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I've seen this around but never tried it. How did they get the license?

We’ve all played a game that offers food you can eat which then buffs you. I remember playing Runes of Magic, it made the use of these foods absolutely mandatory for end game. Lord of the Rings wasn’t nearly as bad and I appreciated their helpfulness.

Guild Wars has tons of consumables. At first they merely reduced the bite of death penalty, and then later began to effect gameplay more. Raise your attributes by small margins, increase your armour, increase your casting speed, and movement speed.

After they released Eye of the North and announced Guild Wars 2, Arenanet really let loose with foods. People rarely do any of the harder dungeons without requiring people to bring “consets”, the set of the 3 best craftable consumable items. With these 3 consumables you increase every stat that matters.

People have been speculating about consumables for a long time when it comes to Guild Wars 2. With their wide spread availability in Guild Wars, people expected them to exist. There was never much to go on however, other than the mention of a potion to help you breathe underwater, and a very early shot of a person downing a potion in the Races trailer.

Of course all that changed with gamescom. Immediately the ‘Potions” thread at Guild Wars 2 Guru exploded in wrath and fury. Over 2k posts in 4 days before it was locked. Debating the energy management in GW2 is another post of course.

One thing I saw little mention of after gamescom was foods. Sure there was the odd mention or thread, but overall the subject wasn’t really debated anywhere. I can only conclude that foods are not a big deal where potions are death incarnate.

Fish Steak(?) – Double-click to increase your Intelligence by +?? for 18 minutes.

Loaf of Bread – Double-click to increase your Vitality by +?? for 18 minutes

Boiled(?) Crawfish – Double-click to increase your Agility by +?? for 18 minutes.

Now obviously with the change to a more traditional attribute system shared by all professions (instead of fire magic for elementalists and soul reaping for necromancers) foods take on a much more specific role. A food that is good for one profession is not necessarily fit for another. Unlike the majority of foods in GW.

The shift to more stat based gear also plays into this. Take a look at these daggers.

Ghostly Dagger
Power 365-388
+15 Vitality
+24 Intelligence
+15 Willpower
+10 life gain on hit (Day time)
+10 life steal on hit (Night time)

Unfortunately without knowing just exactly how many points you can put into your attributes throughout the game, or how the foods scale (the ones I’ve quoted are very low level) in harder areas, its hard to tell just how powerful foods are.

Something else of note is just how soon foods are available. In the video I watched, it only took about 10 minutes from creating a character to coming to a merchant who sold the above foods. Not long at all.

Here’s where I think things get kind of clever. Foods and even ingredients are tied to Dynamic Events. For instance if you fail to protect a farm from bandits, the goods available from that farm become unavailable at the local merchant. So if you need ingredients to start crafting or want a food to go to a dungeon, you have to run over to that event, drive off the bandits, help grow the crops, whatever.

They make you get involved in the game.

Okay maybe some people don’t want to be forced into doing events. I guess that’s why there’s an Auction House. Buy up a stock of ingredients or foods when they’re available, put them on the Auction House when the event gets overrun. Sounds like an interesting business plan.

As for the foods themselves, Arenanet is obsessed with balancing so I’m sure they’ll put a lot of work into that. It probably won’t be much of an issue.

I guess the only remaining questions are, do you want foods in Guild Wars 2? Do you want some of the old foods to reappear? Will foods be replaced as one of the main rewards at festivals and if so are you going to miss them on Wintersday?

Personally I want to try out some of Guild Wars 2’s best roast duck and brandy.



  1. We need wait for see how they will implement the crafting system. How complex it will be? They will have crafter professions? What items the players can craft? That items will be better than the item the players gain from events or buy from NPCs?

    My guess is that they will have a lot of craftable armor and weapons, but that too will be possible to craft potions and cook food. I too think it is possible that, at least for food and potions, the craftable items are above the average and better than the items you buy with NPCs.

    If that, crafters can be an important to the game and to have the ingredients disponible will be an incentive to crafters to complete and mantain some events, like helping the farmers and defending the merchants when they move to villages and protecting places like mines.

    However, no info about crafting until now.

    PS sorry my bad english, my native language is portuguese.

    • yeah I admit you’re right, without knowing much about crafting it’s difficult to say how food will effect the game.

      I haven’t played a game where crafting gives you better than average gear, i’m not sure we’ll see guild wars 2 do that.

      • There are some mmo where crafting give you the best gear (except for the gear you gain from raids).

        Vanguard was one, the best armor was player made. LOTRO, you can craft above the average gear for almost all level range, except for the radiance armor you gain from repeatable raid at Moria. But if you want the best food and jewelry you need craft at LOTRO.

        Darkfall everything is crafted. SWG too when I played it (no idea how is today).

        I read all info about GW2 and a thing that called my attention is that the event loot will be money and materials. If that is true (I can be wrong) we can think that the gear will be mostly crafted.

        Anyway, the devs say that they intend make the nodes free for all, so we will not see competition for nodes. I can be wrong, but I thought how it is possible to do it and I remembered the rabit event, if the players win the farmer will start to sell melons. The devs can do the node system be not competitive if they link it to the event system.

        sorry the bad english, my native language is portuguese

        • true, but keep in mind they’ve mentioned that there will be end game dungeons.

  2. I hate MMO’s that rely heavily on pot (mana/HP) management, GW was fun in that your skills, or that of your companions, took control of energy management. Pots in GW seems like it would just be implemented because it would create a money sink; as well as a time loss vortex if you were keen on brewing your own pots.

    Food will be interesting, though, on the other hand, it could not. Can’t really formulate an opinion until more information is provided on how the system really works.

    • I don’t necessarily think you have to rely heavily on pots in gw2. it looked like you could go a few fights without downing mana pots.

      hard to say this early.

      sometimes energy management skills were fun, sometimes they were a pain in the butt. like an energy management interrupt that fails to interrupt anything, so you have to wait for recharge…bleh…

  3. One of the things I hated about Consumables in all mmos I’ve played is you mostly have to buy them from other players or craft them. If I could just buy them from a shopkeeper than I’d be happy, instead I have to dick around with other players that charge me an arm and leg or waste my time farming mats or going into the AH and pray they haven’t run out of stock.

    • I have to agree that could be annoying in RoM, especially when people took advantage of supply and demand and heavily over charged.

  4. Thanks for this info. Since I get all my updates from the GW2 site and your blog, so I never pick up that there were food buffs like this in the game. So strange! Interested in seeing how this all turns out.

    Wish I was going to PAX this weekend.

    • cool. kill ten rats has some very insightful stuff on guild wars 2, and for more playful stuff on gw2 i have a few bloggers in my roll, like secret agent cat.

      I’m thinking of blogging about how i want pax goers to rot in the pits of hell… it might be a little rude though.

  5. i like consumables that last atleast 30min-1hr+, i hate consumables that last only like 2 minutes.. it just seems tedious to use them and keep track of them

    i like the info on the foods that would not be available if you fail a dynamic event; but where did you read/hear that?

    • yeah I suppose i have the same problem. even 20 minutes is too short for me in some games. i just lose track of whether they’re up or not.

      they’ve mentioned details like that in various interviews and demo videos. for instance beer that becomes unavailable if you don’t help a beer caravan to beetletun or something. that example is from a few months back, but they kept mentioning various examples in the demo videos.

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