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I wasn’t much help recommending guilds to Guild Wars Pilgrims in my Advice post. I got to thinking about what I could do to improve the plight of people coming to Guild Wars who had never played it before.

Surely I can do more.

Concept Art of Eye of the North's Great Destroyer

I’ve been around the block but there aren’t a lot of active guilds I’ve ever really felt comfortable. So what I wanted to do was present people with their best shot at breaking into guilds that are conducive to new people, friendly, and most importantly very active.

Even my current guild is just as dead as the last. ROO is a guild for dead accounts and anybody looking to get in early on a guild for Guild Wars 2. If you’re interested in that sort of thing sign up at their forums.

I put up a thread on the Relics of Orr forums, looking for any suggestions and got a reply from ROO’s alliance member PIG. Here’s what Jim had to say.

We enjoy helping new members out and getting them the experience/info/builds/etc needed to enjoy the game. We are a wealth of GW knowledge so feel free to ask any questions you might have. That said, we mainly use vent for communication so hop on with us and let the fun begin!

A typical GW night for PIG is farming for Nick, or doing a few Zaishen Quests, helping guildies with titles/quests/mission and anything else they might need, some Alliance Battles here and there (cuz they are awesome!), & we usually top it off by clearing an elite area for a chance at some rare loot.

Now while our other alliance member also replied to the thread, I can’t speak towards that guild. PIG on the other hand is active in the alliance chat, and seems generally affable.

Massively has a Guild Wars guild called Massively Overpowered. It only started up a few months ago so its ranks are filled with newbies who’ve never played before just starting out. Shawn and Rubi rave about it on GuildCast virtually every week, and by and large it sounds like the perfect community for anyone starting out. Here’s a quote from Rubi.

Massively Overpowered, Massively’s Guild Wars guild, is still going strong, and we’ve always got room for more. Feel free to take a peek around our forums while you’re browsing. We meet every Thursday night at 9:00 p.m. EDT (US Eastern time) for scheduled events, but you can find people playing in the guild — as well as within our large alliance — every day and time of the week.

Both loved and hated by fans and characters: Gwen the Goremonger

One of the most famous and largest guilds in Guild Wars for the past few years has been the KISS alliance. It’s size is immense, consisting of all the guilds that make up an entire alliance. I’ve never been in KISS, but I have heard nothing but good things. My own personal experience drives me away from lumbering impersonal behemoths the size of KISS but this was one of the guilds recommended, by Tigerfeet in fact.

The Guild Wars Incgamers community (formerly is a long standing community and as such they have had a guild in the game as long as I can remember. Or at least a couple of years anyway. While I can’t stand the name (GWOnline Community Guild) there is something to be said for stability.

I don’t really know many smaller successful guilds right now, otherwise this post would be chalk full of them. If it were me in the position of a person completely new to Guild Wars I’d probably go with Massively Overpowered. Not because It’s Massively, more because of the number of new people, and a critical mass of activity. Not to mention their predictable schedule. But that’s me.

I suppose people are welcome to advertise their guilds in the comments if they feel they fit the appropriate criteria.



  1. Anyone that joins PIG is welcome to the RO guild in the future or our alliance if the Notorious PIG joins us then.

    Also, I hear that because of our alliance’s growing activity, the RO guild is a bit more active these days.

    I do log on once a day, you know. Granted, I stand there, make a couple jokes, and then log off. ;p

    • 3 or 4 people who don’t talk to each while online isn’t what I call activity, but true!

  2. i’ve actually been trying to catch the Relics of Orr people online so I can steal a g-invite from someone since I started playing guild wars again

    • good luck. you’ll need great timing.

  3. Gwen kinda annoyed me when she tried to lecture me on my Proph character about how I didn’t know anything about charr. I wanted smack her upside the head with the flat of my sword for that.

    • I want to make babies with her.

      • You pedo!

        • HEY if ur underage too it’s totally not pedo

          how old is gwen in EoTn anyhwho?

        • yeah, she’s about 18, she’s legal!

  4. Oh yes, I completely forgot about the Massively group! That was actually the guild I wanted to check out when I started playing, until I got completely derailed with trying to find the best profession for myself.

    • haha, well as far as I know you have to add Rubi to your friends list and try to hook up with her on a thursday. her name is in the link, something like rubi djinn

  5. I was browsing around a bit on all forums.
    But to save me some time:
    I’m under the impression that RO/PIG and the alliance is North America focused. Is that correct?
    Since I might be looking for a Euro guild soonish.

    • yeah RO and PIG from what I can tell are north american. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help to europeans I guess.

      • Don’t be. Those two large guilds are active on both sides of the pond iirc. 🙂

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