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Word came from the Arenanet blog today that Opressor weapons were being added to the Hall of Monuments. Anything being added to the HoM is a good thing, but I wonder why the Oprressor weapons and not some other type.

As much as I appreciate the addition of those weapons to the War in Kryta campaign (which I wasn’t expecting) I don’t actually like many of the skins.

Here are a few examples of what I’m talking about.


The focus, probably the item I hate most. It looks like rejected art from Guild Wars 2, or at least something that was never quite good enough to make it in to Guild Wars. Maybe I’m being harsh, but lets be honest, a French Horn is not bad ass.


Look at the flowery hilt on this thing. Am I wielding a masculine weapon of destruction or an ornate delicate decoration? I defy anyone to say they like this sword so much they want it in Guild Wars 2. It might make a good kitchen knife, I can easily see myself hauling it out for special occasions like Christmas dinner to cut the turkey.


What in the hell is this hammer. It looks bug-eyed to me. When it isn’t looking bug-eyed it looks like an after dinner mint. I’m expected to go squash bugs and skale with this thing?

I know what you’re thinking. What would you like to see in the Hall of Monuments if you’re so smart and you’re such a great artist that you can do better?


Well uhm… erm…. anything that is both beautiful and difficult to get? Zodiac weapons? Bonus Mission Pack weapons? By the time Eye of the North came around the art was really kicking so various sets from the expansion could be used. Eternal weapons or anything rewarded from high end difficult content.

They say in the blog entry that getting oppressor weapons is hard. I disagree. By the time I had run the full course of the War In Kryta I had 20 Medals of Honor, enough for 2 oppressor weapons. As difficult as Domain of Anguish? Not hardly.

At least it gives us something to do, and more stuff to bring with us to Guild Wars 2 and I’m all for that. There are some good skins too, like the shield, which I’ve already added.

Any of you guys like the skins? Feel free to disagree in the comments.



  1. The news didn’t really effect me much. My HoM is full and I don’t like the oppressor weapon skins (although I don’t like the destroyer and tormented skins either but whatever!) Someone out there probably appreciates this new addition, and I’m cool with that.

    I’ll agree with you that the Bonus Mission Pack weapon skins are much nicer. But to be honest I never cared for collecting a specific set of weapons for the HoM. They were never my favorite weapons to begin with. I only stuffed them in my HoM to complete it. 😉

    • full? damn. i need to get on that. that and armour, the two things in my hall least filled.

      i love the BMP skins, and to be honest, kind of loathe the BMP.

      Destroyer weapons are easy enough to get your hands on, with some decent skins to boot, DoA are a real grind and not that great. I can see why people would just stuff them in without liking them.

  2. I like the horn

    • to each his own, that’s fine. For me it really does look like a french horn or a bugle.

  3. I’m actually quite happy to have another set of weapons I can use to top off my HoM before GW2 hit the shelves. I think the difficulty that they were refering to was in completeing the actual story line for WiK. I would compare the Battle for lions arch to Ravenhart gloom for difficulty.

    • BLA definitely requires real people, and some of the main quest line is challenging, but I never really thought of it as being as difficult as DoA for instance.

      I’m happy enough to have more stuff to do though.

  4. Really, the only Oppressor weapon I like is the staff. Looks pretty kickass dyed black. Other than that…

    • I think the bow is ok, and as I said in the article, the shields are nice. Can’t remember the staff but I’ll check it out.

      • It looks pretty “meh” in default colors. Seriously worth spending the gold on a black dye.

  5. Two words: Dhuum’s Scythe

    Seriously you kill a fucking GOD for that. Hell any green from the endstory and elite missions should have a place in HoM.

    • Yeah since anyone who finishes a storyline gets a green, I can understand why they wouldn’t put those in the HoM, however, i’m absolutely with you on elite missions.

  6. Personally I think most of the skins for the HoM weapons are kinda …meh.

    I actually like some of the oppressor weapons though

    Sword, Scythe, Daggers, Staff, Shield, and kinda iffy on the recurve/shortbow the others well…meh

    • as I said above, to each his own. i don’t fault you for liking oppressor stuff. just disagree. I like plenty of destroyer and tormented stuff, compared to oppressor stuff.

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