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Titled Ghost, this reminds me of Death Shroud

Arenanet is really big on quality concept art and it shows. They release books of it, release it for hype, and even put together high quality youtube videos.

Most recently they gave PCGamer a peak at their concept art and they put it all up in the post. Much of which we’ve seen before but a few pieces like the above, I haven’t.

Then today they released a youtube video with even more unreleased art. Quite a bit I think and it’s all very impressive.

Beauty tames the beast.


  1. As always fantastic artwork, and the music was really nice too very relaxing.

    Wonder if we get to pilot the air ships at all, or if they are going to be for transport or just visuals. Would be sweet if we could have an air ship guild hall. As much as I like the steampunk esthetic and air ships they are kinda cliche in MMO’s these days, but man when that art team gets a hold of something they really make it their own.

    • there have been just so many pieces dedicated to airships its confusing. they’ve said their focus is on underwater not in the air. hell maybe we’ll have some submersibles we thought were airships. however, i think they’ve certainly got something going on in the air.

  2. …still waiting on that class reveal…

    • i’m thinking the first 4 classes were revealed simply because they decided to do the demo. the next 4 will be revealed appropriately before launch. say 4 months or more beforehand, 1 a month.

      • Well that’s not very exciting, hope they got something good to reveal then.

  3. Quite interesting seeing the designs of the sylvari tools.

    • Yeah, if you look at some of the other concept videos you’ll see asuran tools, and crafting stuff as well.

  4. I love the You Tube clips. Especially the character designs, they are fantastic. Great clip. Thank you for this find.

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