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With every big announcement about Guild Wars 2 comes a torrent of interviews. I usually try to pick out interesting quotes and provide commentary. In this case, Giant Fire Breathing Robot has a hands on, but there is a small amount of new information about PvP in the audio interview. Thanks once again to GW2Guru for pointing out something I never would have seen elsewhere.

Now it’s an audio interview with John Peters so I’ll do my best to transcribe the quotes.

Q: Is there going to be any sort of faction warfare or PvP?

A: Yeah there is definitely going to be, we’re not talking a ton about it, but I can tell you two things. There are two types of PvP, the first is a competitive PvP, and that works a lot more like a First Person Shooter. There is a browser, or a list of all the games running. Hey a CTF game, 10 out of 14 players. I’m gonna double click it, bam I’m in. No queues or anything, no grind to get there, when you join that you have all the armour, weapons, everything in the game that you need. You’re max, everyone is max level, it’s just about skill and not about time spent.

Having a menu to scroll down like that is very interesting. Taken right out of FPS competitive gaming. 10 out of 14? Is he using that as an example of more FPS games or is that an actual PvP number in Guild Wars 2. We haven’t heard numbers like that before so it’s a little surprising. Very interesting though. I’m glad it seems like there will be a larger variety of game types as well. Hot joinable too, as they’ve said.

They’ve also said a few times in the past you won’t need to grind and when you PvP you’ll start with everything you need so that’s not really a surprise.

A charr female warrior who is going to suck your blood

Our second half of PvP is we take worlds, our servers, and every week we match one server up with two other servers and for that week those 3 servers have to fight over an area we call the mists which is this world vs world area. There are giant castles that you can run up to, fight, and its like player versus player events. Castles, caravans, imagine a giant boardgame of capture and hold and its always running and persistent and hundreds of players are going there and breaking down walls. And so those are kind of our two PvP things.

Already known but worth repeating I suppose.

Q: Now that area, once the pvp event is over, the server that is victorious…
A: They now hold that for a while, so these three servers are fighting each other, we take the center castle and we now have it, guards for us spawn there, now there’s an event for us that says defend the castle, and an event for enemies that says take it back. As you’re holding these things, the sides are gaining points to see who wins for the week. No matter what every side is trying to gain points to kind of go over these thresholds to give their PvE worlds like bonuses for fighting.

Interesting that he calls it a PvP event.

First time I’ve seen any kind of confirmation that when you win you get bonuses in game of some kind. I’m going to have to assume its very similar to the Favor of the Gods, especially concerning the altar buffs.

Q: I guess that’s one way kind of to sort of have synergy between PvP and PvE. With the other sort of ranked, Capture The Flag type standard system is there any influence on that in the…

A: That is just a competitive PvP type, there is that server browser, and then we we will also run tournaments, where you sign up with a 5 man team and you get bracketed and people play and win tournaments and stuff. but that is just a completely separate game in that sense versus like… this is what you want to do and right when you make a character if you want to at level 1 go into world vs world and go do that you can kill creatures and players there you get experience and get loot you can just play the whole game there you can play the whole game in pve or you never want to level you just want to fight people in these battlegrounds type things. Just like just go over there, max level, play.

First mention of tournaments I’ve seen, although we knew about the 5v5 format. Good to see brackets again. Looks like they’re going for esport.

Q: and so the reward you get in that, stay?

so the rewards you get in that are all you know the rewards we think those people want which is new skins to show off that you’re really good at this, or hey look at this I can show you my statistics, just look at me I win 95% of the games I play. the people that play that type of game that’s the reward we feel those people are more interested in. Not the like, I have to win and be a higher level than you so I can beat you. that’s not what that kind of pvp is about.

I believe they mentioned this already but I completely forgot, skins and aesthetic rewards. We saw the PvE achievements you can compare with your friends list so it shouldn’t be much of a shock to see PvP stats you can compare with friends so everyone can show off their ePeen. That is what MMO PvP is about right?

I wonder how much of Guild Wars' Great Wall is based on the Chinese Great Wall.

About a third of the game I think, especially volume wise is under water.

Decent. Wish we could get a definite idea of this though, there have been various estimates.

i’ll just keep using firewall just to show how a single spell can have that many combos make a firewall, minions run through it, necromancer minions, when they attack, they’ll set the guy on fire.

Fire minion go boom! Is what I would have liked to see. Instead they just light you on fire, which is good too. Just not as good.

Okay so that is that interview. It’s like 20 minutes so if I missed anything I apologize.



  1. So happy they finally release some stuff about PvP.
    The FPS thing looks like somehow interesting and scarry at the same time. First I thought, this is gonna be like RA but with permanent entering and leaving. It could be very prone to sinc joining. On the other hand I now can figure out how PvP might work without proper healing. The heal skill might just work like the healing units lying all around in FPS. It will heal wounds out of combat, but you won’t get away if your opponent is smarter than you and you just respawn/rally.

    • i think the respawn/rally will play a major role, but healing will probably play much less a role at all. I also think it’s great that they’re following a model for their pvp that they already know works.

  2. did anyone say whether there will be an air meter while underwater?

    looking forward to their implementation of pvp.. might write an entry on the idea of having everyone having the same gear/lvl

    • there are various videos of some swimming during gamescom/pax but i dont recall off the top of my head if there is an air meter.

      however, they have said there will be a cheap consumable you can use to breath underwater for long periods of time.

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