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With every big announcement about Guild Wars 2 comes a torrent of interviews. I usually try to pick out interesting quotes and provide commentary. In this case, TenTonHammer got an interview concerning skills and traits.

Now I normally don’t bother to repeat interviews that consist almost entirely of information that is already known, but I figure this is a good refresher for anyone not keeping up with the game, and there are a few tiny details to go over.

TenTonHammer starts out by being very worried about crowd control and how much that effects PvPers. Specifically stuff like Fear.

we’re going to have to have abilities that allow you to break out of conditions as well.

An example would be the warrior’s “Shake it Off!” ability. You’re going to have to be able to use that while in Fear so that you can break out of it.

Stuff we already know, but stuff people are still worrying about. Kind of like how we’ve known there is jumping for 3 years but its still one of the first things people ask about.

To me Fear sounds fun.

We’re not looking to add long shutdowns, and we’re not looking to take a character out of play. We’re looking for something that has a lot of interaction and has a lot of interesting mechanics. So more like, “You feared me, well I just sent it back to you” and that’s the kind of play that we’re having, that interaction. Or even, “Oh, I feared you off a cliff and you took falling damage.”

Rand concept art. Charr Building

Elite Skills in Guild Wars are an adventure. You buy a Capture Signet, go out and hunt a boss that has the skill you’re looking for (or just keep one equipped whenever in a high level area and Capture Elites from an unlucky passerby) and Cap the skill you need. We’ve known for a while how this will work in Guild Wars 2 but it bares repeating.

You can obtain skills every way that you can obtain items in our game. We can give them from a vendor, as drops, as quests rewards, at events, and off of Karma vendors

Personally I’m looking forward to getting them as drops, buying them just seems too easy.

TenTonHammer moves on to collecting Traits.

very trait is given out in a very unique way. Like a sword mastery trait gives you plus bonus damage, you have to go defeat five sword masters around the world, and you’ll have to find rumors from different NPCs that tell you where they are.

ne of the traits in the game is to do more damage with environmental weapons, and that could involve killing different people with environmental weapons

For all the people worried about customizing your skill bar the same way you could customize it in Guild Wars, you should look into the trait system.

A lot of people have been asking about character customization, and the traits system is a really big way to do that. Two characters with the exact same skill bar but different traits are two very different characters. A mace warrior that sets himself up to do a whole bunch of spike damage will do a lot more damage in a short period of time than a guy who sets himself up to apply Weakness every time he criticals

o you can reduce recharge to skills, or make a skill shoot fireballs out of it, or shoot two fireballs, or have bigger AoE ranges. You can take the skills that you really love and make them better. You can make all your signets recharge faster so that now you can have a strong signet build.

You can make your minions do all sorts of different things. You can make them so they regenerate health where they normally didn’t. Instead of summoning 3 Bone Minions you can summon 5 Bone Minions. You can make it so that when your Bone Fiend blows up it gives you health, or even every time one blows up you could get some life force out of it.

Another thing you can do as a necromancer with traits is to make your Death Shroud ability way more interesting. We allow you to manipulate Death Shroud a lot of different ways through traits. For example, you could make it so it causes an explosion when you enter Death Shroud, so that when you enter it and exit it you do damage. We can make it so that you can’t be stunned or knocked down or pushed back in it, which is really awesome in PvP.

Ten Ton Hammer: So builds will really encompass quite a bit more in Guild Wars 2.

Izzy: There are a lot of pieces to it – there are attributes, traits, weapons, weapon swaps, utility skills, elites – so there’s a lot to it.

Can I stop hearing how your choices are so limited now? Does that make things clear enough?

One thing I didn’t know, later in the interview.

Skills do get more powerful as you level up so you do have to learn the different tiers of those skills.

Okay so weapon skills are tiered and you have to learn them. Interesting. When I was looking at one of the videos, the skill vendor clearly had tons of skills unavailable for purchase due to level. Stuff like Poison Arrow being something like level 4, but unavailable because the player was level 4. Something like that. I didn’t see any specific weapon skills so maybe I’ll go back and take a closer look.

Anyway, that’s it for this interview. Check it out if you haven’t been following the game closely.

Random concept art. Charr with cannon.



  1. Personally, I’m a fan of skills and traits that come as rewards for accomplishments. Be it a quest, slaying a boss, visiting a hard to reach spot to train with a guru, or whatever. I’d rather work for them than buy them.

    That being said, I want the option to buy many of my skills as well from trainers. I’ll need a variety of skills early on and in replays I don’t want to have to do long quests over again just to get an elite I need for a particular build. It is this reason that I like tomes in GW1.

    • I’m a fan of occasionally doing things the hard way but that way is fine too.

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