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I read this about 15 years ago

I’ve got a bet going with mmogc that Star Wars: The Old Republic will have at least 24 planets. Just enough that you can honestly say TOR has dozens of them. Friday they released the 15th planet, Corellia, a well known planet to Star Wars fans.

It’s hard to remember exactly the first time I heard about Corellian anything. Probably A New Hope. Somewhere along the way it must have been mentioned Han Solo was Corellian and that he wore Corellian Bloodstripes on his pants. It was something I knew before I started reading the books. I didn’t actually see Corellia until I read Ambush at Corellia. That was so long ago now that I don’t even remember if it was a good read.

Corellia: Temperate weather with large rural areas, the planet still has quite a few people in large cities. It’s an important shipyard and member of the republic. The planet seems to be more of a story planet, with mentions of an attack and screenshots of burned buildings. Destruction is described as widespread but it’s unclear what is going on. It’s one of the most influential planets in the Republic so it’s inclusion is no surprise. The system Corellia is in also has 4 other habited (and 2 more uninhabited) planets. Could they also make appearences in the game?

In Game: Action seems to be taking place around the city, with plenty of art and shots of fires and burned out buildings. The way they mention Imperial influence instead of some kind of outright Imperial conflict might suggest the fighting isn’t directly with Imperials. They go out of their way to show a lot of rail transport, and even mention “Transportation systems still appear to be functioning on Corellia despite the signs of destruction in various pockets across Coronet City.” That leads me to hope I get to ride these rail systems you can see in various places. Quests could be more along the lines of subtlety and investigation mixed with all out fighting. They keep hinting at behind the scenes chicanery, but if those attacks are widespread someone will have to stop them. Corellia’s shipyards are one of it’s most important assets, but in orbit I wonder how they’ll come into play.

Pros: It’s one of the great Icon planets, although in actuality you don’t get to see it often in games or literature. Sure it’s mentioned all the time, but I think I’ve only read stories that take place there 3 or 4 times. In video games it’s more often but still. Again the use of the rail lines could be pretty cool, you don’t see enough trains or subways or monorails in games in my opinion. Sounds weird but true. To be honest it’s the exact sort of location I’ve been looking for. Not all city, not all rugged terrain, hard to say anything else until I see more.

Cons: For people looking for more original and exotic locations, another planet teeming with civilization and city-folk isn’t going to please them. I do admit there is a need for more fantasy and less sci-fi with planets. A lot of the planets tend toward cityscapes and organized civilization. There needs to be more Taris, a post-apocalyptic ruined city with monsters running around. Something more wild and untamed, which now that I think about it, could be fixed with the inclusion of (maybe you’re right mogsy) Kashyyk, a thoroughly dangerous landscape.



  1. Mogsy?

    The problem with wild, untamed alien planets is I bet it’s a challenge coming up with relevant storylines and quests. Unless the situation is about exploration, it’s probably easier to just go where the civilization is. I agree Corellia is more sci-fi, but from the screenshots you can see that parts of it is ruined and in shambles, which hopefully will provide a different dynamic from the other civilized planets.

    Bioware’s vision of Corellia is probably the best realized version of the planet to date. And when I look at the images compared to say, SWG, I realized it’s not just the better technology they have at their disposal either. The environment feels more like a living part of the game than just a backdrop. And is it just me or does the description of Corellia allude to the good old US of A?

    • Yeah mogsy. I’m tired of pronouncing each letter. I know some people call you geecee, but meh, i prefer mogsy.

      You make a good point but coming up with storylines for more wild planets can’t be that hard can it? Just start raiding sci fi and fantasy tropes for ideas. Unobtanium for instance or a Throw me the idol! situation. Splinter of the Mind’s Eye was a great storyline for star wars that had wild creatures, opposing sides. Not to mention the rakata homeworld or uhm…yavin, dantooine…

      I think you’re probably right about the version. even the corellian trilogy isn’t exactly memorable.

      Oh and be careful. You’ll be thrown out with anti-american sentiment like that.

      • Huh?! What do you mean? I was talking about the symbol of freedom, individuality and corporation part… :S

        I think I like “mogsy”!

        • so not the corruption and behind the scenes influence part? oh okay. 😛

          mogsy is kind of like bugsy in my mind.

          • LOL I was going to say, I couldn’t help but wonder what anti-american sentiment you were thinking about. I thought my endearing usage of “good old US of A” would have made it obvious I was talking about its boons. I thought Corellia’s values of a free market and personal and economic freedoms in the description is a nod to the USA more than anything.

            I think if I were to ever get my own domain, I would change my username to a variant of mogsy for sure. I really can’t stand the idea of being mmogc forever.

            • “good old us of a” sounded sarcastic in my head.

              yeah I’m not sure I wouldn’t change my blog name either. i’ve always felt it seems kind of snobby to presume I have insight, and I usually use “bigwig” for my internet monikers.

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