Privacy Matters

October 14, 2010 at 2:16 am | Posted in Guild Wars 2, mmorpg | 9 Comments
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I'm watching you demorep. I'm outside your window.

I was tooling around the other day typing in the names of friends into my Hall of Monuments Calculator. That’s right, it’s mine.

Anyway I was pretty bored and logged into Guild Wars to note that 11 people from my friends list had actually bothered to log in. That’s about 5 or 6 more than I had seen in years.

The Guild had a similar number of people logged in, crazily enough, probably the largest number of people to have ever been online at the same time.

I quickly announced “I’m going to look all of you up in the HoM Calculator.”

Immediately I felt dismay and resentment.

I targeted one person who I’ve spoken with before and commented on one of his monuments, something altogether bland and boring I can assure you. He laughed and we had a quick exchange about his plans for the HoM.

Others in guild chat were not so happy go-lucky. There was a brisk undercurrent of hostility towards me simply because I had announced I would be looking at their HoM numbers.

As I continued to make conversation it began to border on outright rudeness! Shocking!

My point is this. People do not like to have their privacy screwed with, even on a small level. It’s just an arbitrary measurement of some of the things you’ve done while in Guild Wars, and yet even the notion that someone may be looking at it causes some amount of tension.

This is what the World of Warcraft Real ID snafu was about. This is what all those news stories about Facebook privacy and opt-in options are about.

This is what the Guild Wars 2 Apps complaints will be about.

People do not like to have their privacy tread upon, not one bit.



  1. Don’t you go ’round poking your nose into my secret cave of wonders!

    • I thought secret cave of wonders was slang for something else entirely.

    • /kicks hunter on the ass

      Bad monkey!

      • always with the violence

  2. Wow, I had just the opposite experience. Hanging out with some casual friends and random people on GW, the subject of the HoM came up and we all started checking out everyone’s HoM stats. Instead of being upset, everyone was giving tips on getting titles, offering to help each other, complaining about having to farm stuff, etc. Was pretty neat seeing everyone excited about getting to 30 or higher. A few people didn’t even know anything about it, so they were like: “oh wow, that is so cool, I’m gonna start playing more now”

    • It wasn’t overt bickering or anything, but you could tell they didn’t want me checking out their stuff.

      I should say i’ve had plenty of positive conversations with people I’ve known for years.

  3. At first I didn’t think it was going to be much of an issue (then again, I haven’t been playing GW for very long), but keeping an eye on the GW2G forums I noticed that some folks were even being denied access into groups because their HoM stats weren’t high enough.

    Although I think that that’s totally petty, and that it’s great that you can peer at others’ accomplishments, it’d behoove Anet to add some sort of ‘toggle’ or something to your account so you can remove public access to it, or add a log-in to the HoM calculator. However, I doubt that’s going to happen… It just stinks for the few people that are finding the calculator more harmful than good.

    • I had not heard that, but it makes total sense based on virtually every thing i’ve ever heard about gearscore or junior high.

      People will use the most petty nonsense to feel superior and make others feel inferior.

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