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Not a hint at my final conclusion at all

What is the next Guild Wars 2 profession to be released and when?

If we’re all on the same page here, the necromancer was released around August 25th, no? Even though we saw him in gamescom videos as early as the…18th or so. Correct me if I’m wrong.

The ranger was released (and this is just a guess since I’m lazy) around the 14th of July. About 42 days earlier, if July has the number of days I think it does. And I do believe it does.

The warrior, before that, was released on I think the 9th of June. 35 days earlier.

And before that the elementalist was released on uhm…the 27th or 28th. The 28th I think. In any case that’s about 43 days.

Let’s say these are all predictive, generally, of the next profession reveal. Where does that leave us?

35 days from August 25th is September 29th. A Wednesday.

42 days from August 25th is October 6th also a Wednesday.

Not that Wednesday is their official release day or anything. Around that week or two is all I’m saying.

As for which profession it’s pretty hard to pin the tail on the donkey at this point. Depends on which theory you’re on board with.

If you subscribe to the profession page’s clockwise swirl reveal theory, it would make sense to have the assassin next. Plus it’s really cool to 14 year old boys.

If you go by which profession is most obvious, and least interesting I think you’d have to go with Mesmer. They were mentioned in the book for instance. On the other hand they’re definitely getting a significant class reworking.

If you’re depending on the “scholar, soldier, adventurer, scholar” cycle, then we’d have to go with the new monk soldier class. Whatever it will be named. I’m hoping cleric.

If you have no evidence of any particular profession, then you’re in good shape. Arenanet will probably reward you with the brand new adventurer profession.

I was right about picking the warrior and ranger to be next, for the most part. Completely wrong about the necromancer of course, it’s such a popular class I thought for sure they’d save it for later. I was thinking assassin. I guess they wanted something flashy for the demo.

So what will I predict for the next profession?

I’m tempted by a number of different possibilities. In the end my original hypothesizing wins out. The new soldier class and the brand new profession will likely be saved for better marketing exposure closer to the games release. The assassin in my opinion is more likely to be released next, rather than the mesmer which is more unique to MMOs. Not to mention 2 scholar spell casting classes have already been released. Still, after the ranger it was all a toss up anyway. *pouts*



  1. Assassin will be next, then Cleric, then Mesmer, then some kind of Druid/Ritualist class.

    If I was in charge of information releases at ArenaNet, that would be the order I would release them in.

    You heard it here first 😉

    • So what is the order based on, one of the above theories or your own?

      either way we agree on assassin. self confidence boosted.

    • But they say it going to be 4 guild wars 1 proffesion and elementalist, ranger, warrior and necromancer is 4 so i dont think assasin going to be released and they say it not going to be a healer class so cleric is not going to be released and ritulist is an guild wars proffesion so i think that the not going to be released that 🙂

      • the last i heard there was going to be 1 new profession in gw2, 1 profession that is similar but with a new name, and 1 old profession. with 1 other being one of those, most likely old.

        a buffing/boon class who happens to be a melee/soldier would fit cleric, mesmer would fit the remaining scholar, and 2 more adventure classes would suggest perhaps one being an assassin.

    • I Beleive arenanet said that there wouldnt be any healer specific class, that all of the classes will have some healing spells. just somthing to sit on.

    • They stated there would be no healing class even though a cleric could still be a class name and some upcoming classes could still have healing/party boosts influences.

  2. I’m going for “Shaolin” Monk

    • hmmmm which would have been cool if david carradine could have voiced your character.

  3. I’m right on board with ya. Def think we’re gonna get the revamped sin next. It follows the picture, I think, as well as the armor-class structure: because there’s only 2 soldier classes and the 2nd one is brand new, they’re skipping it in favor of another adventurer. Then we’ll get the 3rd scholar (mes),2nd soldier, and mysterious 3rd adventurer.

    Can’t wait for the next reveal!

    • yeah i’d have to agree. I think I said something very similar in a post or two before necro was released, except i thought necro would be released after mesmer.

  4. Definitely Mesmer or Assasin.

    According to the theories I assume as most likely, the next profession will be the Mesmer.
    If you take the picture on the official profession page, the two new professions would be the ones on the outside. They’re going inside out. So with this and the fact, that it would be reasonable to keep them to the end, these two won’t be released next.
    Next they’re gone right-left, so we should get the profession behind the ranger. This was speculatet as Mesmer. Together with the Mesmer being in the book, it would be highly possible that we will get the mesmer in the next weeks.

    • yeah. I think i’ve said made some of the same points elsewhere, good to know other people see the same things, but since I think the mesmer is behind the ranger, and since i think they won’t release 2 scholar/spell caster classes in a row, i think they’ll go with assassin.

      However, you could be right. i’m leaning towards assassin but it could be mesmer.

  5. If we assume there will be an Assassin class (which I’m not), and considering the figure between the Necromancer and Ele might be wielding daggers, then that could indeed be a Sin. But as we all know, the ArenaNet people, to borrow a phrase, can be a bit “tricksy”, when it comes to those images.

    I still think the attached image above is a ranger with daggers. Ranger long-coat, ranger mask, and no real spiky / porcupine like array of blades. 🙂 Plus, the assassin-like skills from the ranger skill videos make me think some of the Sin has been moved to the ranger.

    But if they are going with some kind of sin/ninja/monk, then that indeed might be the next reveal. I could see that. But I could also see some type of hybrid Mesmer/Sin working; illusions fit right in with an assassin. Imagine: cast illusion, shadow step, stab stab, hex, hex, shadow step away!

    • well if you look at all the similar concept art, and the fact that they’ve used that similar concept art on the profession pages, there already is ranger art.

      check out this image to see what i mean.

      • True, but there is no Necromancer in that group. Also, it is in B&W, the others are all in color. 🙂 Sins are very popular so if they aren’t doing a monk, perhaps that will be one of the six from the original game. But the ranger skill videos were very assassin like.

        Six of those pictures; looks like a Mesmer in purple/magenta and the female with the mace/shield combo, well, the figure on the far right of the professions group could certainly be holding a shield. Would they have let that slip? But that opens back up a possible monk/paragon/paladin/knight type character, which squeezes out either the Mesmer (unlikely) or your possible assassin… assuming the two “new” professions are completely new and not some mix of GW1 professions.

        • well I’ve blogged elsewhere that my theory about the “new monk” is essentially that it’s the melee blue mace lady and she buffs. seems different enough to be considered a new class if you ask me.

          With room left for one more scholar, one more soldier and two adventurers, i have no problem naming one of the new adventurers as an assassin. each of those concept art pieces has a 2 color scheme so i don’t think it rules it out.

          plus there are other little clues. a charr in the races video that uses a skill that has a black/puplish skill effect reminding me of assassins, daggers on their own speak of the profession, and the silhouette outline on the profession page has a silhouette wearing a jacket just like the above pictured assassin.

  6. heh; i commend you on your attempt on figuring out the day and what class they’ll release 😉

    assassin makes sense in having a dps melee class.. but i’m wondering whether there is a heavy armor wearing class other than the warrior.. (didn’t play GW1 too much to make an educated guess)

    • they’ve said there will be two soldier classes. there is concept art in the image i linked in my reply to yarr that suggests a heavily armoured blue mace wielding class.

      i suppose that doesn’t prove anything, but its better than nothing.

      • Monk color certainly matches with the blue background. And I thought from ArenaNet’s comments that they would have some type of buffing type profession, rather than a dedicated healer. Thus my comments on the monk/paragon/knight above.

        Could they hold back the assassin for a later expansion, similar to Factions? Or will we only see 8 professions total, expansions being content only?

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  10. I dig the logic of Anet going from inside in regards to the pictures on the professions page, and by that token, I agree with the folks who say that the next one to be colored in would be that to the left of the ele. To speculate a bit, that picture just reeks of assassin to me. It looks hunched over, facing forward and to the right as if it were about to cut the ele open from behind.
    It’s also an obvious choice for them as a profession I think… did anyone play GW before Factions came out? How many R/Ws did you make trying to achieve something rogue/assassin like? You need the sneaky backstabbing douche class in these kind of games!
    But yeah, being that they’re removing the concept of a set healer, and people didn’t really like the paragon, it makes a strong case for the fellow on the far right to be a cleric, paladin, or something along those lines that combines those classes. It adds to the logic of the 2 new profs being on the outside too.
    I’m with the person who guessed sin, mes, clericish thing, and mysterious 3rd adventure class

    • I’m with you i guess. not many differences in opinion here.

  11. the clues appear to be the body language and weapons each character has with them.
    from left to right:

    1- It’s a big dude (probably charr). Looks like he’s carrying a gun. Conclusion: Gunner/Musketeer (soldier class)

    2-Necromancer (Scholar class)

    3- small guy, hunched, ready to strike. holding a dagger. Conclusion: Assassin/Rogue (Adventurer class)

    4-Elementalist (Scholar class)

    5- Warrior (Soldier class)

    6- Ranger (Adventurer Class)

    7- Confident female. Appears Unarmed. Conclusion: Mesmer (Scholar Class) (If you know how to play a mesmer in GW1, I think you’d come to the same conclusion)

    8 – Distant, Angular-looking dude with flowing attire looking down and armed with a scepter or mace. Conclusion: Ritualist/Druid/Wandering Protector type (Adventurer Class)

    • well you’re a bit late to the party, as the necromancer has been revealed to be the hunched guy, and the ele, warrior, and ranger are already out.

      I semi- agree and disagree with your other conclusions. I’ve got long posts about those, usually with the word ‘silhouette’ in the title, so i won’t elaborate here.

    • called it :]

  12. so… any day now…

    • well. i sort of figure they released the profession in line with releasing the demo. as soon as they knew what professions would be in that, they started releasing them and now that they don’t have to release them…. nothing.

      i figure they’ll begin releasing them again about 4 months before release.

  13. While I agree with some if your thoughts I am 100 percent positive the next class will be an adventurer one. I am also 100 percent super pissed that they have not releases it yet.

    • I don’t think we necessarily disagree about an adventurer class.

  14. One of the adventure classes is a gunsman of some form, you can see the outline of his gun in the far left character…
    I’m willing to bet they’ll break their “pattern” too.
    Adventurer: Gun, Ranger, ???
    Soldier: Assassin, Warrior
    Scholar: Mesmer-relation (Bard?), Necro, Ele

    Ele -> War -> Ranger -> Necro -> Assassin -> “Bard” – > ???????

    We’re still missing our last adventurer and DETAILS on the “bard.”

    • I’d like to point out that there is ANOTHER silhouette BEHIND the necro… So the dude above me talking about “small and hunched over” isn’t necessarily wrong…

    • I’m sure the final adventure class will use guns, whether his entire class will be based on using guns i’m much more skeptical about.

      Their pattern at some point has to be broken, there are only 2 soldier classes, and 3 of the other types.

      As much as i agree that the charr charater on the left is an adventurer and will use guns, I’ve noticed that anet can paint whatever they want into the silhouettes, it’s not necessarily a gun.

  15. After necro is the guardian which is that monk soldier you talk about (which is almost more like a paragon) then the thief (assasin) then mesmer and finally the gunner/engineer


    • thanks for posting trent, but keep in mind i did post this before the guardian and thief were released. I wasn’t expecting the guardian to come next at that point, but did make a few posts about the possibility of it later on, and once it was released, it was widely hinted by arenanet that the thief would be next. which leaves the mesmer of course and a mysterious 8th, that many chalk up to be some kind of steampunk engineer or something similar. who knows for sure though?

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