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In game sylvari

Birch The Necromancer

Tigerfeet posted a bit of her art last week and it got me thinking about fan art. Her “Birch” is obviously based on a birch bark tree, which I found kind of clever. The necromantic minion in her arms however, was less than appealing. I guess necromancers are like that. Is it coincidence her hair reminds me of dying tall grass? I don’t know.

Already there is an upswing in Guild Wars 2 art, on the guru forums, at deviantart, and I’m sure on every blog, website, or forum to be found. There is probably too much of it to show in one post. Yet when Mogsy posted her recent piece of fan art I was inspired to post fan art devoted to a theme. Specifically sylvari.

Her piece is of course a sylvari. Judging by the response I got with my recent poll of the popularity of races, it should be no surprise an acquaintance emailed her to ask her for a rendition of one.

Petal head

Out of 38 votes, one third are for sylvari.

Mogsy on her inspiration. “I was munching on some seedless grapes the other day, and was suddenly inspired by a fleeting image in my head of a girl with hair adorned with grapevines and leaves.” I think its fair to say there’s a tiny bit of elvish inspiration there too not to mention considering how much she plays Star Trek Online, maybe some Vulcan. All this from someone who never really played Guild Wars up until recently. We’ll make her a die hard fan yet. Maybe.


I also ran into this piece in multiple places. Greyfox on the guru2 forums and on deviantart truly has some talent for drawing and painting. He doesn’t have a lot to say about it that I’ve seen, other than the title and that its a human vs a sylvari.

There are a few other examples of fan art which I will let those interested seek out for themselves. I didn’t want to start including some and leaving out others so I’ll stick to my personal favourites for now. Check out this sub-forum at GuildWars2Guru and the old search function at deviantart for more.



  1. I have a sneaking suspicion that what the guy who wrote to me requesting that drawing just wanted was a drawing of a beautiful woman, and being a fan of guild wars was only an excuse! He could have commissioned a human female of course, but I’m guessing the sylvari’s exoticism was a big draw. Exotic can definitely be sexy! They’re definitely one of the more striking races, yet retaining enough humanoid features to be considered universally attractive.

    • who is this masked man? anonymous patron aside, sylvari really do strike me as gw2’s version of cute as hell.

      • It was a friend of another contact I met at some fan convention a ways back. Anyway, speaking of cute as hell, how about your blog header? Er, forgive my noobness but that IS an asura right? I didn’t realize they could be so cute, some of the other images I’ve seen make them look like E.T. with long ears crossed with a fish.

        • yeah thats an asura and I’ve seen at least one in game asura that looks exactly like that, but for the most part i haven’t seen a whole lot of in game models, and about half of them are… not cute.

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