.

Half of Star Wars is covert operations. Adventures through back alleys, backroom deals, dark corridors, and desperate escapes through secret passages. What is the original film but big muddle of trying to sneak around and lie and cheat and when all else fails shooting your way out of it. Perfect spy behaviour.

There are loads of examples throughout the novels and comic books Some of my favourite novels hardly have any major characters but plenty of intrigue. Though if anyone brings up Coruscanti Nights, I may have to take a lightsabre to their legs.

So why am I complaining about the snootyness? The gameplay video of course. It really reinforced the whole snooty air Imperials give off and I really don’t want to be a snooty character. What else? Again, as with the sawbones mechanic for the Smuggler, I don’t see why an Imperial Agent would be good with advanced medical tech. If you’re a good spy you don’t get shot.

I suppose the ship is okay, sleek, smooth, and looks highly advanced. I’d expect nothing less from a spy, you’ve got to have your gadgets.

An assassin for a companion only makes sense. Spies kill people or hire people to kill people. My only question is why do all Rattataki seem to be bad people. Sure we haven’t run into many but they’re all turning up jerks so far.

Tip to Bioware, please include pronunciation tips. Djannis? So DeeJannis or DuhJannis or Jannis or Dannis?



  1. Seriously, I thought the same thing even back when they first released the Deceived trailer and I heard the voice of Darth Malgus and it sounded soooo snooty. I can just imagine Bioware going, “All right, all you voice actors who are playing the Sith, any time you speak if your nose isn’t all scrunched up like you just ate something nasty, you’re doing it wrong!”

    • I guess if thats the way they want to present the character that’s fine, but I won’t be playing my agent that way. If they were going for an english james bond kind of accent they really got it wrong i think.

  2. I always pictured Chiss with a different voice altogether. Very icy and serious, almost bored with all others stupidty compared to them.

    • Yeah that sounds pretty close to my idea of chiss, but, I wouldn’t necessarily place a snooty voice outside their capability.

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