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I wonder if the Grim Reaper is interested in some new threads.

The Arenanet Blog has updated with John Hargrove talking about Loot in Guild Wars 2.

In it he goes over a few things we already know. Everyone gets the same reward for participating in events, and what we recently discovered, everyone receives essentially the same drop at the end of a dungeon. A barter piece to save up and hand over to someone for loot. Knowing Arenanet, there will probably be more, but that will be the main goal.

We’ve also seen Arenanet discuss crafting loot before, that each node is available to each player and people won’t have to fight over them.

Moving on to just exactly what dungeon offers for loot, things begin to get interesting.

Presently each of our dungeons has, at a bare minimum, one complete, visually unique reward set that includes a full set of light armor, a full set of medium armor, a full set of heavy armor, as well as one entire set of weaponry that is unique to that dungeon.

As we learned from the PC Gamer article dungeons seem paced out to 1 every ten or so levels. With 3 armour sets and an entire weapon set per dungeon, that adds up to a lot of art.

Want to look a certain way without having to wear badly designed armour pieces that clash with the rest of your ensemble? We all do. Arenanet sees this. Arenanet knows. Arenanet senses your pain. Arenanet help you!

I figured they would have a system for this but just that there would be a slot for worn clothes and a slot for your armour. Not so, they’re moving into the transmutation business. I did a lot of this in Runes of Magic, so I know for a fact it can be pretty fun. Just please add a nifty little sound effect Anet.

There is a bit about the dye system which we learned a lot about very recently. You really need to get Kristen Perry writing more blogs.

Finally there is the customization. Now in my last post I said something to the effect that I prefer long nights of raiding to upgrade my loot. I do. I forgot about the Guild Wars 2 customization options for half a second though, and I think that goes a long way to making up for it. There is a great run down on the blog of just how you’d go about customizing your gear so I’ll just quote them.

To address this issue in Guild Wars 2, we’ve devised a new twist to make these item sets more accessible. By linking the cumulative set bonuses to an upgrade component that you can apply to your armor, you can essentially make your own custom sets. In the following example, this is a cloth crest that a Tailor could make for light armor.

Crest of the Legion (1/6)

Double-click to apply to a piece of Light Armor

(1): +10 Intelligence

(2): +20 Perception

(3): +100 Maximum Health

(4): Thunderclap (50% chance on Critical)

(5): +5% Critical Chance

(6): +10 to all Attributes

As you could probably guess, the more crests you have of the same kind on your armor (up to the set’s maximum number), the better the bonuses you receive. For example, if you use one Crest of the Legion on each of your six armor pieces, you would end up having all of the bonuses in this list. All armor and weapons will have a free upgrade slot

Collecting crests doesn’t quite have the same epic feel of that rare loot drop, but it’s okay I suppose. I wonder what he means by “a free upgrade slot”. Are there other non-free upgrade slots?

Anyway a pretty good look at ObamaLoot and big thanks to Arenanet for ending the short drought everybody was whining about.

Kind of reminds me of The Monarch and Dr. Mrs. The Monarch


  1. Props for the Venture Bros reference.

    • they do kinda look like insects though right?

  2. Every time I see “ObamaLoot” on your blog it still cracks me up!

    • haha, glad to be of service.

  3. Any opinion on the
    “With the transmutation system, you’ll be able to acquire new items known as Transmutation Stones through our in-game store”
    I may be paranoid but is almost sounds like transmutation stones will be a micro-transaction. This will of course lead to my financial ruination.
    Also since it took me three years to get my first set bounus in WoW yay for crests!

    • Many people are reading this as both transmutation and crests are micro-transaction items. If either or both are indeed RMT then GW2 has just moved down on my list of games to get. Quite a bit down. I was afraid of this with the overpriced GW1 storage panes (WAY overpriced even at half off). Charge for extra character slots, that is fine. Nickle and dime me with stuff (sorry you can’t have good stats on the good looking armor without paying more cash, ha ha) and I’ll go elsewhere.

      Aion lets you do the same with both armor and weapons, use whatever skin you want while keeping the better stats of the ugly armor. But it uses in game gold, no RMT. 😦

      • Over at the guildwars2guru.com forums Anet community managers verified the t-stones are a RMT item. At first I was bummed but anet has said that they would be offering cosmetic items in their in game store no state changing items… though for me looking good is a stat.

        After thinking about what sorts of things Anet has done in the past with cash shops it seems reasonable that they will not abuse this in the sense that it will be agressivly encouraged. When anet implemented the added xunlai tabs it wasn’t because xunlai storage was broken (it had worked fine for three campaigns) it was because people were willing to buy more. I suspect the best looking armor will ultimately be the level eighty dungeon sets and I believe that anet has said that all top tier armor has normalized stats like in guild wars classic/original/vanilla/first edition/one.

        I do think that had the blog not been so flippant about the fact that t-stones are a cash item it would have gone over better. With the recent furor over the various cash shops out there they had to know that this was going to piss a bunch of people off.

        So in conclusion after going though all the states of coping in about three hours I’m actually still excited for guild wars 2 and think that they pretty much used this post to rip the Band-Aid off of their cash shops.

        • Honestly i think you’re right, they probably won’t abuse it if we’re judging them based on past behaviour.

          I’ve known there would be a more extensive cash shop for a long time, they’ve hinted at it and frankly, thats where the industry is headed, so I guess i sort of glazed over it in writing the blog.

          You’re probably right that they could have handled that part better. They really need to be careful considering how some people react, particularly the gw crowd who are *so used to having things for free*

      • i started out with 45 easily accessible bag slots, plus the 20 xunlai storage in the beginning. All free and easy to get.

        Over the years, for free, arenanet has expanded that to 100 xunlai storage slots, plus the material storage which i have something like 17 full stacks of materials stored in right now, not to mention materials in virtually every material slot.

        In the bag department i only have a light equipment pack which only adds to my bag space by 10, but there are in game means to increase it by 20.

        Alltogether thats 155 (out of a possible 165) storage slots + material storage.

        Sorry, but i take issue with anyone that says the storage is overpriced, when they give you SO MUCH for free.

        • You are clearly not a pack rat like I am. I pretty much have to juggle stuff between characters every time I play just to have some free space. Or should I sell off all my weapons and armor sets I’ve spent so much time working on getting? And that is after having bought backup accounts (during sales) to use for extra storage.

          But to have to pay $40 for extra storage, which is more than the three campaigns cost, I think is over priced. $2.50 per pane I could see. $10.00 each? No way.

          • The alternative, IMO, would be that *instead* of the free additions to storage we’ve gotten, the addition of material storage, the ability to store hat designs so that you don’t have to carry around every holiday hat ever just to wear one, and the means of getting increased backpacks through the Xunlai missions, we would be paying $2.50 for each of those instead.

            Now, *that* would make me feel like I was being nickel and dimed to death. I may not be the packrat you are, but I do have 5 elite armor sets and all the bonus mission weapons, and I never salvaged an upgrade I didn’t keep on hand. I’ll still take the $10 storage panes :).

            • my latest post, about 6 minutes after you commented, may not make you happy with my speculation about storage.

              as for being a packrat, i do one simple thing to keep my storage free. I don’t keep entire sets of armour, just different headpieces. If i get tired of a set i make the new one and salvage the old. leaves me with plenty of space to keep everything else i pick up.

            • Haha, yes, I read it. And no, I don’t mind, because if I don’t opt-in to the Transmutation thing (which is possible, I may have my rose-colored glasses on here, but I don’t believe ANet would make armor intentionally ugly just so I would feel compelled to transmute the stats onto something merely tolerable to look at), I don’t mind pitching in for some GW2 storage. I never bought any in GW1, after all.

            • I need to hire you to manage my inventories on all my characters. 🙂

              Seriously, I’ve got a character completely loaded down with every drink and tonic imaginable, others with mass numbers of weapons, shields, armor sets, mini-pets, mods, etc. Help! 🙂

              I need Free Realms type storage: unlimited!

            • Sure, I’ll help you – for a simple microtransaction fee (j/k of course)

      • Actually I found two good posts over on GW2Guru that sum up why I’m less than pleased with this whole transmutation thing. Post #351 and #734 (which quotes 351) in the Transmutation thread. That pretty much sums things up for me.

        It is one thing to buy costumes as in GW1. In fact I did that, although only the first set. Didn’t like the second two. If they had gone with something like that in GW2 then no problems. But it doesn’t seem to be how they are doing things in GW2. ArenaNet needs to address this soon, although I guess they’ve already gone with “we’ll release more info at some point” bit. In that case, I’ll be interested in the game again, maybe, at some point.

        • i think your post #s are off. 734 doesn’t quote 351 and 351 defends transmutation.

          link just the second one if you can. don’t post too many links or aksimet will think you’re a spammer.

          • Ack, the numbers must have changed and I can’t figure out how to link that forum post. It is by Nogitsune and the other quote is by Cherrie, currently on page 37.

            Anyway, didn’t mean to go off on a rant, but this whole thing brought back why I stopped playing GW for about two months after several incidents with ArenaNet/NCSoft that left a bad taste.

            • the problem i have with those arguments is that they seem to blithely disregard that there will be plenty of fashion choices purely within the game.

  4. mixing armor is ugly anyway

    • true. I usually go for sets anyway, so this is pretty much a bonus.

      • yea, only the tattoo armors can be mixed nicely, but I dont thik there will be any in gw2.

        allah is the only god btw.

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