The Year Of Blogging Dangerously

October 10, 2010 at 6:45 pm | Posted in mmorpg | 28 Comments

Today marks the 1 year anniversary of Hunter’s Insight. In my first post I wrote…

Perhaps its a bit narcissistic to suggest I have any insight into the games I play at all

I still think that’s true, but considering that my Calculator post also marks my 500th post, I’d like to think that on occasion, somehow, I’ve hit the mark.

In the beginning I wrote a lot about Runes of Magic. A wonderfully customizable, free to play game that is honestly great to play until you hit end game. The leveling process has quests that although mostly boring make leveling a non-grind. The end game makes you pay through the nose. I have 66 posts on the subject.

I only wrote about 30 posts on various rpg’s I’ve played in the past year. Mass Effect 2, Dragon Age, Morrowind and others. All great games. Lord of the Rings Online only got about 6 posts before I got sick of the extensive traveling. They need to learn something about economy of setting. I’m not sure how many posts I wrote about Aika, a small free to play, but it wasn’t many. Although I loved it’s conceit of a fairy pet all players get to haul around with them, the rest of the game was pretty substandard. I’m only willing to put up with no jumping from one game, thank you very much.

Which brings me to the two games the vast majority of my posts (and my title) come from. Guild Wars has 89 posts, and Guild Wars 2 has 236. I like Guild Wars.


Lets jump into some stats shall we?

Page views over the last month or so.

On average I’ve noticed I get around 300-400 page views a day. I don’t know if that is a lot or a little, and I have no idea how many people that adds up to.

Page views over the past 30 weeks

Now as you can see there have been some trends. In March and April I received significant hits over the whole War in Kryta viral campaign, and in early July, I made a post about, a popular television advocacy site. It had been taken down by an anti-piracy group and my post was 2nd on google for information.

Page views per month.

Overall I think the ebb and flow of visitors is looks pretty natural. Judging from other month on month statistics I’ve seen it’s an up and down sort of thing.


So lets talk about referrers for a second shall we?

If I add up the various iterations of links from Guild Wars 2 Guru Forums, they are my all time top referrer. Thanks for that guys. Half of those links are probably from the Obey Vs Dismantle hubub.

After that I’d like to thank Tron, from Guild Wars 2 Slovenia. He’s sent a lot of traffic my way, and I’d do the same if I could read Slovenian. Slovenia is near Italy! That is what I know about Slovenia. Also they speak Slovenian. I’m pretty sure. Tron is a regular on the Guru2 forums as well, so he’s pretty well known around the community.

After Tron are 3 bloggers who I respect and adore. Randomessa at Casual Is As Casual Does, Tigerfeet at Secret Agent Cat, and Mogsy at MMOGamerChick. They’re all quality blogs worth reading.

Relics of Orr was also not insignificant in rendering me hits, referring somewhere in the vicinity of 120 people this way.

Kill Ten Rats, a blog I’ve read for almost 5 years now (I think) has also contributed a few hits, in part due to my inclusion on their blog roll (thanks) and in part due to Ravious (also thanks) linking me once or twice.

The unofficial Guiild Wars Wiki, forums, the original Guild Wars Guru forums, wordpress tags, google, google reader, and others all factor in here, but I can’t name everyone right? Hard as I try.

Thanks for the support guys.

How about some more trivial statistics!? I knew you’d be interested.

Popular Pages

My top pages are a little annoying to me. My home page is obviously the most popular but it’s quickly followed by the NinjaVideo post. Although I loved that site it has little to do with my blog, so I find it 😦 that it’s my second all time most popular post. It’s quickly followed by another disappointment. Early on I had a plague of search results looking for bugs bunny, which I mentioned once as an image gag, in a post about bugs in Runes of Magic.

Less annoying results in the top 20 are things like my Classes of Guild Wars 2 post, which was posted in January, and frankly has lost all significance. Various posts about RoM’s elite skills, exploits, and it’s cash shop vs allods’. Monks of Guild Wars 2, 7 Things To Dread About Guild Wars 2, and The Next Guild Wars 2 Profession are all quite popular. That last one is actually fairly recent.


Out of my top ten searches only 3 have anything to do with my site, mostly due to google having no idea what to do with the blog early on. Guild Wars 2, Guild Wars 2 classes, and Runes of Magic. Facepalm, bugs bunny, daredevil, and hamlet can suck an egg.

Lately my search terms have dropped precipitously but have become much more accurate (from around 50 a day to 10) with many people actually searching for “hunters insight”. Thanks for that folks.


Most Popular

So which links to people click on while they’re here?

The most popular link is one I added to the NinjaVideo post after I noticed huge numbers of people going there. It was a redirect to a blog created by members of the community. Almost 800 people clicked on

The most popular image is the one on the left, I’ve used it in various posts to show as evidence that the assassin, mesmer, and a melee buffing soldier monk will likely be some of the classes we see in Guild Wars 2. Well over 400 people wanted a closer look.

The War In Kryta obviously garnered a lot of attention and that was no different here. Nearly 200 people were eager to see what was going on.

Other links tend to be referrals to other blogs. I don’t click on my own blogs blog roll, I’ve got google reader for that, so it seems clear that many people find their way to Mogsy, Tigerfeet, and other sites on the right side of the blog.

Other Stuff

Before the end of the month I will reach the 3rd milestone of the blog. 100k page views. I’m currently at about 95k. I just thought I’d mention that here instead of making another post out of it.

My busiest day was July 15th, a few days after NinjaVideo went down.

As of the writing of this post I have 2402 comments. Half of those are mine at least. I try to respond to as many comments as possible. If people take the time to comment on my blog, I should at least have the courtesy of a response. Admittedly I tend not to reply to further replies. Usually that’s because I feel like my opinions are covered in the blog post, and I don’t want people to feel like they have an obligation to keep checking to see if I’ve responded.

That said I only have about 19 comments subscribers. Altogether they have subscribed 86 times. I get the vague feeling some subscriptions wear off after time, so I’m not sure what the all time number is. In fact, the numbers just changed before my eyes so I’m not sure how accurate this is.

For the longest time I didn’t have the email subscription service widget on the blog, I’m not sure why. I guess I thought nobody used it. However it is back, and there are 4 of you.

Spam is a plague on both our houses but Akismet is free here at wordpress and has a 99.3% success rate. For the first few months I had as few as 2 or 3 hundred spam, but in the past 6 months that number has skyrocketed to about 900, with only about a dozen missed or false positives. Take that all you people who moderate comments!


In conclusion I’d like to thank all the people who have supported the blog. Anyone who has linked the blog, ever.

There are a few specific people who commented and linked early on, whom I’ll mention specifically, but I hope nobody takes offense to this. Conjure Phantasm was pretty much the only other Guild Wars 2 blogger back when I started, and the first to link me. Check him out.

Mogsy, Melski, Eran, Matt, and hmmm I’m not sure who else, were all early commenters. I appreciate comments because it lets you know you’re not blogging to yourself.

From the 3 separate foreign forums who prefaced their link by advising people to wear a tinfoil hat before coming here, to my most numerous referrers like the Gurus or my fellow bloggers, or Podcasts who have plugged me. I sincerely appreciate the attention.

And now back to bitter, snarky, negative commentary on Guild Wars 2.



  1. Grats on your anniversary! I just started following your blog fairly recently. Found you via Randomessa’s blog, which I’m pretty sure I got from an article link on Kill Ten Rats a day or two before that. How I missed you both I don’t know, as Kill Ten Rats has been a favorite of mine for quite awhile. Also added Ark’s Ark and MMO Gamer Chick around then too, so some interesting reading all around. Glad you folks are willing to put the time into doing these things; thank you!

    • Ah cool. Yeah I love her blog and I’m always curious as to where people come from, so thanks. I’ve been meaning to check out ark’s ark myself actually. i think he plays on my minecraft server.

  2. Woo, grats! I’m pretty sure I found you through GW2Guru forums, but I can’t really remember now. I do know I visit you a few times a day. Half the time, I know that new stuff is out because of you XD

    Anyway, big thumbs up, man! Keep it going!

    • thanks man, appreciate it. I’m sure the majority of people come from gw2guru, the community is just so large there.

  3. Well done 🙂

    Your blog is so good, I read your entire article before I go check out the interview/reveal/topic. You go above and beyond with your efforts here, and we all appreciate it. Thanks!

    • Hah cool, its an honor to think anyone does that. thanks.

  4. I’ve said it a few times, you’re a great resource and you do a good job too. I enjoy your writing. Besides from the Anet websites your about the only other website in my rss feed for GW/GW2.
    If you’re negative and bitter, I hate to think what I must come across as… still even after a year of it all I am still looking foward to it. I just hope we don’t make the 2nd year with out a game to play! In all honesty, except for the stone thing to transfer stats it looks like they’re bettering every other game out there. Lets hope the money people don’t get their mits into much else in the game.

    Bring on the next year Hunter!

    • Thanks melski, I really do appreciate people like yourself who consistently comment.

      I think i am a bit overly negative. I read blogs like MMOGC, or Tigerfeet, where she is consistently informative and absolutely positive and it reminds me of the kind of enthusiasm I’d like to shoot for. I hope my negativity is channeled into something more constructive in my posts, but i don’t think it comes off that way some times.

  5. Good luck 🙂
    You know what I’m excepting for? To see what will happen to the blog after GW2 will be released!

    btw, I found this blog after searching info about war in kryta. lucky!

    • *expecting

    • I’ve thought about that too. At first the blog will most likely fall away from news type stories into me recounting my gw2 adventures, after that I’m not so sure.

      War In Kryta is where the blog really started to take off. I followed the viral campaign fairly consistently, glad you found me that way.

  6. Hey, grats! 🙂

    And thx for the mention. It’s pretty easy linking to quality stuff.

    • You’ve done more than enough linking to me, no need for thanks.

  7. grats on the milestone!
    keep it up!

    • Thanks Jomu, thanks for the comments. keep it up!

  8. Congratulations on hitting such a landmark. Your blog is my number one source for Guild Wars 2 news and commentary, so keep up the great job.

    • Thanks Anjin, you’re my number one source for all things bullet pointed!

  9. Go Hunter Go!

    Happy Milestone big guy! Great job with the topics, you know how to keep it interesting, now work on getting more popular so you can start selling “Hunter’s Insight” tshirts and undies.

    • I think using the gw2 concept art or art of Usagi yojimbo would be copyright infringement.

      thanks for the kind words.

  10. Obviously, you have an awesome blog. Grats to your 1 year and keep up the great work.

    • thank you scary. its always nice to hear.

  11. Congrats on the first full year of great blogging! Honestly, I don’t know how you find the time to blog as often as you do with consistantly interesting and thoughtful entries. I guess I am one of your 4 email subscribers (surprised it’s only 4). Subscribing to anything is unusual for me, so that is a testament itself of my opinion of your blog. Since I primarily read it in my inbox though, I guess you don’t see many web hits from me.

    I am an avid reader on Guru, though I don’t post much these days. The population has grown so much that any breaking news is quickly covered by someone else. I often think about linking your stuff on Guru, but lately I’ve shied away from linking to opinion pieces and posting them as “news”. It kind of bothers me that others post opinion stuff from Kill Ten Rats (which I enjoy), but not other quality sites like yours. To remedy this, I thought that maybe I would do a weekly roundup of various sites, but life got in the way back then. Maybe I’ll try the roundup thing again in the future…or someone else who wants to see their name on Guru will 😉

    • I didn’t have the blog widget that has the email subscriptions on the blog for a long long time. 6 months at least. I guess i got greedy and wanted the web hits? I suppose i just thought nobody uses it, and then one day realized people should be able to read the blog however they want.

      I’ve seen you on guru, i believe you’re pretty well known, I’m a lurker there, and its hard to keep up so I try not to get too involved posting.

      I myself often think about linking myself there, but self promotion just seems a little dirty to me. I might make an exception for my latest post, The Easy 30.

      Yeah I remember that round up i think, it’s pretty difficult to stay on top of a dozen blogs though. Maybe i’ll bump that thread ask someone to start updating it for you.

  12. Thank you for the kind mention! Of course I think of you as one of my go-to sites for GW and GW2 commentary, so I am honored. I hope my blog won’t become completely irrelevant while I’m on my honeymoon :).

    • No worries, quality trumps long breaks. Still. Blog more!

  13. […] the greatness that is Hunter’s Insight. What makes this even more special, he just had a 1 year blog anniversary. So check out his blog or I’ll sick horny Tony The Tiger on […]

  14. Grats on one year! I have to comment on your comment about posting your own comments to reply to comments heh 😛 I strongly believe in that too. I believe if someone takes the time to respond to something you wrote, it’s only right to reply if you have something to say back. I also like building rapport with my readers, and that helps a lot. Thanks for all the mentions, you were also one of my earlier commenters too, and I still remember the post that started it all. I believe it was the an article about game tie-in novels 😀

    • I also happen to believe that comments beget comments. So when you started commenting i started getting more comments. Thank you for that.

      One of the other things is you linked to me pretty early on as well, not just a blogroll link either, i think you mentioned me in a post, which was awesome of you. and now i can’t stop linking you.

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