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Oh Hai demorep! I enjoy playing with real people like yourself

I just thought I’d throw up a few more details from an interview at Most of the information is previously known, but there are some slight things I wanted to take note of.

GON: What kind of symbology will you use to see what our friends are up to from the mobile device? Can we tell how badly our team is getting beaten by a boss, or vice versa?

ArenaNet: The current interactive world map indicates whether players are in combat and uses color to indicate the relative health of the players. Once engaged, we will display enemies and their relative level of health using color and icons as well. However, we won’t reveal enemies until the player or team engages them as that would spoil the fun!

I won’t get into a Willem DaFoe rant about the precise definition of symbology, but this was the first mention of combat I’ve noticed when speaking of apps. I’m not sure how not being able to see nearby mobs “spoils the fun”, it’s probably just their PR excuse for a technical issue that makes it prohibitive to provide that information.

GON: Can I choose to use my iPad while playing GW2 on my PC, perhaps as an external map?

ArenaNet: Of course! It’s one of the many ways the Guild Wars 2 Extended Experience can enhance your gameplay. Lots of MMO players already use a second monitor while they’re playing to display static maps, so why not use your iPad instead and get real-time updates as well?

I’m not sure if this is new or not, but it hadn’t really occurred to me. Or maybe it had, my memory is terrible. In any case, how lazy do you have to be to have your Ipad sitting beside you with the map open while you play on your PC?

GON: You’ve mentioned the ability to drop a ping for your in-game friends to see – any other zany ideas for the mobile user to interact other than pings and chat?

ArenaNet: Absolutely! What we’ve shown so far is just a very small amount of what we plan to provide the Guild Wars 2 players. The interactive world map will allow mobile users to tap on an in-game player and bring up the Hero Viewer to examine their equipment, determine where they received the equipment, check the player’s stats and achievements, etc. Another idea we have is to allow mobile users to trade with a person in-game

Obviously they’ve mentioned privacy functions and I assume those will protect people from random people checking out your junk, but trading with a person from your smart phone. That’s interesting. Your new number one resource for gold sellers? Undoubtedly.

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