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Bluekae has been running a multiplayer minecraft server I like to call Eternia. There’s something like 10 to 20 regular players there and I’ve built myself a nice little island fortress I’ve named Castle Grimlock.

It’s a bit out of the way and far from prying eyes, most people build much closer to the spawn. In fact before Scary started building his hole in the ground I was the only one building anything of any size that far out.

In any case I thought I’d take the liberty of showing everyone the overhead maps Blue has been making. As far as I can tell one block equals one pixel, or something to that effect.

My island is at the bottom center.

As you can see, my island (bottom center) has few neighbours while the majority of the server is way up top center. Most of the city is actually outside the screen shot. My only real neighbour is Maeve from She’s got this nice house built into the side of a mountain surrounded by trees, but, you can’t really see it on the map.

I’ve also built a cobblestone path along the coastline to both Maeve’s and my own island which you can make out, not to mention the Bifrost bridge. It can be seen as a light blue straight line across the water to the mainland.

Etemos City, ruling capital of Eternia

To give a brief run down of the city, the spawn point is nearly dead center near the lake.

The thin grey lines are walkways, while the wider one was to be a walkway that used minecarts to get around. Since they’re buggy in mutliplayer they ripped up all the rails and the project lays still.

The small rectangle in the bottom left is Scary’s (go northwest from the spawn eh?) annoying project. The giant rectangle in the upper right is another ridiculous project undertaken by Scopique.

The majority of structures near the coast are the doing of Mogsy, while the rest of the structures are… well… everyone elses. There are too many to name or count, and some I just noticed existed by looking at the map when I went to post this article.



  1. I’m coming!

    • you so haven’t come yet.

  2. The map has grown some more I see. And I guess this house you don’t want to build is very large now. =)

    I wonder how big my tree for my treehouse has grown since my vacation?

    • i don’t know but you’ve not been in game for a while and there are a ton of new people playing. i showed a friend of mine your place too, she loved it.

  3. How’s the Halloween stuff? I still haven’t found the time to check it out. Gonna try real hard tonight.

    • Not a lot of things are implemented in multiplayer, in single, i’m having a difficult time due to the increased monster spawns, or at least perceived ones anyway. biomes are a lot smaller than i thought and trees seem to be fewer.

      haven’t got any obsidian to try out portals in single either.

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