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Guild Wars has released their Halloween costumes and I’m impressed to say the least. They’ve really upped the ante as far as costumes go.

There are 2 sets, the Raiment of the Lich and Lunatic Court Finery. They’re of a quality yet unseen with their costumes.

Wings! Why do I see Runes of Magic where ever I go?

Raiment of the Lich

Strike terror wherever you go when you dress your characters in this sinister Raiment of the Lich costume. With the hood up, the darkest of haloes will hang over your head. Strip back your cowl, and you’ll reveal a familiar face that’s been horribly changed. While it may not come with your own Scepter of Orr, your cloven feet and ebony wings will surely command respect among the legions of the undead!

I haven’t seen the hoodless face yet, but it looks good in game.

No need for squash serums

Lunatic Court Finery

Join Mad King Thorn as a member of his Lunatic Court! You’ll fit right in among the Mad King’s inner circle when you outfit your character in this festive Lunatic Court Finery costume. If the flame about your helm is too hot, you can always take it off, but be careful you don’t lose your head at the sight underneath. It’s the perfect thing to wear to this year’s spookiest celebration!

My favourite is probably the Lunatic Court Finery, the fiery effect of the pumpkin headless deal is excellent, and I don’t necessarily like wearing wings around, call me masculine.

How they look in game.



  1. I’d like to have either of them in real life. You and your gal (or guy) would certainly win the award for best costumes!

    • well yeah one has a flaming pumpkin head for crying out loud.

  2. Those look pretty cool. If I still played GW, I would have dropped lot of money on all the costumes.

    • i’m pretty sure they’ll make a fortune, more than on any past costume.

  3. These sets have three parts, two different headgears. The special is that you can combine them, i.e. headless lunatic court gear + pumpkin gives a pure flame over the head, the pumpkin itself stays invisible.

    • yeah its pretty cool. i’ve yet to see the raiment without the hood though.

  4. What’s funnier than a little asian girl with cloven hooves?

    • how i met your mother.

      • And so it begins.

  5. Those are reaaaaally nice. Almost too nice, if you know what I mean. When I hear “halloween costume” I think fun/tacky get-ups and when I saw those I was like, wow, they’re so beautiful and fancy.

    • thats an interesting point. I almost wish they did offer a kind of tacky hand made set thats funny more than beautiful

  6. I for one don’t like the costumes. They should be available on a time-limited basis.

    Some people worked hard to get the high end armor. These costumes make it seem worthless to obtain them.

    I thought Guild Wars wanted to separate them self from the other free games that offer “game play shop items”. Sure I get all the items I need in the game to be an elite player. However, someone can plop down $ and buy a sweet looking costumes. One that Looks better then any armor one would have busted his hump to obtain.

    Why get Obsidian armor when you can get the easy cheap stuff and slap on one of the costumes?
    Do it for the Monument rewards? Why bother when you can buy stuff that look cool.

    • prestige. everyone knows that armour is paid for with cash. everyone knows obsidian armour is obtained through hard work.

      gw does need its own form of content to sell if we are to see updates, if its to be costumes i’d rather that than the actual content. They dont have a team that can turn out expansions any more.

      I think we’re mixing up guild wars’ reputation for fairness with the ability to get cool things. Everything is balanced, people aren’t buying the costume because it overpowers them somehow, they’re buying it because it looks cool. don’t want to spend money on it? Go get one of the other armour sets that looks cool. There are plenty.

      Should they not ever make anything cool again just to maintain the principles of what you personally think is fair? Or can they continue developing things that people want and will pay for so those of us who don’t want to pay can continue to play cool content?

      Also, I for one want the HoM rewards.

      • I respectfully disagree. Anyone can get the cheap @ss armor and cover it up with the cool looking costume. Who care if you have elite armor underneath. Won’t see it.
        Also, the latest costumes blows away any “in game armor”. Not just my opinion. A group of us was talking about that. Cool looking armor obtained with no hard work. To me that makes the elite game armor obsolete. The elite armor does not give you any extra benefits other than looks and Prestige. Looks takes a back seat to the costume. And one can’t see “prestige” under the costume.

        I understand a company has expenses.
        Well one thing GW is not….”totally free to play”. Guild Wars was purchased to play. Three games and the EOTN (add-on game).
        Another free online game called Perfect World does not charge you to buy their game. Or the huge additional content added earlier this year. They just use shop items for revenue.
        Some items help you play better. Some items help you level. (in PW leveling is a bitch) However, all items in their shop can be obtain in the game if you have the gold to buy from other players selling. Shop items can be sold to other players in game. Not so with Guild Wars.

        • I’m sure we could go back and forth on these points infinitely or find as many people as we like to agree with us, but I think i’ve stated my position well enough for you to know i disagree.

          I will say gw has one business model, other games have theirs.

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