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I’ve been asked a couple times over the past few days what race and profession I’ll be playing in Guild Wars 2. I’m not sure what the rush is but I figured I’d post.

To be honest I haven’t decided on a profession, I want to see them all before I make a decision. If I had to decide right now, it’d be either warrior or ranger. I’ve played elementalist a lot, and am in no hurry to return to the class. Warrior seems to have some pretty cool features, and ranger (although I’ve criticized where they’re taking it) is a natural fit for me.

Race is pretty hard to figure out too. We’ve seen so little of races other than human or charr. All we really know is the lore.

On an emotional level (am I really going to describe this on an emotional level? I guess so) I’ve got varying opinions.

Good thing you've got 9 lives. You're going to need em.

I’m not really a fan of the furballs. Perhaps that’s a reflection of real life where I find cats annoying (they’re always wiping their snot on me) but also because they did wipe out ascalon, where I’m from you bastards! Every time I see charr in art or screen shots they seem loud, dirty, violent, with stuff burning everywhere. On the other hand, their atheism is appealing. Kudos to Arenanet for not being afraid of the random christian group which will certainly be protesting them next year. Steam punk is kind of awesome too. Plus their capital is the Death Star man. The Death Star. Laser cats.

Ugh, I hate humans

I feel like I’ve played humans forever, I can’t think of a more boring choice. Again on the other hand, they do have the 6 gods, and whichever race I play I feel like I’ll be worshipping them, not the Eternal Alchemy or Bear Spirit. They’ve also got the one storyline I think everyone is most heavily invested in. The underdog champions who’ve been on the ropes for years, and now, they’re on the comeback trail. Even up to the point where you enter Divinity’s Reach and the horns start to play. You run up to the statue of Dwayna, and thrust your fists into the air. Althea!!!!! ALTHEA!!!

Bear's Buttocks these guys are buffoons

Norn strike me as goofball oafs. I had that idea long before Gullik came along but damn if he didn’t reinforce it. I’ve got no love for people as big as mountains. Football playing roid raging jerks is what they are. I consider myself modest, humble, intelligent, funny, and one hell of an amazing person, so obviously I wouldn’t fit in with norn. Also, I may live in Canada but I hate the cold. Norn just seem like the type of character a very shallow person would pick (IMO please don’t take this personally) in that they want this buff, tall, handsome, tough, adonis of a character so they pick norn. Or they want this leggy, busty, long haired, gorgeous, sex object so they pick norn. That’s not really me.

I just can't stop saying Large Hydra Collider

Asura are sarcastic, witty, full of themselves, incredibly smart, and it would be fun to role play a smart ass since I accidentally ‘role play’ one anyway. Their hair looks kind of awful from what I’ve seen so far but at least it looks like you can hide your hair with terribly awkward looking armour (like when one jumps out of a golem) in some cases. I am drawn to them though, the idea of playing this tiny ass asuran warrior going toe to toe with a norn ice zombie creature seems wicked. The size differential alone intrigues me. Such big eyes too, and I think one of the more original races in Guild Wars. Their underground origins are also intriguing.

Make like a tree and get the EFF outta here!

Sylvari are probably the race I’m drawn to most. I’m not usually an elf person, and lets face it sylvari are elves, but they are the most interesting to me. I mean they’re plant people. Honest to god plant beings. Elves tend to have an affinity with nature and I could go a life time without hearing about the trees they’re protecting but still. Plant folk. Petal-heads. Their aesthetics are great, especially skin tone, and hair. I again like their short stature but I think one of the things I like most is that they’re born in seasons. A summer, fall, winter, or spring sylvari. The Pale Tree, the Nightmare Goth Court, the cutesy elf stuff I can do without. As much as I don’t identify with the naive nature behind the lore for sylvari (their whole race is 25 years old) I don’t see myself playing a sylvari anywhere close to naive. Killeen was pretty cool too.

A grizzled, experienced, autumn or winter sylvari male is my most likely candidate for my character at this point.

I’ll probably do another similar post on professions when the last one is released but feel free to speak up in the comments. Oh and lets keep this to discussions of our main character, obviously we’ll all most likely be playing many of the races.

What race do you guys want to play?



  1. I’ll be playing Charr, I think. Agreed that humans are dull. Norn are overgrown humans, but probably my 2nd choice. I can’t stand Felicia Day so if she’s the voice for female asura I’m out, and Sylavri will attract all the attention whores that I can’t be around too much lest I go crazy and blow up a lake.

    Charr are more popular than I thought, though, but I guess it’s cause they’re the only non-humanoid (in the physical sense) of the races, thus the most unique. They also have the bad-ass quality that lots of “Horde”-ish players like so they will have a large following.

    • yes, norn are overgrown humans, i should have put that in the post. i’ve said as much i think.

      its funny you say charr are more popular than you thought, the big impression people seem to be giving me is that sylvari are far more popular than I had thought. its the one thing i don’t like about sylvari, its going to attrack all the elf freaks.

      as for felicia day. I dont’ really like 80% of the guild, but I like half of what felicia day does in it. however, Dr. Horrible is freaking amazing, do you really not like it?

      • I don’t dislike it, I’m just very cynical. I think I dislike her fans more than her. She’s just so hyped up and worshiped by everybody when really, she’s pretty average all around, at least to me. So I’m just being snarky, lol.

        You’re right, the Sylvari are a lot more popular than I thought. Even though I predicted they’d be #1 for a while, but they are attracting a demographic that I wasn’t expecting, I think.

        It’ll be interesting to see what ends up happening once it’s released. I hope GW2 has a pretty conclusive realm / race /profession stats like Aion has on their site. I don’t imagine they wouldn’t!

  2. Well, so far, I’d have to go with human ele (seeing as there is no longer a true monk option). Barring that, charr necro is pretty close on my list of things I want to do, but I might do sylvari, we’ll have to see. We really need those other classes to be revealed T_T

    • at this pace the professions will be fully revealed in 4 months. hang in there.

      I do admit, although humans as a race are boring, the storyline will be played through at some point by me. but i’m hoping to play a race that has less focus on it during the marketing.

  3. I’ll post this for the sake of posting but you and Tig already know what I’m gunning for, Sylvari/class with pistols/other kinds of guns. =P

    • well thank you for the post, i appreicate them. they are like my precious.

      why sylvari anyway, any reasoning behind it?

  4. I’m SO offended!!! lol j/k
    When I think of the norn (granted i haven’t read up on them as much as you probably), i think of a tough, rugged people, that live by their means (not in decadence), enjoy the cold weather, tend to be wise and have reverence for the animals. Heh. My norn will be a runt and about the same size, if not slightly taller than the normal human 😉

    i never saw that art on the deathstar!! very cool! Probably my alt race!

    • norn are all about personal glory and bragging about their battles. they may have wisdom as any other race but their culture is based around being the biggest and best.

  5. Well, my response is really about my initial pick, as I plan to have several alts and will likely have at least one of every race before too long. I plan for my main to be a Sylvari because, although I initially felt the biggest connection to the humans given their history, after reading Ghosts of Ascalon I thought a Sylvari would make the best representation of my visiting a whole new world that I am only intellectually familiar with.

    Then human for the OMGGW1 history connection, and Charr for running around with my better half who cannot resist rolling the bestial options given the chance :).

    I had Norn in the initial lineup until I read GoA as well. The near-dwarvish drunken oaf bravado and humor put me off of that race a fair bit.

    • Once again sylvari are really surprising me by turning out to be as popular as they are.

      You seem to have everything planned out a bit. beyond an initial race i don’t even have a profession picked out.

  6. When the game is released, I must have a human ranger. I will not be reusing my ranger’s old name for good reasons (GW2 probably doesn’t have kirins). The whole idea that my character has the same name, is a bit silly to me anyways. It’s like that Rocket Robinhood cartoon. Everyone in the cartoon takes the same name as their ancestor (which takes place in a space age future, so a lot of time has passed)

    After I’m “done” with the first character, I’d want one alt for each race.

    • Yeah i won’t be reusing any names either, maybe some variation or something inspired by an old name but nothing exactly the same.

      i can’t believe you mentioned rocket robin hood. You must be canadian.

  7. First character:
    Human Elementalist
    Through up walls of flame and blow people up while i send my two dogs (ON FIRE) to go rip them to shreds?
    yes please

    Norn Warrior
    Sylvari Necromancer (of Winter or Autumn can’t decide)
    Sylvari Ranger

    The 3 unreleased classes? yeah we’ll just have to see what they end up being.

    Honestly though I just can’t see myself playing a charr or asura

    I hate charr with a passion, blame me being a prophecies baby on that.

    As far as asura go, I just can’t take them seriously. To small for my taste. That and the fact most of them are full of themselves makes me all kinds of rage.

    • the concept art for hounds of balthazar do look pretty intense. my thought is they will already be on fire and not need a firewall to be lit.

      you are preaching to the choir on the charr.

      • yeah that why i like the hounds they are already on fire 😀

        can you tell my first character in GW1 was a fire ele?

  8. My first character will very likely be a human Elementalist, just to explore Divinity’s Reach.

    My main will most likely be a Sylvari, Autumn (as that is my favorite time of the year), probably one of the new professions, if I like them. Otherwise, maybe Necromancer or Mesmer. I’m thinking guns might be a real nice change from all the usual bladed stuff from most games.

    Depending on how many character slots they go with will determine what my alts turn out to be, but the Norn are probably at the bottom of my list.

    Gender, probably 50-50 male/female, to have the widest choice of armor styles.

    • yeah divinity’s reach does look amazing, but i’m not ruling out the other race cities will look cool too.

      • from the snipets of short video i’ve seen the sylvari city looks like it has alot of potential.

        then again being a race kind of unique to Tyria there’s alot of potential in sylvari.

  9. When I initially saw the race selection, I was pretty set on Norn. I’ve always loved “animal spirit” types of mythologies, and the fact that they can shapeshift to me was huge. I am a giNORmous shapeshifting fan.

    But… I fell out of love with them after really reading more about them and their total philosophy on life. I will probably make one as an alt, but not for a while. Besides, after playing trolls so long in WoW, I don’t think I could handle playing another large, lumbering race — they just feel like they move sooo slooow.

    So, my official pick? Asura. They don’t seem to be getting a lot of love — while I can kinda see why, I love the idea of small stature, especially for PvP purposes. She’ll be lacking in sex appeal and (as I’ll be playing a warrior) will probably look ridiculous in her armor, but you know what? She’s gonna kick butt.

    I mean, come on; the visual of a tiny little Asura activating Cyclone Axe or flying through the air with Savage Leap… How can you *not* like that? 🙂

    • yeah thats actually one of the things i like about the asura. Its not funny or a joke, which people seem to think is why i like it, its more about how incredible it would be for someone that small to put out that much power.

  10. for now, i think on the Release i would create 1 of each races and play around a bit. (buy more character slots if need)

    the idea of playing every races every professions is tempting and scare me. (i might need 40 character slots, lol)

    but the race that was on my mind, at the first time i heard about GW2, is Sylvari (cuz they said it’s a mysterious and unknown race. so the curiosity kicked in)

    and for the charr, i have mix feeling, maybe it’s because i got traumatize by them, when i first start playing GW as a newbie.

    • i think everyone is going to play every race at some point, so i’m personally on board with making one of each, i just don’t know how long it will take to try the other races.

      however, i will not be buying 40 character slots, that is ambitious. good luck to you.

  11. My main will be a human male necromancer who is a direct descendant of my main in guild wars classic/original/version1.0/the one that comes before the sequel…
    Then whatever the engineer type class will be a human female

    My Male Asura will probably be the pally/templar/seraph/paragon blue armor class
    I plan on having a female Asura ranger who specializes in animals radically larger than herself

    For my sylvari picks probably a Mesmer female and a warrior male

    My norn male will be an assassin type that is less funny and more hardcore Viking since that is just plain awesome.
    My female norn will be some caster class probably elementalist since spell casters tended to be rejected from norn society back in eye of the north

    While a hate charr I plan on picking the charr I hate the most to play in guild wars two therefore whatever class most approximates charr shaman with their stupid healing circle that will be one of my pics and the other will probably be elementalist since charr love themselves some fire

    • They are certainly giving us a lot of time to think these things out. I try not to think about it beyond my main but I don’t criticize you for having something planned out for each race.

      i do like your viking idea.

  12. GW2 is the only MMO that make me think at play human.

    “The underdog champions who’ve been on the ropes for years, and now, they’re on the comeback trail” is attractive.

    Human can be a very good race for play knight or whatever they call the new heavy armor class coming.

    And Hunter, sorry to say it, forget “monk” and “cleric”. The new armored class will not be an armored healer. Monks were healers at GW, but there are no healer at GW2.

    Remember, NO healers, so why you are talking about clerics, that at ANY other MMO or RPG are healers?

    And the new armored class is not a religious one because all class are played by all races… and the charr are atheist. I cannot see the charr playing a religious “cleric” or an “armored monk”, because they have NO religion. The charr have No gods, so they cannot play a “cleric”.

    We problably will see a “knight” class (or whatever name they want give? crusader? but they use crusader as a rank for the Vigil, so problably is not crusader), possibly with “moral” abilities, but not abilities coming from the favour of the gods.

    However, with relation to “shaman”, I read at GoA that the charr mantained the shaman after the legions take control because thye can use their magic powers without the false gods.

    • Yes i’m aware there is no dedicated healer, but there is a buffing class they’ve said, so I refer to the new class as a “monk” or cleric for lack of a better name. clerics are heavy armoured melee magic users in d&d. yes they heal, but I don’t see a problem with calling them clerics, since thats what they seem to be styled after.

  13. I utterly dislike the norn, I find them annoying, obnoxious big mouths:
    “Norn don’t need an army!”
    Dust settles … and who’s dead again?

    Humans are boring in my book. Plus I’ve played them enough in GW1.

    Charr would be okayish I guess, but certainly not good enough for a first char.

    I love elves (usually play them or half-elves when RPGing) therefore Sylvari are up there on my list. Plus it’s the only race I have no experience with yet (we interacted with all the others plus they had a hero) so that would be a great potential first choice.
    The other being the intelligent, smart, cool, sharp-tongued sarcastics. Yas! Strike!

    So it will either be Asura or Sylvari, kinda depending on which profession I want to play first and which race fits better for that.

    • I have much the same reasoning. Although I have to admit, with the sudden realization that sylvari are very popular, I might end up playing another race because I’m starting to get worried the other race areas will be under populated.

      • yeah i’m the same, if there is a super popular race/class, even if i originally had my heart set on it, i’d change my character to one of the less picked classes…

        looks like my norns are safe 😉

      • These are my feelings, as well. If I was dead set on a race/class combo, I likely would stick to my resolve, but at this point I’m so malleable in my pickings that I would ultimately prefer to play the least-played race. It’s no fun to look like everyone else.

      • @Jomu and Dex. I’m sure it’ll be more evenly distributed than we think, this poll and other informal evidence isn’t very scientific but, I share the same concerns.

  14. I was thinking of norns but they are so damn tall. I can’t stand tall races. As for the asurans, I dont play short races. Humans are so boring and generic, I played as humans mostly from past mmogs. I’m not a big fan of chars so that leaves me the sylvari.

    I’m curious of the sylvaris. Can I avoid the whole leaf like appearance during character creation? and are they weak against fire? after all they are plant like. I hope not.

    • they probably won’t be weak against fire since arenanet has a fairly strong stance on not giving advantages or disadvantages to one race over another.

      you may be able to avoid leaf like appearances, but honestly we’ve seen so little of sylvari I can’t say for sure.

      • That’s understandable, I’ve been looking everywhere online for these infos and found nothing yet. It would be awesome to elimiate that wood lines from there stomachs you see from one of the sylvari clips. It’s like looking at spider veins all over their stomachs or something lol.

        • keep in mind you can see most veins in a leaf. more realistic.

          • Well yeah but not all around the body and the head like the sylvari clips. That’s pretty disgusting.

            • Actually I just found out that you can wip out the veins look. If you look carefully at the 5 sylvaris pic. One of the green female one doesn’t have an itch of vein showing so I guess I can remove it. That settles it, I’m one of them not because I’m one of the “elf fans” but I’m into magical beings as so far sylvaris are one of them.

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