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4 ears people. Use your eyes.

Not too long ago I put up a post quoting someone who had bought the UK edition of PCGamer which contained a few new details about Guild Wars 2.

Now it seems PCGamer has put that article up on their website in two parts, with a third on the way tomorrow, and a bonus article about some of the art they couldn’t fit in the magazine to follow.

Obviously I’ve commented on most of the information in my original blog post, so there isn’t too much more to say except that I thought reading the PCGamer article for yourselves might prove more interesting than the Guru2 thread or my post.

There are a few points that I may as well go over, although I may have touched on them previously. A few new screenshots and art for one.

A stately mansion as dungeon? Preposterous my good fellow.

The above shot is widely speculated to be the Beetletun dungeon of fame. Lord Caudecus’s estate seems very posh. Murals on the walls, a globe, 4 stair cases for one room.

There’s another piece of concept art, not sure if I’ve posted it before, showing Ascalon and a horse. Slightly suggestive of mounts? Oh sure I could get into a whole discussion of mounts in GW2, and how even if we have the ability to warp around a mount would still be awesome… let’s just move on.

Master Ranger Nente can teleport and shoot waves of arrows that cover part of the room, forcing you to hide behind objects in the environment. Warmaster Grast smashes players and the environment with his oversized, half-ghost hammer, and you can grab the chunks of rubble he knocks out to throw them back at him. Finally, there’s Necromancer Munne and the boss of the dungeon, King Adelmen.

It sounds like greatness. I love boss fights that require figuring out a strategy and executing that strategy, even if it takes one or two times to figure out before you can defeat the boss. It’s a challenge, a puzzle, and putting the pieces together is fun.

I also know what many people are thinking. King Adelmen!? Who’s that? Well it’s obviously a typo, King Adelbern is who they meant.

This is just a great example of how they make great use of their dungeons.

Let’s look at Sorrow’s Embrace, a level 60-70 dungeon revealed here for the first time. Sorrow’s Embrace is a hideout for the Dredge, a mole-like race that used to be enslaved by the Dwarves, but is now free. In Story Mode, you uncover that the Dredge leaders have betrayed their people and sold them to slavery to the Seraph, and fight off the enslavers. In Explorable Mode, you aid the Dredge workers who are now planning a revolt against their corrupt leaders.

An actual reason to return to a dungeon.

Anyway I covered a lot of this in the above link, so check that out. Or just read the articles, it’s a good read, and PCGamer deserves the hits.

I thought norn warriors had no need of.... everything.



  1. I hope that damn mansion is breakable, I’m gonna have a blast putting bullet holes and setting it on fire…kill kill kill!

    • one track mind over here. i doubt it will be breakable.

      • Hey…it’s gonna rock!

  2. A buddy tried to find familiar continents on the globe, but besides a possible slight hint at Istan & Elona I wonder if it shows a true map of GW2 at all.

    • arenanet tends to have that attention to detail, but its a fair point. i think guru2 guru has a, to me at least, unconvincing comparison up in one of their threads.

  3. stag helmet of meteor shower +5

    • yeah that is some pretty amazing concept art there, meant to feature the war banners, not sure why they needed an entire piece for that but ok.

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