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I'm going to look like Blondie from The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Why announce 8 classes, and then split them up later into 16? The thought has been going through my mind for a while. Wouldn’t it make sense to just add another class or 2 to each faction? It seems overly complicated to have 8 different Advanced Classes per faction.

I’m getting ahead of myself. Star Wars: The Old Republic has 8 classes. 4 per faction. When you reach a certain plateau, you have the choice to specialize into 1 of 2 Advanced Classes. In my case I will likely be a Smuggler, hunting the female Bounty Hunter who stole my life savings (20 credits) in a gambling debt gone horribly wrong. As a smuggler I’ll be able to choose Scoundrel or Gunslinger.

Again these two are subdivided into further skill set choices that I won’t get into, except to say this is where choices about support (Sawbones) or stealth (Scrapper) begin to be made.

The way they’re divided up almost makes me think that those 16 Advanced Classes could be even further specialized into 32 individual styles. However the suggestion that there are stealth healers leads me to think the combination of Sawbone and Scrapper skills are likely and that classes are closer together than that.

Still, wouldn’t this have been simpler with more individual classes per faction?

Why lump healing support in with the smuggler? Although it’s not completely out of bounds I wouldn’t think it’s a natural fit. If I was trying to cram another healing class into the game it would most likely be the trooper. Combat Medic anyone?

I’m not asking for the game to get more complicated or lose anything they’ve announced, I’m satisfied with the way the game is developing, just a little curious. Why these design decisions?

Is it something to do with the symmetry of factions? Each side seems to have an exact counter, the odd class individual flair, but otherwise a sameness. That is more likely to do with PvP considerations.

Something to do with armour, animation, weapon, and character design then? A cost cutting measure? With only eight classes you certainly have less to worry about on a visual level, even with added armours for Advanced Classes.

Maybe the constantly branching skill tree systems was never a big hit with me, that could be the problem. Or maybe it seems weird there are only 4 different types of people fighting this war on each side. Hell, the Sith don’t even seem to have a regular army component, even though I know I’ve seen Sith Stormtroopers.

And who came up with that Sawbones name? Really? Sort of works in Fallout, definitely doesn’t work in futuristic Sci-Fi.

Yeah that's the one!



  1. It is me or you too are starting to be irritated with SWTOG classes?

    They are trying get all classes from the Old Trilogy (that one that started at 1977)? Why not try something new?

    SWTOR is circa 3000 years before the Yavin Battle, I really see no reason for have smugglers and bounty hunters, they only want the game be more Old Trilogy like.

    • if you read the developer blogs, they mention other sources all the time. talon karrde gets mentioned as a smuggler, ventress gets mentioned as a sith model, dooku.

      but i see what you’re saying.

  2. I agree, making the Smuggler the healer is a little bit of an odd choice, especially sticking it in the Scoundrel tree which I’ve always thought of as more of the “Han Solo” archetype. When I think Han, I don’t really think healing, but I guess he did sort of have that caring touch when he shoved Luke into that Tauntaun carcass LOL. A trooper medic would have made much more sense, though maybe they have other ideas for that class.

    I believe “sawbones” is an old slang term for doctor, especially a surgeon. Dr. McCoy’s “Bones” nickname in Star Trek apparently comes from that, so I guess this means it has indeed worked in the past for futuristic sci-fi! 😛

    • good point about sawbones but I always think of it as more of a western term, in particular the civil war.

      I really didn’t like the new mccoy in the new star trek movie, he needed to be funnier and more sarcastic.

      • Makes sense, since the word is most often associated with the civil war. It’s older than that though, and I actually tried looking up the etymology after I posted my comment, because I’m always interested in stuff like that. I thought it might have been an old English navy term or something, but alas couldn’t find any helpful information that would help my understanding in why they would have chosen it for their skill tree 😦

        • its weird but i did the same thing. found something about dickens having used it in the 1830’s, but didn’t read much beyond that.

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