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They who neither hesitate nor stumble shall be rewarded.

Guild Wars Pilgrims are essentially people who have never played Guild Wars, or did so only briefly. They’ve seen the videos of Guild Wars 2, they’ve watched the demo, and read the blog posts and naturally have become excited about it. With that excitement comes curiosity, and the will to dive into, or back into, Tyria. Their interest is based on enthusiasm and hope for the future game.

It’s the antithesis of the World of Warcraft Tourist.

Guild Wars Pilgrims are not alone in their sudden interest. Before Arenanet started to release information about Guild Wars 2, the Guild Wars servers were dead. To a point they still are, but they’re much busier than they were during most of 2008 and 2009. Seeing the hype surrounding GW2 has brought in a lot of returning players. With GW’s unique payment model, I suppose that is no surprise. Even I have been playing a lot more.

Let’s also note that Guild Wars is a deal at this point. It stands up to the test of time for the most part (does anyone else think GW is starting just now to feel dated?) and is often sold at discount prices.

The Hall of Monuments also draws interest. Set up early on to deliver achievements into Guild Wars 2, many did not feel motivated to work on those achievements while rewards remained unknown. With notice of those rewards being revealed in the coming months, even Arenanet developers have mentioned beginning to work on them.

Guild Wars has always supported coming and going. With no subscription and permanent access, many players from the beginning have been interlopers. I consistently read blog posts from people like Syp that start with “I never really got into Guild Wars, but…” and they’ve only become more common. I see blogger friends struggle to find just that particular profession or style of play that would make Guild Wars a game they want to play. I suppose the game isn’t for everyone.

Welcome Guild Wars Pilgrims. You are late to the game but you are appreciated. I find myself sharing much in common with you even if you find you can not appreciate Guild Wars on the same level I do. If you do end up loving the game, then all the better. We will venture forth into the future together.

That got really lame at the end there, didn’t it?



  1. Interesting point. Guild Wars 2 is making people return to Guild Wars.

    It’s been busy around here with school, work and random errands so I haven’t had a chance (or the gumption) to get back into Guild Wars. My Hall of Monuments probably has cob webs every where lol.

    It’s just when I get into the game, it seems like work to do the things I want to do. I’m more of a PvP player so PvE stuff seems tedious and, well, a grind.

    I guess what I’m trying to say is, ArenaNet needs to be more open with what we, the players, get for filling up our Hall of Monuments.

    • they’ve said they’ll be telling us before the end of the year, but i do agree with you. we should probably have known what that stuff was all about for a while now. unfortunately they probably haven’t finalized some of that stuff.

      i just wish it was more of a priority to them, as its a priority to those of us still playing gw

  2. Yea I mean it was only a few months ago that ANet started pumping out the info on GW2 and dropping the War in Kryta storyline. Up to that point I was still playing WoW heavily and for most people who are fans of the GW ip, as well as casual observers saw the sequel as nothing more than vaporware. Even I thought that I was starting to lose hope but here we are.

    • I did notice a few people start to talk about vaporware at the beginning of the year, but those people were just chicken littles anyway.

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