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Anybody that follows my blog knows I’m a big Guild Wars fan, but they also know I’ll probably be playing Star Wars: The Old Republic when it comes out as well. I’m a big Star Wars fan and it’s just not something I can ignore.

I’ve become somewhat accustomed to posting about it on Fridays as well, since Bioware releases Fan Friday updates each Friday. Sometimes its just a comic book, or some other update that doesn’t interest me but this week it definitely got my attention.

First, yesterday, the Smuggler video was released. This is the reason I want to play Smuggler.

Great video dissection done at Darth Hater.

I can understand why other people might want to play Bounty Hunter or a Jedi, but it’s amazing how enticing Bioware is making the non-Jedi classes. Check out this article on which classes take on which role, tank, dps, or heals.

That wasn’t all though, they released another Developer Dispatch. These dispatches remind me a lot of the GW2 manifesto video except Bioware releases them pretty often. I’d love to see inside Arenanets digs the way Bioware lets us see their (Austin?) studio. This one is called Designing The Light Side.

Plenty of awesome visuals to take in with that video, not to mention some Jedi will apparently be getting stealth, had not seen that coming.

One of my favourite TOR sites, Darth Hater also put up a post called “PAX: General Information Learned“. I think if you know just the basics about TOR that’s a good enough place to start learning about some of the more minor details in the game.

I always hear people criticize SWTOR for a few things that in my opinion are insane. People think that it’s going to be a bad game because they don’t want a story in their MMO. People think because there is a story, it’s not about the players and other players are why they play MMOs. People think its copying World of Warcraft.

Has anyone out there played a bad Bioware game? If not, let’s give them the benefit of the doubt. I haven’t seen anything worthy of criticism yet. Peoples bad vibes toward the game seem more based on preconceptions of what they think a game should be like rather than what Bioware’s game is like.

I’m naming my ship “The Best Starship There Is”.



  1. I agree that condemning SWTOR because it has ‘story’ is ridiculous. For me, these days the game actually has to have “substance” or leveling is just a monotony of ‘kill this’ and ‘kill that’.

    Though, personally, I sorta fell off the SWTOR bandwagon when I started to see more gameplay footage. The graphics aren’t particularly pleasing to my eye (and unfortunately, that is a pretty big deal to me), the combat doesn’t seem smooth (albeit, this could be a “yet”), and the revelation of the trinity made me sigh because, yay, guess that means I’m gonna be talked into playing a healer yet again. There’s also little to no info about PvP, which kinda disheartens me. I enjoy PvE, but it won’t keep me around long-term.

    That isn’t to say these are things I won’t adapt to or that will be soothed by BW releasing more info, but in the end, I am a one MMO kinda gal. At this point, GW2 looks *so* much more promising. I will probably pick up SWTOR eventually, but only a few months after release, when I’ve got friends who can guarantee me I won’t be wasting my time or money.

    I really, really hope it’s a great game– I’m just not putting my eggs in that basket ’til I’m sure they won’t get smooshed.

    • For me the graphics are fitting and acceptable. They don’t jump out like gw2s but I don’t think they’re bad either.

      In fact I like a few things about the graphics, like how in that dispatch they talk about lightsabers meeting in battle instead of floating through everything.

      Personally whenever i hear someone talk about not wanting to play a class that they will be talked into i want to say to them “stand up for yourself, play what you want to play!” but it never seems to work. That said here’s what you do. Pick out a class or subclass early, that does absolutely no healing and play that.

      • Graphics come down to personal preference; in fact, there’s even some things about GW2’s graphics I don’t like, that are reminiscent of Aion. Conversely, like you mentioned, some things about graphics in SWTOR are cool, like lightsabers meeting, throwing sparks… But overall, it’s too “stylized” for me. I suppose after staring so long at WAR’s graphics (which aren’t even *that* great), I can’t go to something that feels dated. In the end– personal preference. 😉

        Playing the class/archetype is always easier said then done. I have no problem standing up and saying, “I’m playing a tank, end of story!”; I have a problem not being able to do instances with my friends because ‘We need another healer, not another tank’. It’s a process I’m ready to be liberated from, now that I know there’s actually a game out there that’s willing to try to do it.

        I think, the reason I’m underwhelmed with SWTOR is just that it’s exactly what I was expected — and I wanted to be surprised. And, I hope I am! I hope the game knocks my socks off. I’m just preferring to remain skeptical, so I don’t get over-excited and get my hopes dashed, like I was with WAR, which promised so much, but delivered so little. Only time will tell, now.

  2. The Stealth for the Jedi Consular was a nice surprise for me too. I wonder if it’s going to take special camouflage devices to do it, which is the way they worked in KOTOR I think?

    And I agree, people who think SWTOR will be like WoW or are expecting something completely different from what we’ve already seen from Bioware games need to be more informed…or get real. I think you said it best once…if you like Bioware games, you’ll probably like SWTOR. If not, you probably won’t.

    • yeah i think i remember belts adding points to stealth or something, but I don’t remember them ever doing much good.

      Course the mandos in kotor2 had those predator invisibility armour.

  3. I won’t be playing SWTOR because:

    1. I play too many games as it is 🙂

    2. Just bought Knights of the Old Republic 1 for $2.50 on Steam (and also recently started Mass Effect 1 — yeah, I’m years behind the rest of you)

    3. Pretty much am done with subscription games. Aion is my only sub game now and will likely stay that way.

    • oh you will. You will. Once you play kotor you’ll want to play kotor 2, and then you’ll want to play TOR. You will.

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