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One of the things you’re more likely to do as a blogger is read a crap ton of blogs. As such you’re pretty attuned to the daily bit of news, gossip or scandal. This results in getting to see a lot of negativity.

One thing I’ll admit straight away is that I’m more negative than I need to be. I’m a cynic and a skeptic. I’m always looking any possible way something could go wrong. I’m always expecting anything to go wrong. That’s why I get my dose of negativity right here, with me. Quota filled.

I should not have to be the one defending stuff.

To read around the MMO blogosphere you would think the world was in a fairly decrepit state. Every blogger out there, save a few, are predicting the demise, descent, and disaster of every MMO I can think of. Excepting perhaps WoW which everyone predicts will “kick around for a couple more years”. Gee, you think?

I didn’t know we had so many blogger psychics.

The negativity is killing me. I can’t go 5 blog posts without reading how SWTOR cost $300 million (way to take the word of an anonymous person with a grudge at face value guys) and will fail because of it. Or how about those blog posts that say story sucks, so any MMO with a story is going to suck. Great reasoning. I can’t think of a single video game with a story that I liked. Touche’ sir.

If it’s not predictions, it’s entitlement. A bunch of spoiled brats prevented people from buying Minecraft or playing multiplayer the other night, all because they think Notch doesn’t update enough. You’re right though. That 0.01% of his income you provided gives you the right to screw with my play time.

What really burns me up though are blog posts from people reviewing a game before they’ve read anything about it. They don’t do the research, they don’t watch the videos, they don’t say anything positive, and they just plain dump on it. Dynamic Events in Guild Wars 2? I bet they’re instanced, that means GW2 sucks.

Not to go to SWTOR too much but the backlash against that game is driving me nuts. When Mogsy pointed out people were unhappy with the lore updates on Friday, it actually got me a little irritated.

Corporations do not release public relations and marketing material on your schedule. Employees have jobs to keep, families to feed, and bosses instructions to follow. They don’t go to university for years to study marketing, figure out strategies, plan releases, learn to cooperate with an unpredictable production schedule, only to turn around on a dime for some whiny spoiled brat who wants his game now mommy!

I try to keep positive. For someone like me, it requires effort. When I read a blog like Mogsy’s, or Tigerfeet’s, it shows me what to aspire to. They’re always positive, and it’s a pleasure to read someone who is being positive.

I don’t think I’ve quite managed that here yet.



  1. I actually appreciate your style and do not find it overly negative. I rather have a problem with positivist and optimist blogs, I find them mostly rather boring.

    • its not so much that i enjoy optimist blogs that can’t even acknwoledge a fault, like some fanboy or something, its that i enjoy blogs that provide a fair and unbiased point of view, or acknowledge their bias.

  2. I’m definitely more positive than not overall, but if I have something negative to say I will make mention of it. When I do, I try to make my criticisms constructive and that I’m not making sweeping generalizations. For Fallout NV I think mentioned the bugs and how I felt the story or characters weren’t done as well, but I also made sure to say I was having fun, which is true. For SWTOR, I admitted I would rather have had an update that had more to do with the game, but I like lore updates well enough too, and it’s certainly not going to get me anywhere or any more updates by berating them or whining woe is me. I think what I did was contemplate ways the biographies could have been improved instead.

    I guess I also try to see a bright side if there’s one, and not to let the upsetting things take away from my experience even more than necessary. It’s something that I have to constantly remind myself to do as well, so in this sense, the blog helps because it acts as a filter. It’s easy for me to let the negative overshadow everything else without realizing it sometimes, but if I put it on paper that’s when I find I start thinking about the situation more critically.

    • of course we all want an amazing update that will make our jaws drop and hearts palpitate, but we can’t have that every week, week in and week out until the game is released. people don’t seem to understand that.

      I mean i don’t see the point in complaining over something we don’t have any control over, and something that is inherently a necessity for bioware.

      the bright side is all i need to consider a blog positive. i mean when you contrast someone who gives a fair perspective to the majority of blogs out there, you may as well be hopelessly optimistic.

  3. I thought you were a pretty positive blogger, at least compared to some of my ranting in comments across many blogs. 🙂

    All this SWTOR is going to fail, GW2 won’t be any good, etc., is just silly. While I have no plans to play SWTOR, I expect it will probably do fairly well. The combat looks too standard for my tastes, I think it does have some nice features, and will probably be a solid game.

    I’m expecting much more from GW2, but really, I enjoy GW1 a lot and if they just improve on that I’m going to be very happy. Heck, we can jump, open world, and guns; gotta like that! Bonus: SHARK PETS! woo hoo! Just hope they don’t keep going towards the dark side on the cash shop.

    • see thats one of the things i like about swtor. standard combat is great as long as its fun, couple that with an amazing story and we’re talking about a great game.

      what if they sold laser beams for shark pets in the cash shop? bet you’d love that.

  4. I don’t know who the asshole that said that being negative on blogs is the way to go, but reading shitstorms like the EALouse thing is par for the course these days. Whether it’s done to garner more traffic or simply because people seem to enjoy the negativity more I think it’s a sad state of affairs.

    Regardless of what your peers do with their own blogs I’m glad people like you remain uncompromising and maintain your individuality. If blogging is to be considered a legitimate form of news output it needs more people that are less about gossip and more about actual information.

    • i think you touched upon a point there, there is a certain joy people are taking in the misfortune of others.

      haha you implied i’m legitimate. awesome. Too legit, too legit to quit.

  5. Preach it! I like to think myself well-reasoned and informed about the promises and flaws of the games I’m following these days, but I just don’t have the time nor the inclination to post doomsaying about how this or that won’t work or this crowd or that crowd won’t like it.

    I actually just want to play the games I want to play and enjoy them. If that makes me a “fanboi” then so be it. There are enough pundits salivating over every MMO’s potential failure for me to add to the pool.

    • Tell it sister. People need to remember why they started blogging, its because they love games, not because they wanted to crap all over them.

  6. I guess I’m a fence sitter. I like a blog for the person. If they are negative and they are nice to me, I will read them for the entertainment. If they are positive but think they are to good for their readers, I won’t read them. For me, it is how the socially conduct their blog.

    I personally dont know where I fit because I just write what comes to mind and most of it is fiction anyways. I don’t let blog politics get me down.

    • i respond to positive blogs more than people just being negative all the time, i guess thats personal taste. as i’ve said in the comments above though, it doesn’t take much to be positive in this environment.

    • I like to read your blog because you blog what you think. I appreciate that.

      Now it is easy to tell what I do not appreciate: Bloggers who try to appease everyone, be everybody’s darling and try to be unbiased and informative. They probably forgot what they are. They are bloggers, not journalists. I want their opinion, not their politically correct opinion that does not hurt me.

      Unfortunately and ironically, many journalists nowadays are apparently rather bloggers. 😉

  7. I totally agree with you, but I’m pretty in line with Scary too. I read bloggers whose writing entertains me. What I find, though, is that being negative all the time tends to be more boring than anything. I appreciate bloggers that can see things for what they are, the good and the bad. It’s more about personality, I think. Most of the bloggers I enjoy tend to come across as nice people I’d want to talk to in real life. Just like I don’t spend time talking with pessimists all the day, I don’t spend much time reading them either.

    There’s definitely been more negatively out there lately. I think it’s a result of their not being much to talk about, honestly. Everyone’s looking forward, getting antsy and bored waiting, and are turning towards complaint posts. I’ll be happy when it passes. It gets tiring.

    • I’m glad you and scary bring up the point, i’m not saying any negativity at all is out of bounds, but i’d like it more if people kept things in perspective and didn’t constantly drown out any good news.

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  9. Hunter,

    Sometimes to be negative is to be realist.

    You know my opinion about the classes at TOR. Sometimes something smelling bad is really because there is something wrong.

    • and sometimes its based on nothing.

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