I Got Hacked

September 17, 2010 at 8:17 pm | Posted in Guild Wars, mmorpg | 11 Comments
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Me no likey

Or at least I think I did.

It started on the weekend. I logged in to Gmail and noticed that they have added a new feature. It’s a red banner warning across your inbox stating “Someone has recently logged into your account from China!” Or something to that effect.

Now I’ve never been to China. Seems like a nice place, except for the communist regime, suppression of freedom and occupation of Tibet and all that. It struck me as odd that someone would be able to log into my gmail account, or would want to log into my gmail account.

How they got my incredibly complex 6 letter password is beyond me, but, I immediately changed my password. I then shrugged it all off.

Tuesday came around and at about 11:30pm local time I received a message saying someone had reset my password to my Guild Wars account. I noticed this email about an hour later. It even gave me an IP address, being situated in Washington D.C., so I loaded Guild Wars and sure enough. No dice.

I immediately fired off an incident report to NCSoft, hit the reset password option, and went off to NCSoft master account system. I couldn’t remember my login details at all. Eventually I tracked down the details, logged in, changed the NCSoft pass, changed the Guild Wars pass, and logged into Guild Wars.

Nothing was missing. I even ended up talking to some guildies really quick about what had happened.

I’m not really sure what the gameplan was here. I think they figured I used the same password for GW as Gmail, I don’t. When that didn’t work they reset the password and went to log into my Gmail, but I had changed the password. It’s pretty unlikely they could get by the new security feature Arenanet has added anyway, where they require a character name to log in. I’m not sure I mention it anywhere.

I of course updated my ticket with the above information about changing passwords, and how I found nothing missing.

On Wednesday I tried to log into Guild Wars again, just to see if anything was up and got this.

Your Guild Wars account has been blocked for an account issue. Please contact Support for information. (Code=045)


Thursday, same thing, no update.

Friday they send me an email asking for my details, and get this, my retail access keys. From 5 years ago. Because I’ve still got those right?

It isn’t enough to just check the IP address? How long would that take? You’ve obviously got a system in place that notices these things.

So I’m probably not going to get to participate in the Talk Like A Pirate Day activities, which sort of sucks. I’ve never been to it before.

To sum up, here’s a few tips that people can rely on to not get screwed when they get hacked. Don’t use the same pass for your email as your game account. Make sure your pass is long, a good password is around 8 or 9 letters and a couple numbers.

I just wish I knew what made me a target. I ran spybot S&D. I don’t typically get fooled by phishing emails.

So yeah. Good news, bad news, I guess.


  1. So sorry to hear that your account got hacked. I hope this all works out for you somehow. 😦

    • just a matter of time. nothing was missing and my only worry is about what they looked at while they were in my gmail.

  2. That’s really scary…I hope things get sorted out for you soon.

    Sometimes these things happen. I thought I was doing everything to avoid compromising my online security as well, but earlier this year my email got hacked too. It was a hotmail account I hadn’t used in almost 10 years, but still, that made it even more weird that anyone would bother to hack it at all. I think it was just a brute force hack job.

    And NCSoft needs a new way of verifying your identity. You’re like the third or fourth person I’ve seen complain about them asking for a retail access key that’s been long since lost.

    • The retail key thing is ridiculous. I suppose most games have credit card info they can check, but going back 5 years for something like a retail key? nuts.

  3. I also just reset all my password a few day ago.
    i got around 60 mal-ware/trojan detected and for some reason “Deletion Failed” on most of them.
    So i change my Anti-virus program.

    After scan through all drive, i change all of my password.

    i think my computer got infected because 1 time i play GW and got lagging from (i blame) windows automatic updates, so i disable it (and forgot to enable it later lol)

    got to be careful from now on

    • its probably a good idea to change passwords regularly, but as long as every website requires a different login and information its just not going to be possible.

  4. What I’d really like to see added to all MMOs is a character lock feature. Each character should have an option to be locked so it can’t be deleted, probably with a separate secondary password for each character. Personally, I’d even accept a permanent lock, as I have no intention of ever deleting my GW characters, as well as a mini-pet permanent lock. They should have done that with the HoM; anything you put in there would always be available for the rest of the game’s life. No selling dedicated items, just make it permanent storage. Or maybe add an option to put your mini-pets in the Zaishen Menagerie. 🙂

    The Korean version of Aion apparently just got a secondary password, so hopefully that will be added to the NA/EU Aion version soon. I’d really like to see a secondary password added to GW1 ASAP. You can never have enough layers of protection for your online characters, IMO.

    If the companies weren’t so stingy on inventory/storage space, they could easily add a permanent lock for armor, weapons and other goodies, so those could never be deleted.

    • it seems like theres a lot of things they could do to block hacking, and insure security but they never do it.

      require lengthy passwords, record IPs, block china. secruity questions.

      seems like something that should be concentrated on considering the amount of fraud.

      • When I added my GW account to a NCSoft account (to get the free pane of storage) I actually had to use a shorter password, as NCSoft accounts were less secure than what ArenaNet was using. How incredibly stupid is that? Very!

  5. ugh sorry to hear

    i tried to reinstall gw1 on my pc the other week since i’m getting excited for gw2, and the password reset didn’t work; they sent me an email, copy and pasted and didn’t work =(

    • yeah I hope they take into account these issues with gw2.

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