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Good luck trying to take a screen shot in New Vegas

I have this weird compunction when I’m tooling around the wastelands. I can see some location off in the distance or I see a location on my pip boy compass that I haven’t been to and I just have to go there. Otherwise I feel bad.

Spoilers as usual folks. But nothing too bad.

As such it takes me for effing ever to get to where I’m going. On an up note it does allow me to know where I’m going and get there quickly whenever I get a new job. I tend to clear out these places too, so they’re usually empty of any predators. I can just stroll up and get to work, and not have to worry about backing into a pair of giant radscorpions.

Which I tend to do.

That’s been pretty painful lately. I wasted like 300 9mm rounds taking out like 6 radscorpions yesterday, I just kept running into them. They took forever to kill. I couldn’t find a high spot they couldn’t access, so I just ended up running backwards aiming for their head but damn if they don’t move fast and hit hard. I don’t know what their armour is like but I barely put a dent in those suckers.

If that wasn’t bad enough, I started running into my first Mohave Ghoul Roamers. I saw this half a shack lean-to in a small cliff face and wandered up. Bad move to begin with, I hit a mine, which set off the motorcycle there and barely avoided a big explosion. Not to mention there wasn’t much loot to speak of. Course the explosion must have grabbed the attention of these 2 roamers I was talking about and they come at me throwing punches. It was a big mess.

Curse you land mines!

All of yesterday was a big mess.

I happened upon a dry lake on my way up to an NCR outpost. Just taking a look around the south west region in general. Anyway turns out there’s like 15 giant ants there. Sure in retrospect it’s a bloody obvious place for giant ants, but at the time I was just looking around.

After I dealt with those with my varmit rifle, I finally get up to the outpost and the guy wants me to go guess where? Kill a bunch of ants down by the dry lake bed. I go down there and there’s at least another dozen right in the middle of the road.

At least I got a Service Rifle out of it.

Real cowboys get giant statues made of them with spotlights pointing at them

And that’s not all folks!

After dealing with those jerks in Primm I was asked to find them a new sheriff. First of all, why not ask me? I’m awesome you jerks! I just saved your butts! If not me why not the deputy? What a coward. They tell me to go up to the NCR correctional facility to find a guy who used to be a sheriff. Thing is, that whole place had a riot, killed all the guards and is the reason the powder gangers are all over the place killing people and taking over that little town, oh what’s it called….PRIMM.

Whatever, I’ll do it.

I go over there, talk to the guy, easy peasy he’s in Primm but I’ve got to get him a pardon before he officially takes the job. Sigh. No idea how to do that yet, but, while I’m at the prison, I get to talking to the head honcho and looting everything I can get my hands on. They definitely suspect it’s me but while I’m doing their little chores they tolerate it. Until I ended up killing these two jerk powder gangers who started shooting at me for no reason. So then they were definitely shunning me, so screw it. They had told me to find out if the NCR was planning an attack, they were, so I offered to help out.

I figured a big attack on the prison would help me out a lot more than being on good terms with these jerks, as I’d get to loot every single one of them, plus some NCR soldiers after the fight.

A long day. I ended up back in Primm, no pardon in hands, and no way to tie up the loose end yet.

The county jail is now the county morgue. Special thanks to mogsy.



  1. to get the pardon, you would go to that camp with those statues. you may need a speech attempt to convince the soldier. (speech is SO important in this game)

    i blew myself up a couple times in that same area with the motorcycle; couldn’t find the mine

    • yeah i just need to get my reuputation with them up, but please, no spoilers in comments.

  2. All these kinds of games have taught me that being a silver-tongued devil will always be to your advantage. Speech was my main priority, along with lockpick and science, because I can’t bear letting any door or terminal go unbroken.

    • i used to concentrate on speech science and lockpick, but, i found that i needed to concentrate on guns too and i like using lots of different types so i kept diversifying, anyway, i had to remove speech as something i specialize in, and cut back on science. I pick everything possible though.

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