QFT: Tyria.eu and Maps

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Ohh ohh can I go there!?

With every big announcement about Guild Wars 2 comes a torrent of interviews. I usually try to pick out interesting quotes and provide commentary. In this case, nothing new has been announced, yet, but there is a new interview with Content Designer Leah Rivera. Check it out here.

It is mostly about maps, exploring, terrain, that sort of thing. I wouldn’t say it’s chalk full of new information but it does sort of help give a feel for size and exploration.

Will territories be explorable? Will players be able to go beyond mountains and seas or is there an invisible border somewhere?

Each map, individually, is completely open to exploration. Players will be able to scale mountains, climb trees, swim across the seas, and delve into the deepest dungeons within a given territory. However, the map can’t go on forever, so we do have to have borders. Our map artists are absolute wizards about this and disguise the borders so well that they feel natural; even my explorer soul is satisfied!

I don’t know why the hardcore nerd types are obsessed with open worlds and invisible walls, it’s sort of a given that you can’t make a game as big as the earth. People should keep that in mind the next time they whine they can’t go somewhere. Don’t get me wrong, open worlds are awesome, I enjoy them. Some gamers just act like a game that doesn’t appeal to them specifically, and isn’t designed the way they’d design a game, or isn’t the game they thought it was, is deliberately trying to offend them. Oh and their **** don’t stink.

As for the above quote in question when they say “scale mountains, climb trees” I’m not picturing lumberjack equipment and pick axes. The giant nerds (of which I am one, there is no doubt) out there though sometimes do.

Are there going to be some secret places or hidden scenic attractions? Maybe some secret party going on somewhere?

Yes! There are all sorts of nooks and crannies to discover. We’ve got tree forts, pretty little forest glades, underwater caves, bears ambushing picnickers

Doesn’t it sort of spoil the surprise if #1 you ask about whether or not there are surprises, and #2 they tell you about them. That said: TREE FORTS!!!

A question about how long it takes to cross a map.

I tried it out for you guys on my current map and, being in a familiar setting, running straight across, at the upper level range and only fighting what I couldn’t avoid, I made it across the map in about 15 minutes.

Very similar to what we heard in the PAX build-a-zone panel.

Anyway it’s a pretty short interview but as people are hungry for anything, I figured this would do until (hopefully) tomorrow.


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