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September 17, 2010 at 7:25 pm | Posted in Guild Wars 2, mmorpg | 7 Comments
Tags: , , , has 3 videos from PAX up at their site. I’m not really a big fan of GameTrailers for a few reasons, like having to redownload a video when I want to replay it. Annoying. Or how about not being able to move to where you want in the video. Argh.

2 of those videos aren’t really anything new. The human demo walkthrough, and the charr demo walkthrough. They’re high quality though and don’t have the blaring sounds of convention chatter in the background. They’re both relatively short.

The third video is more about the App that will allow you to use the auction house, chat with friends, check in on the guild and whatever else they can think of. It’s an interview with Eric (sigh) Flannum.

The only big news in the interview is that they seem to want to integrate Guild Wars 1 into the functionality for it. Interesting.

Via GW2Guru Forums

There's an app for that



  1. the human demo was….yay to say the least

    • yeah i’ve been pretty impressed with most demo videos.

      • I just can’t wait until arenanet releases their own demo videos (and even more so playable Norn)

        • I’m not so sure they’re going to. I think they want to keep people away from the actual product as long as possible to keep people curious.

          • viable marketing strategy is viable

            arenanet is well known for beign good to it’s players though so

            we’ll see

  2. ill want to get an android phone when it comes out 😉

    • its available for pc too. so its not necessary

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