QFT: You’ve Got Mail

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Neither snow, nor rain, nor heat, nor gloom of night, but swamps? Screw it, wheres my phone.

With every big announcement about Guild Wars 2 comes a torrent of interviews. I usually try to pick out interesting quotes and provide commentary. In this case, Gamona.de got an interview about the whole Apps team at Arenanet (I refuse to use the marketing buzzwords “extended experience”. Give that team a real name Anet) and they let slip something that hadn’t been confirmed before.

Check out this quote.

A player can check his mail, sort items in the inventory, change its equipment (such as to prepare for a raid or an event), maybe even move the character into a meeting place, etc.

Now obviously with acknowledgment from Arenanet that there would be a Marketplace (Auction House, whatever) you could easily guess there might be some form of mail system. This seems to confirm that.

Interestingly enough I don’t think that’s the only thing of note in the quote. The reference to moving your character to a meeting place could mean anything. However, to me the most logical “meeting place” would be a guild hall. Your guild hall. Though I suppose it could be any waypoint.

Now what you can do in your guild hall in Guild Wars 2 remains to be seen but I thought it was interesting.

2nd shortest QFT ever. Via gw2guru


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