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August 23, 2010 at 9:04 pm | Posted in Guild Wars 2, mmorpg | 12 Comments

Cursed Blue Bird

I created a twitter account. I really despise social networking, but I thought it might be a good way to reach new readers. Strangely someone had registered an account with twitter using my email, so when I went to create an account I had to fiddle around and prove the email was mine.

Anyway, check me out at my twitter. I’m still looking for people to follow too, so if you have suggestions, let me know.

I also added a feedburner chicklet on the side and a way for people to add me to their google reader. As of right now I am the only one subscribed to me via feedburner. This makes me sad. Make me happy by upping that to two please.

Add to Google Reader or Homepage

I suppose the point of this would allow me to know just how many people actually read the blog, instead of the seemingly random page views I seem to get.

I was looking through the Amazon sales charts and noticed Ghosts of Ascalon isn’t doing too badly. Nearly a month after launch and on their updated hourly chart, Ghosts is hovering around 30th in the fantasy section. It was the highest game licensed book I noticed, so congratulations on that Arenanet.

Randomessa did a nice post about Guild Wars 2 and listed the Game Trailers series of 9 high quality videos that I would recommend to anyone who’s been avoiding the low quality videos. Still off screen but some of the better videos for sure.

EDIT: Crap, I totally forgot to add that the avatars created by BBQman on the GW2Guru forums (I blogged about here) has turned into an avatar mini-war. Threads by two forum regulars Pumpkin Pie, and Kiya Koreena (also known for their obey vs dismantle fan art) have thrown down the avatar gauntlet in a bloody and vicious campaign against BBQman and each other. Who will win?



  1. Twitters taste like blueberries.

    Also, get out of my head you brain-stealing alien!

    • I not only created mine first, tweeted first, but i also blogged about it 9 minutes before you. who’s the brain stealing alien you brain stealing alien brain stealer?

      • Psh, I had that icon drawn by the end of my 3 o’ clock brake! Pbbbbbbbtttt

        • well i’ve been blogging about not wanting to do almost since i started the blog so neener neener.

          • Well then! All of my fellow bloggers are tweeting now. I’m staunchly anti-twitter since I don’t really want to update more than one social networking site (chained to Facebook). But that’s me, not Belzan.

            What’re your thoughts on Belzan having a twitter account? Let me know what you think of having one yourself. That, if anything, is a good judge of how I’ll react to it.

            • i don’t know man. you’ll have to make this decision for yourself. I’ve already been sucked into the whirlwind.

            • I like being able to follow the GW/2 developers. They do a LOT of Q&A through twitter. I only really plan to use it for letting people know when I’m playing and maybe spouting random bits of nonsense.

  2. I already have you on my google reader, subscribed manually ages ago! 😛

    Just added GoA to my reading list, will work my way down to it eventually!

    • Yeah i’ve got you in my reader as well of course, and firefox tells me you’re my most visited blog, followed by tigerfeet.

    • You’re in my Google reader, to. That’s the list of blogs I’m following through my Dashboard, right?

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