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This necro art smacks of the elementalist wallpaper they put up

With every major release of information about Guild Wars 2, Arenanet follows it up on their blog. They try to release a few new details, address the questions of paranoid schizophrenics and people who never bothered to read the original article, and generally calm the frenzied masses. This week it’s all about necromancers.

One of the biggest gripes people have had with the necromancer is Fear. It’s in one of the skill videos and its never been in Guild Wars before, so obviously the sky is falling.

Fear is a condition and is therefore removable by anything that removes conditions. How often fear can be used depends entirely on the skill that inflicts it, so it will vary from skill to skill.

Currently, fear lasts 2 to 5 seconds in PvE and 2 seconds in PvP

I admit that I don’t like fear, but I also think that knockdowns keep me out of the game, slow downs keep me out of the game, blind (which isn’t in GW2) keeps me out of the game, daze keeps me out of the game, so what is the difference?

Oh. I should have read the next question first.

As Izzy alluded to, we’ll have different balance for skills in PvE and PvP, so it’s very likely that skills that cause fear will function slightly differently in the two game types. Fear is similar to a knockdown or stun in the way it disables your character for a short period of time. In some ways, fear is less powerful than knockdown, since it’s a condition, and it can be effected by anything that affects conditions.

I will take a moment to point out the separation of pve and pvp skills. As I don’t pvp much its not really an issue, and it definitely seems to have helped Guild Wars balance since they instituted it. I’m not a big fan of the separation however, unlike others who can’t shut up about it.

A lot of people have been saying that not being able to create an army of minions disappoints them.

Keep in mind we haven’t revealed all the necro minions yet!

Like the army of rats from Ghosts of Ascalon maybe?

At which point the Q&A gets into some very specific and I think unnecessary questions about skills.

Q: Do minions have natural health regeneration?

Eric: No, minions do not currently regenerate health.

Why would they have health regeneration? They didn’t in Guild Wars…and they are corpses after all.

Q: Would you consider some PvE only tweaks to further spice it up, like making necros slightly more powerful during in-game nighttime than in bright sunlight?

Eric: We wouldn’t want to do anything to make a player feel like they should only play a particular race or profession in a limited set of circumstances

Really? The opportunity to bring up a question to developers, and you ask them to nerf necromancers during the day cycle? Huh?

Here’s something I might actually be interested in. I commented heavily on the atmosphere of the necromancer skill videos in my breakdown post.

Q: Are the scary and dark sound effect we can hear in the skill video permanent sound ambient effects for the necromancer, or were they used for the video only?

Eric: Some of them were generated for the video and some of them are in the game. We tend to use the videos as sound concept tests though, so it is very likely that you’ll hear many of those sounds while playing the game.

That’s kind of an insightful look inside the studio. Were they looking for reactions or did they draw their own conclusions on whether it worked or not before releasing the videos.

Anyway if you’re new to Guild Wars or Guild Wars 2, these Follow Ups are a lot more helpful to people than I let on. It’s just, you know, Arenanet’s blog. So I figure only really nerdy people like myself read them, in which case its not very helpful. Check it out if you’re not following every detail like myself.



  1. These questions are all a little mirco to me. I want to talk about the broad structure and game play, not balance a demo.
    I await more info.
    The calander is nice btw, better than the WOW one but that doesnt say much. Nice broad vistas, its got your title picture in it though; that ones been done to death already.

    • i agree with you on this. they should be using these follow ups to appeal to a broader base, not the one lone guy who asks some obscure question.

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