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We’ve known for a while that Guild Wars 2 would be making available chat and auction house functions available outside the game. Namely via the web.

You must be in game to put a new item up for sale, but you will be able to browse the market, bid from your account bank, or cancel your own auctions and offers while logged in to a web browser without running the game.

Now comes word that those functions will also be available via smart phones and Ipads.

Via Curse and GW2Guru.

At launch, the app will have tons of features available, designed to help offline players connect with their friends in-game. Along with the ability to chat with your friends and guildmates from your portable device, players will also be able to view the location of their friends via a fullscreen map, showing their actions and movement in real-time.

Other planned features of the app include a remote auction house and the ability to add new friends straight from your portable device. The app will be available to Guild Wars 2 players for no extra charge.

I suppose this was pretty obvious and shame on me for even contemplating it but not blogging it. World of Warcraft must be making a fortune from their apps (3$ a month for access to the auction house I believe) but check out that last line.


It’s also got a few clever functions. I think you’ve outdone yourselves on this one Arenanet.



  1. Good on Anet, hopefully it’s apps like theirs and Fallen Earth’s that pressure Blizzard to reconsider their pricing, though I have to admit their WoW remote auction house is top notch. I’ve become addicted to it, since you know how much I dislike doing auctions while I’m in the game because I feel it’s time I can actually be using to play.

    If an app is available, I’d be using it for all my auction needs for sure — and that goes for all games.

    • I think the very fact that it looks like its going to be free is amazing.

      I mean they could honestly make a fortune off of it. That is what I call cut throat competition.

      I love auction activity personally, sure it sometimes gets in the way of playing but making money is fun for me so it never feels like a waste.

      • I like having the content to focus on, to the point even stuff like crafting I would leave to the very end 😛

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