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Survey Says!

War In Kryta was a fairly successful run of content that reused in game Guild Wars assets, added some new things, innovated a little bit, and generated a lot of activity at a time when Guild Wars really needed it.

Today Arenanet posted a blog pointing people to a survey to take about the War In Kryta.

Since the questions seem to directly deal with various issues I’ve brought up in different posts, I thought this would be a nice opportunity to sum that all up. Here are my answers to the survey.

How did you feel about the difficulty of the War in Kryta content?

Just right.

I thought the varying skill bars of the peacekeepers and various enemies was excellent. Ingenious. The only real problem was Hard Mode, which was more challenging than I might have imagined. The henchmen definitely weren’t of much use, and I don’t think the NPCs that drop in when you enter zones truly made up for them. However they did make up for that with a bit of character and lore.

How difficult was it for you to locate the War in Kryta content?

Just Right / Too hard

It’s not that getting to the War In Kryta content was complicated or difficult, its that it was a hassle and overly complex. Do it wrong and you miss out on some dialogue or Evennia in Ascalon, like I did. Often you’d be running long distances just to see a few lines of dialogue. Irritating, but not hard. As for the actual questing and fighting, not difficult at all.

How did you feel about the length of time the War in Kryta ran?

Just Right.

For the actual amount of content that came out I thought it was decent. The viral campaign lasted an appropriate amount of time, the in game stuff was rolled out at a casual pace. I’m sure Guild Wars players were chomping at the bit for new content, and reacted with glee or anger when something was or wasn’t released, but it was fairly well spread out to make it last longer.

How happy were you with the rewards from the War in Kryta content?

Moderately / Not Happy At All

I wasn’t happy with the weapon skins at all. I guess that comes down to personal taste. The new consumables were okay, but I don’t know anyone who was happy when they got an Adventurer’s Insight from a Royal Gift.

How interested are you in seeing new stories that evolve the game world?

Very Interested

How could I not be? Is anyone happy to see nothing move forward? Maybe you’re right. Maybe we should stagnate and remain unchanged.

How interested are you in seeing stories that explore existing game lore?

Very Interested

Really I’m just interested in anything moving along. I’m not sure how you would have any storyline that doesn’t somehow reflect on the games lore.

How easy was it to party with other players for the War in Kryta content?

Just Right

At least at first. The critical mass for getting a party together was very easy in the beginning. Later on it became more difficult.

How would you feel about having a party that you could fill with Heroes?

I love it

With such low populations i don’t see the point in forcing people to play together any more. It might allow me to actually get a couple things done in HM without real people. There are other considerations of course, like difficulty for instance. Having 7 heroes in Normal Mode in your party would mean having to do very little I think.



  1. Overall the whole thing was executed well, the only two glaring things that I found issue with was having to run to and from the same two points to simply access the event. Also the the difficulty of the event due to low level henchmen being nothing more than meat fodder and contributing little to no help essentially making your group 4 level 20s.

    Which brings me to my post over in Massively:

    “I don’t mind either way, but this idea while a great solution to some Henchmen issues has pretty much already set sail. The only reason this even came up was because of how Prophecy is built. The Henchmen don’t scale up in level unless you set the difficulty of the instance area to Hard Mode. The stuff that players saw during this storyline event were level 20-28 mobs and you and your heroes while level 20 yourselves, the highest you’ll see your Henchmen would be level 15. You go against these new mobs with their new and upgraded/dynamic skill bars and you’re looking at dead henchmen in less that 30 sec. This problem isn’t the case with the expansions as the lower level stuff is all contained in a “newbie island” and only reason a high level would go there is for achievement farming.”

    • yeah i agree that was a problem, and the npc dropping in to help didn’t help much if you went into a special area like the new explorable divinity coast or seaboard zones. fortunately i usually went into those with competent friends and it wasn’t usually an issue.

      unless the new content in cantha happens on shing jea we should be fine though.

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