Karma Hearts Should Be Red

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I sent an email to the Relics of Orr Podcast (episode 15) to see if anyone agreed with me that hearts should generally be coloured red. They didn’t seem to grasp what the hell I was talking about which I suppose requires some explanation.

First the email.

Dear Sirs and Madams.

I would like to address an upcoming feature of Guild Wars 2 that causes me grievous worry.

When studiously examining moving pictures of the demonstration, I observed various Karma Heart icons visible on the map of Her Majesty’s Queensdale.
They are a tan-brown with black interiors, and fill with the same tan-brown once you fortuitously gain Karma by completing the event.

I think we should request, nay, DEMAND that Arenanet fix these ugly, misbegotten, poorly thought out icons.
It is a long accepted fact that a heart has been portrayed with red and pink colours.
Would not favourable Karma be truly reflected by the colour of love and St. Valentine’s Day teddy bears?
If you pluck a man’s heart from his chest? Does it not bleed red?

I await your discussion and approval of my thoughts and a subsequent popular revolution spurred on by your honorable podcast.

With Regards, Hunter.

I was counting on a favourable British accent to read the email, and was rewarded.

Note several empty hearts and one full one.

Ravious at Kill Ten Rats has a post about the hearts. He notes what they commented in the GDC Dynamic Events presentation.

They said that the hearts on the map were basically for the completionists suffering under these virtually uncompletable systems. It was true that doing all the events in the area would be an incredible task, but by doing some events and tasks in the area, a player’s heart for that event hub would begin to be filled. Basically, the filled heart meter would let a completionist know “you done good; time to move on.” It was at least something to complete.

When you first venture out into Queensdale there is a Scout. If you talk to him he opens your map, circles the hearts as potential places for you to visit, and sends you on your way.

For instance, one of the hearts in question is over a farm. The associated events seem to be: worms have overrun the fields, bandits attacking the farm, bails of hay on fire, water the plants, or feed the cows. As far as I saw.

I imagine it works as each time you complete an objective the heart on the map fills slightly. Now whether each event has a representative heart (doubtful) or whether those hearts are connected to Karma Vendors (possible) I don’t know.

Please don’t make me explain Karma Vendors. Does anyone read my blog? Seriously. Completing events rewards 3 things. Karma, gold, and experience. Karma can be used as a currency for some goods. Arenanet has also mentioned (unless I dreamed this because I can’t find the source) that the Golem in the Manifesto video that the asura jumps out of is some kind of Karma reward.

Preambles are fun. My opinion is that if you’re going to have a heart, it should be red damn it. Am I in kindergarten? Do I need a gold star? Or am I in a bloody, action packed, thrill ride that is going to shake me to my very core, plus pink fuzzy hearts for girl players? I demand the best! Not some cheap scuzzy brown looking heart!

That is essentially what I’m getting at. Plus I think the hearts that floated around the cows after they get fed were cute as hell.



  1. I wholeheartedly agree, sir! It should be red!

    Also, you are correct in saying the Golem is a karma reward. I, too, forget what the source is, but it’s not you, so it is therefore independently verifiable. I’m a journalist, trust me 😀

    • yes!

      also, good to know i’m not crazy.

  2. The last time I saw a brown heart, it was after I cooked it, and before I ate it.

    Red hearts FTW!

    • i agree. Brown Hearts are fail.

  3. I think it should be stars instead of hearts

    just sayin

    • stars don’t even make any sense. you’re crazy.

      • some people say arenanet is crazy

        I say innovative

  4. i did think it was odd for it to be yellow/gold

    but when i think of karma, i don’t think of a heart.. trying to think of what symbol would better represent it..

    • I’m fine with a heart. It gets the point across in and I don’t see a more universally appropriate symbol.

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