The Best Starship There Is

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Reach for the sky

There is no denying that with the Smuggler Gunslinger, Star Wars: The Old Republic is trying to create a cowboy feel. An outlaw in the Outer Rim, far from civilized society. They use cowboy themes like the word gunslinger itself, and phrases like “the fastest draw in the Outer Rim.”

I’ve chosen to go with gunslinger for my specialization, but it’s less about cowboys for me than the lawlessness. I like the seedy underbelly of society. The steely confidence and casual swagger of professional criminals. It’s a genre itself and doesn’t need the boost of the ‘cowboys’ cache, that’s just a bonus.

Please, no space cowboy jokes.

I like the way they dress too. I don’t want to be dressed up in robes or gothed up armour. Give me some flexible, wearable, clothing.

Now if I want to become a smuggler, its probably because of Han Solo, there is no denying that. We’ll never get away from it.

With that in mind they’ve managed to stick everybody with a vaguely YT-1300ish ship called the XS Stock Light. I personally could have used a cooler name, but for me, judging from the video tour, it’s different enough to not be the Ebon Hawk or the Millennium Falcon. Seriously though, “Fury”, “Defender”, and “XS Stock Light Freighter”? What the hell. Doesn’t matter though. I just call it The Best Starship There Is.

Along with that, you’ve got yourself a wookie. Many people are probably happy with this, I’m probably not. Thankfully there are bound to be other companions I can use, some visible in the video. I’ll be looking forward to the Jedi Knight companion instead. Why’s he hanging around a smuggler?

Not to mention a half dozen other updates you might want to check out. Last weeks gameplay video, the latest SWTOR comic, and plenty of other updates.



  1. I think it was their intention to make the scoundrel more like Han Solo, but the gunslinger has sexier threads and employs a style I much more prefer, like blasters out and in your face. I’ve heard the smuggler is also capable of some light healing, though I’m not sure which advanced class it’s attributed to. I want to say Scoundrel because I think I read that medicine is associated with them somewhere, but I’m not sure.

    I don’t think I’ll be using my wookiee companion much if I make a smuggler, though those couple seconds I saw in the video of one sending some guy flying with a single punch makes them pretty tempting.

    • good point. did you notice that armour set that resembles han solo? the black vest and white shirt? the more i think about your post the more you seem absolutely right.

      You’re also right about the scoundrel healing, I recently looked at a class breakdown thing about a week ago… if you’re interested (i think the first time i saw it, you had linked it)

      i’m far more weirded out by the wookie stuff. enslaved for 108 years? gladiator? 10k kills? seriously? and he just happens to become your companion and look exactly like chewie.

  2. lol it’s a space cowboy

    • I disapprove.

  3. Hey Hunter, nice post. The smuggler is one of the only reasons I want to play SWTOR. I’ll probably make 4 characters if I get the game. 2 Smugglers, one of each advanced class, and 2 Bounty Hunters, one of each advanced class.

    I’ll probably make them all human, as at the moment, I think the humans look the best. Although, SWTOR will never beat GW2 for me.

    • all 4 subclasses? jeez dude. sure you’re not going to check out imperial spy or one of the force classes? a lot of classes look very cool to me.

      • I’m not actually sure what I’m gonna do. At the moment I’m sick and can’t really enjoy many games atm, so I’m confused with future games too. All i know is that smuggler will probably be my main class. I’ll probably try out the other 3 gunner classes, and maybe I’ll be a jedi. But meh, atm lightsaber’s don’t really appeal to me.

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