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Mating rituals aside...

The CBC put up a list of the, well, it’s in the title folks, and I was a little perplexed by a few things.

For those who rarely think of anything existing outside their country, the cbc is the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, and yes, we do make video games. Quite a few. What with Electronic Arts and studios from every other major game company.

Perhaps part of the problem I have with the list, and with all lists, is that there is a definite prejudice towards more recent games.

There are only 3 games pre-1998. Only one from the 80s. Kind of neglecting 20 years of video game history to focus on the last 12 aren’t we? Oh sure, I can’t name any Canadian games in the 80s, but surely someone writing an article should be able to come up with something.

Maybe I’m wrong though, maybe there aren’t amazingly well designed games from the 70s and 80s at all, let alone Canadian ones.

I personally don’t ascribe to the thought that old games mean bad games.

Some of the choices confuse me as well. NHL 94 is #4 on this list because what? It’s hockey and Canadians play hockey and haha that’s hilarious? NHL 94, IIRC, wasn’t all that different from NHL 93, it just happened to be the first NHL game produced in Canada.

I have terrible memories of “ice hockey” for the Atari. There is no such god damned thing.

Two of the big criteria for being on the list appear to be whether they were hits and made a lot of money, and whether they won magazine or online game of the year awards. Not really what I’d go by.

Other than that the list is great! I might have added KOTOR to the list, but couldn’t be happier about Mass Effect 2.



  1. Oh the CBC…they’re probably the last people I trust when it comes to opinions about entertainment. I never seem to agree with any of their reviews.

    • yeah i never really paid much attention to their view on entertainment. Radio 3 is good for the most part, but I’ve never read any of their reviews or anything.

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