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It can only be attributable to human error.

I noticed on Twitter (groan) that poppyshock from I Have Touched The Sky linked URLAI.com. You plug in your website and it analyzes it, telling you various things about your blog or at least, you’re writing style.

While it’s not as interesting as I Write Like… I did find myself compelled and so I plugged in my URL. It only tells you about age, gender, mood, and tone, and even then doesn’t get as specific as I might like.

Apparently the options for mood are only happy or upset.

Anyway here’s mine, and I didn’t find the results overly satisfying. I’m not between the ages of 36 and 50 and it seems to barely register that I’m male at all. If that wasn’t emasculating enough my mood is usually happy and I’m very personal in my posts.



  1. Try it again, I got a different result the second time around, and clicking on your link gave me a slightly different result than what you reported.

    • enh. I’m slightly disappointed that it isn’t more stable. now i’m 18-25. also wrong. *shrugs*

      • maybe after this post the analysis changed or something? i havve no idea

        • possibly. Just seems to me if you’re going to put one of these things together, shouldn’t it be consistent? Random results is boring.

  2. I plugged mine in to URL AI and got the following:

    “belzan.wordpress.com is probably written by a female somewhere between 18-25 years old. The writing style is personal and happy most of the time.”

    Yeah, I’m a 28 year old male.

    I plugged in some of my fiction at I Write Like and they say I write like:

    H. P. Lovecraft

    Fun times.

    • i was james joyce. at least I didn’t end up female. 😛

  3. Um… apparently I’m a male between the ages of 66 and 100.

    • i did not know that about you randomessa. how does it feel to be a blogger that gets senior discounts?

      • Get outta my way! It’s time for my Early-Bird special! *flails cane*

  4. D’oh, I think my first comment with the link went straight to your spam box. Anyway, I was saying I had mine up on twitter earlier in the day too, in case you missed it, it’s very close to yours.

    • I missed it on twitter (i think maybe i need to not follow a couple folks because they twit way too much) and checked out the link in spam. most was very similar except your personal vs academic was way off. it was like 80/20 for personal. mine was more like 55/45

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