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Slayer! Okay do we get MegaDeth too?

I was reading through GW2Guru as usual and someone dropped a link. “A French Guide about Titles in GW2” it said.

Now I have no idea how accurate this information is or how Univers Virtuel got their hands on it but here is the google translated link.

There seem to be a lot of titles according to UV, or as the translation suggests, Successes. According to the accompanying image they’re referred to as achievements. There seem to be dozens of them, 158 linked to the killing of specific monsters, other titles ranging into far lower numbers. There are actually a lot of clues as to what we’ll be fighting, so I wouldn’t look too closely at the Killer titles.

That’s the other thing, there appears to be 8 categories of titles. Killer, Reveler, Master Arms, Explorer, Adventurer, Conqueror, Dealer, Hero. Each generally as plain as their name. Reveler having to do with activities, Dealer having to do with trade, Hero having to do with personal storylines.

Apologies for googles mistranslations of course.

I’m a little disappointed that they seem to be a bit plain. 3 tiers of a titles devoted to 10, then 100, then 500 bandits killed. Fun title. I just hope they get creative and fun with what the titles actually say when displayed.

I’m sure that overall you’re not supposed to spend your time working on them. Titles in Guild Wars have always been optional, and unlike LOTRO I doubt that they will add anything to your stats.

In the image you can see that you can select a friend and most likely compare your achievements. I suppose this is based on the popularity of other achievement systems, although personally I’m not a huge fan of that sort of thing.

In other news they’ve recently said that a guide to Hall of Monuments titles may become available soon. Cool beans.



  1. I know you can obtain LOTRO titles by completing various deeds, and grinding certain deeds itself can give you benefits like boost your virtues…but the titles themselves I think are more circumstantial from deed grinding. Using them is also completely optional and most people see them as fluff, so titles themselves actually don’t contribute to player stats. Unlike Aion, which is a game whose titles I know actually do do that, and aren’t just for show.

    • ah i was thinking deeds when i wrote that. should have stopped and thought about it.

      • Regardless, that’s the way titles should be — fluff. If I want it, I’ll try for it. If not, I shouldn’t be disadvantaged for it in any way. It pissed me off in Aion, because what’s the point of a really cool sounding title if people think you’re a moron for using it when it doesn’t help you, or if you’re expected to pass it up for a crappier one that actually does?

        • yeah true. guild wars titles sometimes have an effect but they’re miniscule. i think level one of the luck title gives you a 2% chance to salvage mods without destroying the item they’re on. something like that.

          in runes of magic the game was so horribly translated that most of the titles didn’t make any sense. I wore a title called Shaved Gnoll Pelt a lot. very few cool titles.

        • I agree with you on the Aion titles. I’d rather they’d just add any benefits as you get them, without having to use specific titles to get specific bonuses. Same with Eye of the North titles in GW, half the time I forget to switch to the proper one in the proper place to get the bonus.

          Just let me pick the title I want to use and either forget bonuses or make them automatic and not linked to actually using the title.

          • I just wish eotn titles were more useful. only against charr and only against destroyers, only in asura areas and only in norn areas. bleh.

  2. The English word they’ve used is Achievements. I saw it in a demo video.

    • ah yes well, i did note achievements in the post, but thank you for underlining it.

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