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Something tells me I'm never going to have to use a T stone on this Heavy Armour

With every major release of information about Guild Wars 2, Arenanet follows it up on their blog. They try to release a few new details, address the questions of paranoid schizophrenics and people who never bothered to read the original article, and generally calm the frenzied masses. This week it’s all about Items and Loot in Guild Wars 2.

Last week’s Transmutation Stone blow up, which followed the potions controversy, and the pets freak out, the no monk outrage, and the ten slot skill bar chicken little debacle, is the center of the attention this week. There’s also a bit of new information.

Q: Will Tailoring be a player-crafting discipline in Guild Wars 2?

John: Yes, Tailoring is one of the several crafting disciplines players can choose from that we presently have planned for Guild Wars 2.

Okay so we have our first crafting profession. Tailoring, which by its nature suggests other sorts of professions (blacksmithing, etc) but I won’t speculate on that.

Now if only we knew what sorts of things we could gather.

For example, if you were mining a copper node, you’d see the veins of copper metal disappear from your screen as you gathered until the node was just a big chunk of empty rock in front of you. For any player nearby that hadn’t used the node yet, the copper veins would still be visible to them until they gather all the copper themselves and exhaust the node.

Copper. So we’re gathering metals, and I believe they suggested types of plants elsewhere, but again, although copper is suggestive of other things we might gather (iron, etc) I won’t speculate further.

And now for the meat of the article, Transmutation Stones.

Philosophically we believe that players should have a way to acquire items like transmutation stones through the course of playing the game and not just through purchase in the in-game store. We’ll talk in greater detail about how we plan to accomplish this when we arrive at a final paradigm.

There is hope yet! All those who would throw up their arms in despair at the thought of having to support a video game with their money, fear not!

And for those who knew it probably wasn’t going to be a problem in the first place!

Guild Wars 2 starts players off with basic but very attractive armor (as seen in our demo) and from there the armor only gets cooler. In fact, we have a ton of very cool armor at the high end of the game, which means that many players will never use a transmutation stone since they’ll want to keep the appearance of the new gear that they find.

Honestly the whole Tstone dust up has irritated me more than previous dramas. I can see complaining about some of the gameplay changing designs that Arenanet has come up with. Its new and untested and everybody wants to have fun playing this game. However, the Tstone thing drives me nuts. It is essentially a cash shop item that allows you to keep starter armour if you want to. If you want to spend your life looking like you’re still level 10 fine, I guess. To me, it’s a cosmetic option I’ll almost certainly never use.


  1. Having to pay money was never my issue with the transmutation stones – the issue I have is that it doesn’t seem as good as something like Lord of the Rings Online’s system.

    If the developers disagreed with me, that’d be one thing – I’m used to that. But no, in the article announcing the transmutation stones they eloquently explained the principle that makes their system inferior.

    • I freely admit its not as good a system as it could be, I don’t think its going to effect how I play the game much.

  2. An excellent analysis, as ever. I am constantly perplexed over how much complaining goes on over a game that no one is actually playing. If someone had a concern about something demonstrated in the demos people played, I could understand. But the whining about what are essentially press releases is driving me batty. We need to test this stuff before we pass judgment on in!

    • good point anjin. An mmo can’t release a single damn thing these days without worrying that people who aren’t even playing the game will go ape and cause bad buzz.

  3. By the sound of it, I don’t understand it at all. I like new stuff and can’t see why someone would keep level 10 stuff and use real money to make it feasible. It sounds weird. Maybe a way to distance it’s self from a WoW gear grind model?

    • @scarybooster: Typically it’s done for roleplaying purposes. The kind of player who makes up elaborate histories for their characters may be a bit particular about how their character looks, and may not be satisfied with awesome-armor-of-the-month.

    • zed makes a pretty good point. the low level armour does look pretty realistic as opposed to the more grand and fantasy style armours that seem to be the end game armours.

      For me its not just looks though, I think the majority of players covet the cache of wearing hard to get “elite” armours at end game. Not paltry midlevel normal looking armous you’ve transmuted to have end game stats.

  4. During a moment of wild speculation I supposed they might implement t-stones the same way EVE implemented PLEX. The source of t-stones would be from the microstransaction store but they could then be traded or sold through the auction house as a method to combat gold farmers.

    • That would be excellent, I’d like to see real figures on how gold farmers were effected by PLEX.

      CCP should release that info for the good of the industry.

  5. heh; thats some sick looking armor!
    Did they ever say how gathering mats will work, whether its like WoW where you have a skill to be able to collect it; or anyone can gather anything?

    • Not yet. They’ve danced around crafting, which is why just knowing tailoring exists was interesting.

  6. “…compatible items and creates a new item in their place…”

    That could mean similar armor types only (light armor only with light armor) or it might have just meant armor locations (boots with boots) which makes sense. Not a big deal either way, just didn’t remember that being mentioned in the first article. I don’t think Aion has that restriction, but then classes in Aion can wear armor types lighter than their own, although you’d still want the stats from the heavier armor usually.

    So much of the transmutation stones outcry is because all MMO companies have a history of saying one thing and doing another. It also seems like just the first step in a much bigger cash shop mechanic for things than in GW1, and those things never go the other way. You know there are suits from NCSoft saying “hey, they accepted this, this, and that in GW1, so lets try this, that and more for GW2.” Give them an inch and they’ll take a mile.

    And the more the fanboy, “ArenaNet can do no wrong” types started slamming those of us with a valid concern over this, the more opposed I felt. I’ve never understood blind loyalty to anything, be it game companies, politics or whatever. Be skeptical!

    Back on topic, what is up with all the hoods on those armor sets? Bleh! My female toons will not like those. My male toons probably won’t either. And I must keep them happy… their voices… inside my head. 🙂

    • If i’m paying for something like this i want it across armour types, but, i’m not sure what anet will do with light/medium/heavy combinations.

      To me arenanet has repeatedly, consistently, proven that they won’t release cash shop items, or anything really, that will unbalance or make the game unfair.

      That’s why i’m not against the tstone, plus I’ve been in cash shop games and had fun without spending money, and had fun with spending money. So i’m not so easy to dismay with the simple announcement of one cash shop item.

      I try to keep an even hand on the blog both with criticizing and defending anet. The speculation can get a little out of control, but the I think when I respond to what they’re actually doing I’m fair.

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