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Yesterday Massively released images that are actually legible and show off each event in a zone. Now as my commenters have pointed out, Arenanet probably views location as multiple events. Holding a location and attacking a location are separate events. So thanks to their much more diligent attention span.

Noting that these maps tend to specifically address different aspects of the same location with different titles and numbers, we can easily count these out, and they tend to be in the 55 to 60 range.

Flame Citadel upper right. Plenty of events.

1500 divided by 60 = 25.

Which very clearly leads to the common path argument. As I said in most games, you have separate zones to level in the beginning and join a common path. So. I would still say there are probably 10 zones for beginner levels. However I’d say there is only one common leveling area after that. Perhaps some zones leveling less, some leveling more. With 11 or 12 zones between level 20 and 80, followed by a few zones of max level 80 content.

With a more solid baseline for the number of events, we’ve got the common path, and now we can start to guess where the common path leads.

If the first place you go after level 20 or whenever you leave your racial area, is Lion’s Arch, that gives us a place to start.

Lion’s Arch is the most likely, we’ve seen it in trailers, we have more information on it than any city other than Divinity’s Reach and its named as a hub for PvP and mentioned as an independent city populated by all races in lore. It’s also got the Durmand Priory, and the Vigil Keep in close proximity. I’m sure the Order of Whispers will end up being situated close by as well (Stormbluff Isle?). A great place to start joining those anti-dragon organizations early on.

From Lion’s Arch, if you go north there is a level 35-45 zone called Headland. Could the zone around Lion’s Arch be roughly targeted for 20-35?

Lion's Arch on the coast with Headlands at the top

Maybe, who can say? With the asura gates its hard to insist that leveling areas will be located in proximity to one another. Part of the reason I thought there had to be more than around 25 zones was because leveling content seems quite spread out from one another. Timberline falls seems a long distance from the charr area aimed at the next ten levels. I always kept asura gates in mind, but personally I suppose I was hoping for a more traditional trek where I walk to get somewhere for the first time.

Anyway, we have 2 zones for charr. The Shatner zone, probably something like a 45-55 zone. The high level Flame Citadel zone which is 60-70. Timberline Falls which is 50-60, a norn zone. Headland 35-45, a human zone.

Let’s say each race gets two zones for the common path after they leave their racial area. The charr have theirs. The humans likely have headland and the area around Lion’s Arch. Perhaps the norn have a zone that leads into Timberline Falls, say 40-50. That’s 6 zones out of the 10-12 we guessed at and it’s already leveling from 20 to 70? Not to mention no asura or sylvari zones yet.

So I’m clearly missing something. Let me know what it is in the comments. This is all just speculation of course, but its fun.

Also thanks to Mr. Carlos and Mr. Hatch.



  1. My wild guess: we get one level 20-30 zone, one 25-35 zone, one 30-40 zone, etc. All the way up to a 70-80 zone, 75-80 zone, and 80 zone. So that’s 13 zones – plus 10 starting zones, and maybe an additional one or two level 80 zones.

    • thats a really good thought, and i had a similar idea about it, but, didn’t want to keep rambling on about the possibilities.

  2. do you have any idea what race/class you want to play with the limited info right now?

    i think ill make a norn warrior, or if they come out with one, the norn greater support class

    • you know what, maybe i’ll blog about that later tonight and we’ll have a more extensive discussion about it. for now i’ll say i was leaning towards asura, but am now leaning towards sylvari, but not based on any of the above info.

    • Maybe you don’t need get so much attention to race, but to faction. There are 3 factions, one want kill The Dragon, another one want sleep The Dragon and a third one I think want read a book.

      You ally to any faction, but I think that affect your options and what missions and quests you gain.

      So, forget race. We will start at a race area but around level 20 we will be at a common area. But the faction you choice before level 20 will cahnge your objectives at the common area.


      Sorry my bad english, my native language is portuguese.

  3. My guess… look at map.

    Ruins of Orr. The Dragon lives there.

    That will be level 80 zone. And level 80 massive raid.

    All advancement lines will converge there. If you ally with teh guys want to kill The Dragon or the guys want to make The Dragon go sleep, you will end there.

    And take note. There are more than one advancement line. There is a faction trying kill The Dragon and there is other faction trying sleep The Dragon. And a third faction I have no idea what they want. My guess is that the faction you choice will open diferent quests and missions. Maybe the diferent factions end cohoperating, maybe not.

    And The Dragon wait us at Ruins of Orr…

    • yeah true. orr is the end game. there seems to be no doubt about that. i see factions just playing out in the same zones in different ways, giving you different objectives in the same areas.

      • Yes, diferent objectives, but possibly too opening diferent events at the same area.

        IMHO, if someone want want to kill a dragon, problably that group is looking for a weapon that kill dragons (Dragonlance?). If someone want sleep a dragon, problably that group is looking for a spell that put the dragon to sleep.

        Not sure what the third group wants…

        The event system is maleable, and we can conjecture they can make diferent key events can be opened if diferent groups have an advantage. We can see a final raid being everyone going to kill The Dragon or a final raid being everyone going to sleep The Dragon.

        Or the deves can be more cruel: you need first sleep The Dragon, because The Dragon can only be killed when sleeping…

        [mmmm… two final big massive raids that you need complete at teh same day or The Dragon goes awake and you need sleep The Dragon again? I think can be fun!}

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