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Your first 6 points will reward you with armour. This is the medium armour version.

With every big announcement about Guild Wars 2 comes a torrent of interviews. I usually try to pick out interesting quotes and provide commentary. In this case, numerous interviews have come out recently, I’ll try to squeeze them all in here.

With all the great compliments I’ve received about my year in blogging, to be honest, I’ve been lazy. Over past 3 of 4 days a few have gone up that I haven’t touched on in the blog. Oh noes.

TenTon Hammer, MMORPG.com, WarTower.de, and more information about that PCGamer article from the author have all popped up over the past few days with interesting commentary and news.

The quickest way I can think of to do this is a site by site rundown. Let’s start with TenTonHammer.

This was already known, but I think it bares repeating to those who don’t follow the game as closely as others.

if you were a player who just plays PvP – in World vs. World PvP it is possible to start as a level 2 character and level all the way up to 80 – if you did that we don’t want to force you to go do dungeons.

For PvP players, and for PvE players, that’s great, you never get forced to do something you don’t want to do. However, is this good for PvP and PvE players as a whole? Never forcing them to interact in any way? Does that split up the community into two ghettos? It’s a thought I’ve had for a while anyway.

More micro-transactions! Oh noes!

Our business model also relies on us releasing new content occasionally, so we’ll be releasing more personal story that way as well. There are actually questions that we do ask you and decisions that you’ll make that have more of a minimal effect on the game right now, so they don’t cause big huge branches. We built those in kind of on purpose to give ourselves somewhere to go when we do add personal story expansion.

To me this reminds me of one of the personal story questions that was asked of humans. What was your biggest regret? In many of the videos I saw, instead of picking a more dramatic choice, like saving my sisters life etc, many people chose “I never joined the circus”. When personal story was first announced, I vaguely recall them saying some choices wouldn’t lead anywhere, such as “I never joined the circus”. Please call me out on this if I’m wrong. In any case, I bet if the circus option becomes as popular as the demo suggested it would be, I bet we could find a circus storyline at one point in the cash shop.

A few things about crafting.

Our philosophy on that stuff is that we want it to be different, but not superior or inferior to other items. We do want it to be the case where say you’re an armorsmith, you can make stuff that you want to wear and that other people will want to wear. But again it’s also a thing where we don’t want to force people into particular playstyles.

Armoursmith. And we already know about tailor. They suggest cloth and perhaps heavy armour? Is it possible to infer a leatherworker or tanner from those 2? I do like they’re philosophy on crafting. Runes of Magic had 7 crafting professions and 5 of them were useless because better stuff came from quest rewards. Cooking and Alchemy were fun though. Well not fun, more like a hellish grind.

So there will be really good gear obtainable through dungeons, through your personal story, or from random drops in the world, and then there will also be really good gear obtainable that’s crafted.

Numerous ways to get gear, for some reason that makes me very happy.

Our goal with our crafting philosophically is that you’ll never make an item that is a throwaway item. You’ll always be making something that is going to be valuable to someone. Whether it’s for yourself, whether it’s to put on the auction house, whether it’s a consumable that people want, there’s never a time when you’re just making something to increase your skill and then you’re just going to vendor it or chuck it or whatever else you’d do with it afterwards.

Ah ha so some non armour making crafting professions. Potions and foods perhaps? I’ll believe the “never throw stuff away” assertion when I see it.

Ten Ton Hammer: Each of the playable races will also have a unique home city, but will there also be a neutral city that serves somewhat as a gathering nexus for players regardless of which race they chose for their characters?

Eric: Yep, that’s Lion’s Arch. At about level 30 everybody’s personal story leads them to Lion’s Arch. It’s the city that we expect will be the main gathering point for players in the world kind of in the same way that Lion’s Arch is in Prophecies, so we’re building it with that in mind.

I had been speculating heavily on level 20 being the point where people go to LA. That was based on nothing but maps and the number of events. Still it’s not that far off. I wonder if I should revisit any of that.

Transmutation stones and Microtransactions

I think we want to keep it in the vein of purely cosmetic stuff. Where that line is, is obviously arguable. For example I’ve seen places where a lot of people think Transmutation Stones aren’t purely cosmetic, but clearly we think it is.

I have to agree. To think people knew Arenanets philosophy on keeping these types of things cosmetic, and still blew up when they found out about a cosmetic transaction. I haven’t seen a single argument beyond, “It would be nice if it were free” that ringed true with me. A lot of people seem to support Inde’s argument from GW2guru that it’s inflexible, but having played Runes of Magic where they have the exact same mechanic, I can honestly say that’s not true. Given the choice, most people will wear the clothes they want to wear all the time.

We’ve already said what our leveling curve is like, so we’re not going to turn around now and say we changed our minds and will be selling experience potions and scrolls.

Good news I guess, but to me, those things may as well be cosmetic too. That’s just because I’m not the type of person to use them much anyway. I’m all for it if Arenanet can make money off it.

Wartower.de acquired an interview about the Hall of Monuments Calculator, the google translation is… well… a google translation. There isn’t a whole lot here but a few things I wanted to go over.

Light, medium and heavy armor. In addition, unique gloves and two unique helmets. A whole set of weapons, ten unique tracks, mini-pets and companions for Rangers. A total of 57 unique rewards. All these items are only accessible by the HoM. If a player is running around in GW2 with these items, you will be able to recognize that he has already played GW.

I hadn’t actually bothered to count, but that is quite a few items. I’m still a little perturbed rangers are the only ones getting profession specific rewards though.

Many players find the masks that we get from events, great. If the count in the HoM?

ArenaNet: Not yet, but nice idea.

I personally was sort of hoping for this. I don’t have every mask but I have a lot. Add an NPC arenanet!

And now you must defend your evil scheme to ruin Guild Wars 2. GO GO GO!!!!

We certainly [sic] didn’t want to upset anyone. You will also get a cosmetic items without money, but we can not yet say. We will also make the armor not intentionally ugly, so you’re forced to change it. In most cases you will find a suit of armor that you do not want change immediately. Only later it will come to you, perhaps in his mind. We want to force the players do not spend money. We should, however, believe that these stones can also earn some way.

The translation made that sound pretty bad. I’m annoyed that anyone is suggesting they’ll intentionally make normal armours look bad. Who would do that?


We’re going to try to do some alternative business models, like microtransactions, where we sell totally optional clothing items and things, you know, we’ll go into more details on microtransactions down the road.

I know he’s talking about t-stones here, but it made me think of actual outfits. How many costumes do you think anet will be selling in Guild Wars 2? Various cosmetic outfits? Runes of Magic was big on this.

Your home instance will change and dynamically update based on the stuff you’ve done, and then you can bring your friends and show ‘em all this stuff, be like, “Dude, come check out my home instance, look what I’ve got. I’ve got that trophy over there, and these people moved in next door to me. There’s ogres who live in my home instance, ‘cause I did this stuff.” And your buddy’s like, “Dude, ogres suck I have Grawl in my home instance, and they’re worshipping me when I come home.”

Ogres and Grawl hanging out. Worshipping you even. It’s a nice tough.

So, if you’re a Sylvari, your home instance will be in the Grove. If you’re an Asura, you’ll have a lab. If you’re a Charr, you’ll have a barracks in the Black Citadel.

We’ve known the asura will have a lab for a while, I think, and obviously we saw the human neighbourhood. I’m not sure if the charr barracks was mentioned before, but it only makes sense. I was even going to write a post titled “Speculating On Home Instances” which I saved in my drafts. In it was going to suggest barracks for charr, treeforts for sylvari, and hunting lodges for norn. Not sure I should bother now.

The reason I wanted to revisit the PCGamer article (which is virtually the same in North America and Europe) on Guild Wars 2 is that the author left about 17 responses to the thread about it on GW2Guru. I’ve linked his posts above if you just want to read through that specifically, but here’s a quick quote on why I think his posts are interesting.

I spent a full day playing the game at ArenaNet, however, and spent most of it running around with a group of 4-7 other characters doing events, personal story, and massive open world bosses

I have a 9,000 word transcript just from the phone interview about dungeons, not including all of my notes and interviews while at ArenaNet about the game and group gameplay in general.

One of his posts on Sorrow’s Embrace.

– The armor set from Sorrow’s Embrace will definitely be themed to look “dredge-like”, as opposed to Seraph or anything else.
– The heroes from Destiny’s Edge that join you will be less powerful than players. They aren’t so week that it’s an “escort” mission with them, but their HP pools and damage is normal and because they can’t react to situations like players can, they’ll be less effective than a player. They move with your party and don’t require commands to attack, but will pause at certain points in story mode.

The background on Sorrow’s Embrace.

The Dwarves have sorta gone away and left the Dredge in charge of their own destinty. The Dredge have become sort of paranoid of other races enfringing in their terrority. They look at other races as potential slave masters but their own society has started to be corrupted into this society of the have and have-nots and so what happens is your first time through the Dredge, their rulers are making deals with a shady group of seraph.”

Very communist-esque. Arenanet, I did not know you were fans of the House Un-American Activities Committee.

GW2 aggro system functions very similarly to GW1’s. There’s no “taunting”, but the target is chosen based on a lot of factors, including how close a target is, how much the unit percieves it to be a “threat”, and the players’ health pools.

I really do love the aggro system in GW. It is a feature that makes GW more intelligent than other games when it comes to aggro.

Anyway he has a lot to say and a lot of it is already known, but he puts much of that information in context, and has actually interested me in going out to get the issue of PCGamer. So thanks to Josh for going by the GW2Guru forums.

Ugh finally done. Probably shouldn’t have been playing minecraft while I wrote this.


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