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Whoops, put up someone elses Calculator for a sec...

Today Arenanet finally released information concerning the Hall of Monuments. The Hall of Monuments Calculator. Enter your name into a field, and it works out what you’ve got and what you need.

It was announced back at the release of Eye of the North that there would be ways to bring your achievements forward into Guild Wars 2 from Guild Wars.

Immediately people began populating the hall with everything they could. Armour, weapons, mini-pets, Pets and Heroes, and all the titles and achievements. Yet still, nobody really knew the end game. What would equal what when it came to which titles you should work on.

For 3 years we waited.

Personally I worked my Hall off and on, filling some monuments while leaving others mostly untouched. I’ve added a few things more recently, and even today noticing some of what they’re looking for, added a couple of things to bring my track from 36 to 40.

And it is more like a track, than a single 1 for 1 exchange of Guild Wars monuments for Guild Wars 2 goods. There are 50 possible points you can get. 8 for mini pets, 8 for Companions, 8 for armour, 8 for weapons, and 18 for titles and achievements.

Part of that is disappointing. I would have liked to have seen specific things I liked in Guild Wars carry over to Guild Wars 2, like my grey giant mini, or my obsidian armour. Not having anything that is a true 1 to 1 exchange saddens me.

I’m also quite sure that people will be disappointed with the amount of work they’ve done compared to what it actually gets you, but anyone with forethought could have seen that coming. There are a lot of people with both Luxon and Kurzick faction titles at maximum rank of 12, when all you needed to do for the Hall is get to level 4.

On the other hand it is a much more elegant solution. A simple string of more interesting and more rare weapons, armour, titles, mini-pets, and pets the further you progress along the track.

Instead of specific mini-pets, the number of mini-pets are used as a benchmark. 1 point each for a common mini, rare mini, unique mini, then 2 points for 20 mini’s. Then again 1 point for 30, 40, and 50.

It’s the same with most of the monuments. Different types of achievements coupled with the number of achievements you’ve acquired.

Once you’ve accrued all those points, what do you get? Here’s what their article says.

The rewards that your Guild Wars 2 characters earn are exclusive to the Hall of Monuments and can’t be picked up or earned anywhere else. Depending on your Guild Wars characters’ history, you can unlock:

* Special Hall of Monuments titles
* Animal companions for your ranger, like the Black Widow Spider and Rainbow Jellyfish
* Miniatures such as the Red Servitor Golem or Orange Tabby Cat, that any profession can use
* A wide selection of weapons, like the Living Shortbow and the Fellblade
* Armor pieces for your light, medium, and heavy armor sets

Your new Guild Wars 2 characters will be able to use these low-level items and armor right away, and we’ll provide you with the means to use these special items as you advance to higher levels.

The rewards above 30 points, at this point, seem to be only titles. It’s hard to say whether this is a disappointment or a blessing. People who’ve got over 45 to 50 points will likely cherish their very rare titles. People with only 10 or 20 achievements can look forward to not having to get all 50 points. Those in the middle might be a little perturbed that they’ve done work which rewards little.

They’ve said that God Walking Amongst Mere Mortals will carry over to Guild Wars 2, but the highest reward visible is Champion of the Gods, a very cool title, but with few rewards in between 30 and 50, I doubt many will go for it. The highest physical rewards, at 30 points, are Fiery God’s Vambraces (gloves that I’m sure will look excellent) a black widow spider (pet for you ranger) and the title Closer To The Stars (a reference to factions.)

Although there are a lot of upsides to all of this, one more of the downsides is that when we go to collect these rewards, they are locked to our account. No trading. I’m more of a fan of freedom to do what you want with your own possessions so this doesn’t sit well with me.

The thought had gone through my mind “will they force you to use Tstones to wear the armour at high levels…” but I quickly found out that is not the case. They will provide means.

I’d also like to note the website. Quite well done. Smooth running as well, when I logged into Guild Wars it was a lag fest, not so with the Hall of Monuments Reward calculator. You can make to-do lists, see what you’re missing, hover over the rewards, and type in friends names to see how they’re doing. Awesome.

So yeah. Overall good, but a few things I think they fell down on. For people filling multiple characters halls, lots of disappointment. I would have loved for a few specific things to carry over, and again I’m more of a fan of freedom to trade than their model of customization and locking things to specific people. The rewards also seem geared more towards ranger than other professions. With 4 pets and two bows, not to mention the use of various common weapons and armours, they seem kind of spoiled.

Not to say there aren’t good things. Guild Wars has always been a game for casual players, and limiting physical rewards really helps them out. The titles and rewards do seem pretty good to me, I’m a fan. Basing rewards more on the type and rarity of achievements is a much more elegant solution than a direct 1 for 1 system. The website is wicked, telling me just about everything I need to know.

For more information you guys can check out the FAQ though, I doubt it answers the questions you want it to.



  1. A MESMER!
    I’m the only one who see him?

    • I’ll remind you that armour is not tied to profession. However, i’ve already drawn my conclusions in favour of mesmers so you’ll get no arguments here.

      • This armor even has a mask!
        So now other light professions can look like Mesmers…

  2. Hah, that was what I was thinking when I was checking it out this morning, “someone likes the ranger class a lot”.

    But nice you don’t have to kill yourself grinding in GW1 unless you really want to have those GW2 titles.

    • Yeah. but it also sort of means I don’t have much left that I want to do. I’ve got 40 points now. I don’t have a whole lot of reasons to play gw anymore, at least not content wise.

  3. I think they did it in the best way to could!
    The items will not give huge unfair effect and you don’t need to play lot of hours to get all the good staff except from titles.
    And the site look great and easy to use!
    And the items are cool!

    And finally I have something to do in Guild Wars!
    Thanks for the update!

    • I think they did a pretty good job, just wish there was more stuff for people beyond the 30 point mark.

  4. I like the new HoM information. It gives me a lot more to do (ok not A LOT, but more). Plus now my husband wants to play the game more often.

    • I found it strange to find these little tiny things I didn’t think would make a difference counting for points. I didn’t have the black moa, the imperial phoenix, vabbian armour. won’t take much work to finish the things i do want to finish.

      • And “linked account” is 3 points!

        • lol yeah.

  5. To me its just bonus items from GW moving up to GW2. I bet you can get similar items when you register for the preorder (when it comes).
    Nice to know at last though.
    I believe that they are going to release more stuff from 30-50 later, like when they talk more about your home instance, or pvp. Still, I guess they would have mentioned that… oh well.
    If you have spare stuff, now is a great time to sell it, everythings sold out.

    • They’ve definitely said that they didn’t want people to feel they had to grind all the way to 50, so they won’t be announcing new stuff apparently.

      I tried to get my hands on some vabbi armour only to be down too many rubies and sapphires to complete the set with no way to buy them.

  6. Some decent looking stuff, wish they would have shown some stats though. Not sure how I feel about all the reuse of GW1 weapons, and a couple of the other weapons look god awful too. But really I don’t care there is actually a lot more than I expected, and some of it looks really nice.

    And I agree whats with all the ranger love?

    lol racoon mini, that was random lol.

    I am at 35 right now, not sure if I want to make a push for 40 or not. Doesn’t seem like much but I have a hard time motivating myself to play these days.

    • I can appreciate some of the gw weapons, they are some of the more popular skins. not sure which weapons you thought were god awful but I thought everything seemed at least decent.

      it was very easy for me to get from 36 to 40 for the record, took like an hour. but i guess it depends on what you need to do.

      • I was referring to the fish gun in particular lol. I don’t really have any problem with the re-skins i’m just not that keen on the ones they used.

        Most of the stuff I need is going to take some work, either grinding mobs for faction, two levels of the Zaishen title, or grinding mobs for cash and loot for wisdom, treasure hunter, sweet tooth and drunkard. Just need one piece of the Vabbian armor for my dervish and that will finish the armor monument but the gem prices sky rocketed and the rare material trader was all sold out. And then there are hero armors, mini pets, and weapons. So yeah quite a bit of work.

  7. I’m rather happy to sit on 31, I’m more than likely will not making the push beyond that as I would prefer tangible rewards than a title.

    I will say though, when I first saw the page the first thing to come to mind was WoW Armory but only more interactive fancy.

    • I really wish there was something past 30 other than titles. i can see why they made the decision but a little something for people who want to go further would have been nice, like a physical reward every 5 or levels along with the title maybe.

      it really is an achievement heavy website for them. they must have been working on it for a long time.

      • I’m 50/50 and happy with the fact that there’s only titles past 30. I will assume many “Title Hunterz” such as myself are already comfy with the fact that titles are just that with no inherent benefit. Any rewards past 30 would contribute to grind complaints. It’s all low level stuff anyways; shouldn’t we play GW2 to get high level stuff and now GW1?

        • well for one thing I’m not necessarily asking for high level rewards, nor am I necessarily asking for some inherent benefit. just something beyond a title, since titles alone don’t really interest me that much.

          a physical reward every 5 or so points would go a long way to motivating me.

          I’d also point out that they have said there may be some way to use the rewards you get at high levels, though they haven’t worked it out yet. not to mention mini-pets and pets are hardly rewards you can’t use at high level.

          besides, can’t play gw2 right now. just gw1.

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