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September 20, 2010 at 9:36 pm | Posted in Guild Wars, mmorpg | 12 Comments
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I debated using the whole QFT template I use for Guild Wars 2 interviews on Ravious’ interview with Guild Wars Live Team member John Stumme. In the end I want those to be more easily searched for reference purposes. So yeah. Different format! Hooray!

Interesting things I learned from the interview.

– The names and general job descriptions of everyone on the team. Now I can stalk at my own leisure. Muwahahahaha.
– Gwen and Kieran will be bridging the War in Kryta content into the…War in Cantha content. For lack of a better term.
– New Hero (possible all professions hero ah la original intent of Razah? Probably just Kieran)
– Costume Brawl updated
– Guild Wars Beyond Cantha storyline may have Guild Wars 2 connections
– Bahltek? Why didn’t you just ask about the undersea dragon Ravious, or PvP in GW2.
– Possible new costumes for Halloween? Or was he referring to the costume brawl?
– That whole 7 heroes in a group thing sounds like its got a big caveat involved.

And that’s the name of that tune.



  1. Yay, new hero! I wonder which it’ll be. We have room for another assassin, mesmer, ritualist, and paragon.

    • If its in cantha its probably a factions hero, but there are no guarantees. I just hope they do something interesting with it.

      • Good point. Prolly not a paragon then.

  2. I’m always a bit mixed on 7 heroes. On the one hand it would make many things too easy. But it also gets really annoying on certain things when the henchmen screw up or are so weak they die right away. Certainly I think it should be limited to hard mode or perhaps have a lessened drop rate if used in normal.

    Funny thing is I actually did a good portion of Prophecies with just henchmen and going back to those missions with heroes I’m actually having problems sometimes. Perhaps they improved some of the monsters on them enough to mess me up.

    • Things are already pretty easy for the most part, i mean with 3 types of various professions available you can make a fair number of gimmick builds.

      I dont’ think making things harder by forcing you to use crappy AI henchmen is really fair anyway. If something is hard it should be based on something more than that shouldn’t it?

      • Ah, I don’t use gimmick builds. The game probably would be a bit easier for me if I looked some up and got the skills for them I guess. But I enjoy putting together new builds as I (slowly) capture elite skills in my wandering around the GW world.

        One thing I would like about 7 heroes is seeing more of my collected weapons/offhands. I give each hero nice stuff not only to improve their abilities but just because I like seeing them.

        • i do the same for the most part, but its usually a storage issue for me. heroes make nice mules for all my greens.

  3. If there’s one thing that GW2 will improve in Cantha, it’s the ability to jump down, AND up.

    • or you know. just jump. hard to say how much of cantha we’ll see in gw2 at this point though.

  4. “Bahltek? Why didn’t you just ask about the undersea dragon Ravious, or PvP in GW2”

    Well, I have pummeled ANet about the DSD. 😀

    But, I actually asked it because it was Linsey’s secret, and there was a snowball’s-chance-in-hell that John would give some little hint. It was a fun question to ask, and it was hopefully fun for John to answer.

    • I hope that comment came across the way I wanted it to, light hearted and with some foreknowledge that any of those questions won’t get you an answer.

      It was a fine question just out of left field. i haven’t thought about that guy in years.

      • Ha! Yeah, no worries. 🙂

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