The Mojave Doesn’t Leave Witnesses

October 26, 2010 at 8:23 pm | Posted in rpg | 2 Comments
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Bienvenue New Vegas

I like to explore, a bit. New Vegas is no exception. After I finished clearing out GoodSprings water source,I wandered around a bit looking for something to scavenge. If we’re being honest with each other, looking around in the wastes is looking around for trouble.

And I found it.

Out of nowhere this one guy wanders up to a fire pit close by. I guess travelers stop by there for the water and to rest, or by the signs of discarded bottles, perhaps teenagers looking to party away from their parents prying eyes.

Not that that Goodsprings is well populated.

Anyway I wander over to this guy because he looks a bit frightened and he starts jabbering on about his girlfriend being trapped up on the ridge by geckos. There’s something in his voice though, and his words that tell me different. After I agree to go rescue his girl, in the most business like of tones he says “They’re up there.” Now, the shift in tone is one thing, but he didn’t say “She’s up there” or “Please help her” like someone concerned for their loved one would. No this guy, with no emotion is only thinking of the geckos. Or maybe his buddies, waiting to ambush me.

I don’t carry around this much firepower for nothing, so I didn’t hesitate, on the off chance that someone really was in trouble. Call me an angel.

Sure enough there were geckos all over the place and a few too many for me to take on all at once, so I tried sniping at them, but I’m just not good enough with a rifle, yet. They seemed to be really confused fortunately, just running back and forth not sure what to do. So I managed to take them on one at a time. When I got to the top, there were plenty of signs of human habitation, some long dead corpses, a bunch of loot and absolutely no girlfriend. Surprise.

I took the loot, looked around, and saw the little bastard coming. I got out my gun because at that point it was pretty obvious what was what, and sure enough the idiot actually slows down enough to explain that he’s going to kill me. Big mistake.

I shot him 3 times, once in the arm, once in he chest, and once in the neck which blew his head clean off. I took his stuff off him and went back to town with my first real loot from the Mojave Wastelands.



  1. Damn, I haven’t encountered that guy yet. I did shoot some guy for his star caps though, and murdered a little old lady for her special unique gun as well 😛

    • dayum mogsy. remind me to never run into you in a dark wasteland.

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