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With every big announcement about Guild Wars 2 comes a torrent of interviews. I usually try to pick out interesting quotes and provide commentary. In this case, PAX provided an opportunity for the Guild Wars 2 Guru crew to get in two interviews, one concerning lore in Guild Wars 2, and the other concerning gameplay.

I’ll focus on the lore portion first since there isn’t a whole lot there that I found is new.

Q: At PAX ’08, someone asked about the statue of Glint in the Salt Flats and all that was stated was that it’ll be important in the future. Can you go into more detail about the statue?

A: I can’t say much about that except that you should definitely pick up the second book.

It is so weird sometimes that such small issues are brought up and obsessed over by the lore fans. One statue in the deserts of Guild Wars got into an interview a while back and somehow it has been a burning question in the hearts of lore fans. I guess Destiny’s Edge is going to the Crystal Desert. Fun.

Q: Whom was the Strait of Malchor named after? Who or what was Malchor?

A: Ah! The Strait of Malchor is named after a sculptor who created all the original statues of the gods. It’s not quite my place to tell his full story but that’s who it’s named after.

I’ll admit I was mildly curious about this. It’s only ever seen on maps in Guild Wars, you never go out to sea or visit the straights. Good to know it’s not just a random place name.

The fact that Abbadon’s minions had that purplish glow and what we’re seeing in the crystal is as far as I know. Coincidental because purple is of course, the color of evil.

Even after all the effort the developers have put into separating the dragons from the gods, somebody still conspiratorially believes there’s a connection. Well there isn’t one.

Q: Is there any lore on why certain professions from GW1 do not make it into GW2?

A: Interestingly enough, we were talking about the monk just the other day and we haven’t made it official lore yet, we’re just talking about it, but there are reasons. How much we’re going to reveal is up in the air, really. We looked at what we were doing and said “Wait a minute, this makes sense. Let’s see if we can incorporate it.” It’s a great story.

An actual explanation for a large game design decision? I’ll believe it when I see it.

Random apparently assassin concept art

Okay, enough of that. Time for gameplay.

Q: The numbers for HP, energy, and damage have changed a lot from GW1 to GW2. Can you give any insight as to why that has changed?

A: Well, the easy answer would be that they’ve changed because the level cap has increased, but it’s also something where we’re still looking at the numbers. Part of it also is that we’re changing how the game works. A lot of times, gamers will judge the difficulty of an encounter on “Oh well, how many times did you die?” In GW2, we didn’t want death to be the end-all.

A lot of people are apparently scared of the numbers changing. In Guild Wars damage typically ranges below 100. Health ranges around 400 to 500. In Guild Wars 2 people saw in the demo damage that ranged into the thousands and energy levels that ranged around 3000. This scares people. Why I’m not sure. Arbitrary numbers are arbitrary numbers to me. Big numbers freaked a bunch of people out on the forums. Any of my readers clue me in as to why that’s a big deal?

Q. Will all elite skills have the 720 second cooldown? Or will it vary depending on the skill?

A: Some will be faster and some will be longer, it will vary depending on the skill.

Well I guess that answers that whole 720 seconds thing I was pondering.

Q:Will the character naming rules remain the same in GW2 as in GW1?

A: Well straight up no because right now you can actually have characters that have only one name.

This is both great and terrible. Great if I can get the name I want, terrible if I can’t.

Q: In regards to the scaling of difficulty of dynamic events based on participants, how will the event scale once players join or leave?

A: Pretty fast. It changes pretty fast. If it’s a wave event, then it’ll happen in between waves. If it’s a collection event it’s just a couple seconds, it’s very fast.

Good to know I suppose. I would hope it would be fast, otherwise what would be the point.

Anyway I went ahead and avoided adding questions where they don’t give firm answers so there is plenty to read if you’re into that.



  1. Real world explanation for no more Dervishes:
    scythes were never used as a weapon (war scythe is a scythe blade attached to a pole)

    GW world explanation for no more Dervishes: back problems, dizziness, hard to get out stains on long robes, male dervishes got sick of everyone in Kamadan saying they were wearing a dress. 🙂

    I don’t understand why anyone would worry about the damage amount numbers being too big. It is all relative to the game. When I’m playing GW1 it has small numbers, when playing Aion it has big numbers. Most of the time I ignore them. Only when I’m putting a build together in GW1 do I really pay much attention to them. Same in Aion, I might pay attention if I’m trying out different weapons. But never once have I thought about the numbers in Aion being bigger than those in GW. I only worry about numbers if that damage bar isn’t going down fast enough.

    I don’t play Runes of Magic much these days and don’t even remember what those were in relation to GW. Same with LotRO, even though I just started that recently.

    • yeah exactly, who pays attention to numbers unless they’re testing stuff? it just isn’t even on the table when I play, so why are the forumites so disturbed by it?

  2. As for the numbers thing, I can’t speak for GW2Guru folks, but from a D&D perspective (from what I have heard asking around) I guess it’s hard enough to move up from single-point damage to damage in the double, occasionally triple digits. When you add even more 0s on to the end it’s even more alarming.

    Yes, you have 3000 hit points, so that hit worth 700 isn’t that big a deal, but if you’re still in the mindset that you only have 500 or fewer hit points, you have to fight that OMGWTFBBQ flinch reaction. You’ll adjust, but it takes adjusting. And the numbers do fly out around your head, so it’s not like you can just ignore it and focus on the percentage that your hp bar is full.

    (Not necessarily my feelings on the subject, just some speculation)

    • I understand what you’re saying, and that its not necessarily your perspective, but I can’t sympathize with that. I’ve played too many games with too many different mechanics and number schemes to be intimidated by GW2’s damage numbers.

      • I think that’s part of it too – you’ve played a lot of other MMOs, while a vocal portion of the GW1 fanbase *only* plays GW1; their complaints make sense from the mindset of “this is a change from GW1 and I don’t play other games because they’re not as good as GW1 and therefore anything that is like another game is a step backwards from GW1, GW1 being the pinnacle of game design and I really wish they’d just have spruced up the graphics of GW1 instead of releasing this abomination of a generic MMO–”

        You just want to take a breath for them, you know?

        • its not just gw though, how could they not have played any other games?

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