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I’m not sure why putting puns in the titles of blog posts is so fun, but it is. I don’t care how horrible the puns are, it only makes it better if you can picture people cringing at their terribleness. I hope the title didn’t dyevert you from the actual topic of the post.

The Dye post that the Arenanet blog put up had numerous interesting images that I wanted to look over more closely, so essentially that’s what I’m dissecting. Lets look at the first image.

Norn ain't got no need for jive suckas! I pity da fool!

This is a norn obviously, and according to Tigerfeet, very similar to Mr. T. The beard makes me think about the beard customization options for the game. Is that a mutton chop combined with a soul patch and goatee? Interesting direction to go in Arenanet, unless you are allowed to combine those features? Probably not.

The hair has bands in it, in the back. Its probably mandatory with character hair customization. The face reminds me of The Undertaker. I promise not to reference wrestling ever again.

The armour is, as usual, well done. Even for a simple chain and leather suit, Arenanet makes it look great. Gauntlets are the best part. I wonder if a game studio will ever be awesome enough to make armour look like the power glove. Guess those will have to do.

Who here remembers The Wizard

And my bow!

The golden boy

Above is a great example of just how far the dye system goes in Guild Wars 2. In Guild Wars you had one area on every armour piece to dye. Sometimes it wasn’t very big. The vast majority of the armour here is dyeable. The only things I can pick out that aren’t are the spikes (the first time I saw them I was like “obsidian!”) fasteners, and buttons. That’s about it for this particular set. Except the boots? Maybe they just glazed over that part.

I have to be honest, I am not looking forward to the day Legolas up there is running around like an idiot.

The cultural palette

Tiger was all over this image one day, it was the first thing she brought up in conversation if I recall correctly. “Did you see the beard!? Charr have beards!!!” said the woman with a crazy look in her eyes. She’s right in a way, charr have beards the same way goats have beards in that they don’t. They do have a little tuft of fur by their mouths which the one on the right has a band keeping in place.

The horns on all 3 of these charr NPCs are giant. I love the packs and pouches that “beardie” has got going on. For some reason he just strikes me as a trainer or other NPC associated with the mysterious 8th profession.

Check out the center one. A fishing trainer if ever there was one. She first pointed out that there was a hook on his belt, but I maintain there are two hooks there, just different shapes. The harpoon adorned to his chest appears to be fastened to a rope. Now normally when you have a harpoon fastened to a rope, it is fired by a harpoon gun. I’m not saying that’s what is happening here, I’m just puzzled by the choice. The length of the harpoon isn’t such that there would be great accuracy when thrown. Decoration I guess. Or maybe I’m completely wrong and its just a dagger. In which case I blame Tiger for making the case in the first place.

As for the armour, the “town clothes” system will make what this charr is wearing very popular. Who doesn’t want to look like an impoverished rural hick wearing a reed garment that smells like fish?

I know what you're thinking. Batman wears a cowl!

And what is with that hair? The awful shock of reddish/brown hair in a mohawk going down to his back kind of clashes with the grey fur. The beaded strand coming down the side of his face? Who decides this stuff? I’m sure the skull will make pirate fans happy everywhere.

What is up with the one on the left? Suddenly the charr have medieval serfs? Is he a monk in a cloistered monastery before the invention of the printing press? The cowl is an interesting touch for the charr, seeing as they have such strangely shaped heads. Maybe he’s trying to hide a shock of ugly hair. In which case I can’t blame him.

Norn NPCs

What are these guys selling? I feel like ones going to try to sell me the penis of a panda for its aphrodisiac effects. Seriously look at what they’re wearing. I wouldn’t be surprised to find the still beating heart of that bear. Is one of the crafting professions taxidermy? I think so.

The one on the left has a fairly extensive face tattoo, along with tattoos on his neck and chest. The gloves and boots still have claws attached. All 3 seem very primal and tribal.

The middle norn has something weird going on with his eyes, and another banded beard thing. Can you change the colour of the snow leopards eyes? I hope so. Weird pouch by his left hand but I can’t really make anything out.

Some of this clothing reminds me of ancient Inuit style clothing in a way. Sure they gained some inspiration from them. The style of some boots or pants for instance. Norn on the right has fingerless gloves. More of that please. What’s that weird shaped bell thing? Necklace. What a girl.

There’s some extensive eye scar stuff going on on two of these guys. I wonder how extensive that is. Probably stock picks instead of more intricate customization. Its a PvP game too so they do have to worry about lag.

Extensive Tattooing, but I wonder is it decorative or does it protect like in Guild Wars 1? I think this has been discussed but I can’t recall off-hand.

Tiger says there is a prude, I say there is a nun and a cougar, how many more female stereotypes can we find!

There isn’t a whole lot I want to get into about this image, except to say I think these armours are all mostly basic but still look beautiful. There have been many complaints over the years about how much skin female armour in Guild Wars showed, I hope this is telling us something about that. Even boustier barbie on the right with the short skirt isn’t showing all that much. Great boots all around.

A hair band. Wonder if that’s a head piece or hair customization. Check out all the junk on barbie’s neck. I mean it’s a lot, that’s all. Center woman is doing some kind of emote. A sigh perhaps?

2nd from the right is wearing some armour very reminiscent of level 1 warrior armour.

Honestly the amount of pirate stuff in Guild Wars 2 is going to be nuts

He’s got the pirate sash going on, the feather in his pirate hat, the ruffled collar and sleeves, his arms are poofy and I bet if we could see his legs they’d be poofy too. There is a lot of pirate in this guy, and from the lore we all know that Lion’s Arch is a Free Port, a pirate haven. I’m surprised they didn’t make this guy look like Johnny Depp since we already got Orlando Bloom up there. Although it would be amazing I doubt we get boats.

And that is my mostly useless dissection of the Dye post 3d models. Hooray it’s over!



  1. The Charr fur doesn’t look like fur.

    • I don’t think I agree. what kind of fur are you looking for?

      • Like this:

        • ok so more visibly furry. gotcha.

  2. Great post and thankfully not a dyeatribe 🙂 Seriously though, almost as entertaining a read as the ANet dye blog post. I always enjoy the pop culture references and yes, I do remember the Wizard and good ol’ Captain N.

    I am dyeing to try out the new dye system! Dye, dye, dye my darling…

    • thanks jason, yeah, i really want to see how fantastic I can make myself look.

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