Planetarium: Ilum

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Oh Padme, if only your acting wasn't so wooden.

Ilum is the 16th announced planet in Star Wars: The Old Republic.

That’s a lot of planets.

In Knights of the Old Republic 1 & 2 it was mentioned only in passing as the source of Adegan crsytals for lightsabers. Over the years it hasn’t turned up much in fiction other than the Clone Wars shorts.

I was actually kind of surprised to see an action shot in the planet’s video, short as it is. Normally all you get to see are NPCs walking around.

Ilum: A cold planet with caves of crystal, the planet became a pilgrimage site for Jedi seeking to make their lightsabers. Mogsy had an interesting insight about this likely being the location of Jedi class quests. I think that’s pretty on the nose. The background information seems to reflect more of a mystery as to why the Sith are even interested in the planet, which definitely suggests a story planet. It seems to be more of a night planet, with not a single shot suggesting anything during the day or outside of a cave. In the lore it is suggested that the planet can only be found with the use of the force.

In Game: To me it sounds like the Sith faction of players won’t be around much. The Sith currently dominate the planet. Large attacks on Sith installations could mean PvP, but to me it sounds more like the planet will be Republic centric, with class quests and ultimate victory at some point. If the planet can only be found using the force, I’d expect few classes to show up here. Much of the planet will obviously take place inside caves. We haven’t seen a whole lot of this type of landscape so hopefully they’ll do something interesting with it.

Pros: I love that some rarely mentioned planet is getting a much larger role to play. Having iconic locations is fine, but I’d much rather see original, interesting additions to lore than constant rehashing of what Tattooine looks like. The caves should be an interesting feature. From the screenshots they look good.

Cons: Ice worlds, Jungle worlds, Desert Worlds, City worlds. Ugh. Surely there are worlds that exist outside these types? I really don’t want to see another ice world SWTOR. It’s also going to be dark. All the time. I hate playing in the dark. Maybe its my eyesight or something, but I want to be able to see what I’m doing.



  1. I think it’ll be great! A lot of Ilum I found out through watching the Clone Wars series and it was only like an episode. I can’t imagine how much more Bioware can give us.

    • Was it only one episode? Damn that’s not a lot of screen time. I’m going to have to go back and watch those shorts some time.

      • Okay, I was exaggerating a little, I think it was actually more than that, but like you pointed out it wasn’t much at all.

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