How Big Is Guild Wars 2?

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I think when asked this a while back, Arenanet responded with, “big.” Fair enough. However, since they released the map inside Ghosts of Ascalon I’ve been wondering about it more and more.

The Tyrian continent on the Tyrian world

The map in GoA is a Tolkien-esque rendering of the continent of Tyria, but when overlaid with the current map of Tyria in Guild Wars, you actually get a fair representation of the landmass.

Ghosts of Ascalon map overlay of in game Tyria map

Here is an offscreen image of the world map for Guild Wars 2.

Kind of blurry but otherwise mostly matches the Tolkienesque map

In Guild Wars zones connected to each other in an often jigsaw like maze. The zones never fully flesh out the entirety of the world map and in fact leave vast stretches unexplored. It appears that this is much less the case in Guild Wars 2. Obviously it’s impossible to confirm this without seeing the in-game maps but when connecting together maps we have seen, landscapes look to be much more encompassing of the breadth of the world map.

Various screen shot and illustrated maps overlaid on one another

Various Guru2 forumites collected screenshots from videos and painstakingly put them together to match the scale of the world map in the above image. Believe it or not the scale of these images appears to be accurate for the most part. Take for instance this image. Beetletun, Loamhurst and other landmarks appear to be generally in the same places.

Divinity's Reach in Guild Wars 2 and where it would be in Guild Wars 1

Pretty good representation of comparable sizes there.

Now obviously there are a lot of hard working people over at GW2Guru. There’s the gamescom thread, I read the big PAX thread, and read this World Map (image heavy) thread. So thanks to them for putting these maps together. BoogieMancer, Ares, Free Runner, Izzie, Tigerfeet, Miggetmagic and others whom I’m sure are being left out. Good work. I can’t recommend enough reading the last link there as it is quite thorough and the source of most of these images.

Timberline Falls I think?

In the image to the left, during the Event Panel, it is said that it takes 10 or so minutes to run from the top to the bottom. In the above world map it is located near the center. I’m sure someone on the forums has precisely measured this out, but for the purposes of this post, lets just say that that map can easily be seen to be around 1/8th or so of the height of the world map. Turn it on its side and we get an idea of the length. To quote Anet again lets just say, big.



  1. That is some crazy stuff. I kind of love seeing stuff like this. Watching people tease out little details is hugely impressive. At the same time, I hate to see people duck so far down the rabbit hole that they lose themselves in the minutia. They might ruin the game for themselves before they ever launch the installer.

    • Thats actually one of my worries blogging about gw2 so much. Luckily they’ve only shown a bit of human and charr gameplay and I’m not planning on playing either at first.

  2. Hey there. I am Ares from GW2Guru, the one responsible for that comparison shot and the overlaid images.

    It is very nice of you to feature these maps on your blog. I find myself doing these more for me than anyone else but I would like to thank everyone for providing the images I used. Oh how I envy those with the cameras going to PAX.

    • Hey Ares, great job on that thread. I would have specifically found the authors of each image and attributed them but looking through 1200 posts or 4000 posts in the case of the pax thread was impossible. I just tried to throw up as many names of the people involved as possible.

      As for envy, yeah I feel the same way. I don’t think you can get many cities on this continent further away from me than seattle.

      • They need to come to London so I can go. Of course I would have to get myself a very nice HD camera. I would probably spend the entire demo filming the world map. That is of course after I have several other demo sessions to play the game, I’m not that crazy.

        What we really need is more direct feeds. I can’t believe only one video series managed to get a direct feed while all the others were reduced to using cams.

        • yeah I think I lamented the lack of high quality videos in another post. Doesn’t seem logical from our perspectives, but I’m sure they do that so people have a reason to come see them at conventions.

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