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Last week’s uproar and controversy were crushed this week when Arenanet released a dazzling blog about the mechanics behind how cinematics are made.

Or not.

Hmmm toolbox eh?

That said the blog is an interesting read. We saw some cinematics with the release of the demo at gamescom and PAX. They use concept art as a background while animating your character, along with voice overs of course. It all looked pretty well done.

The blog gets more informative. Along with talking about how cinematics are more directly controlled client side, they get into the branching storylines.

For instance, a cinematic might start the same for all players, but based on certain criteria—let’s say the choices a player made earlier in a mission—the scene might end in several different ways. This means that we’ll be able to provide a cinematic experience tuned for a specific player’s character. The cinematic engine can do something as simple as swapping out a single line of dialogue, or as complex as branching the entire scene.

I can foresee a lot of replayability with this in effect. I personally may not end up replaying the game over and over again to see each iteration of the storyline, but there are dedicated fans who will. I don’t even want to think of the job wiki contributors have ahead of them.

If you’re a fan of behind the scenes information, there are plenty of details about the program they use, Cameo, and just exactly how they go about doing things.

I like the idea that their cinematics are just that adjustable, and easily branched off. There are a lot of possible uses for that. In the closing paragraph he speaks of the increase in productivity from the cinematics team, which I think can only be a boon to the players.

Story has always been a big part of the Guild Wars universe, can’t wait to get to what Guild Wars 2 has in store.



  1. Does this mean whenever your character shows up in a cinematic, it’s a “Cameo” appearance? XD

    • i can only sigh at your pun powers

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