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August 22, 2010 at 7:09 pm | Posted in mmorpg | 7 Comments
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How could you not know what a podcast is?

I’ve mentioned to various people I know, when I’ve thought they might be interested, podcasts I listen to. Some of those people don’t even know what a podcast is. It’s something I’ve been kind of surprised at. I know it isn’t a very old medium, being popularized around 2004, but their popularity has sky rocketed ever since.

In any case some of my listening habits have changed since the last time I posted about them. For instance I’ve stopped listening to Massively Speaking and GuildCast. Maybe I overdosed on the hosts (same hosts for both shows) but I also noticed that I had grown to dislike some aspects of both shows. Perhaps it was just Massively Speaking has a focus on a lot of MMOs I’m completely uninterested in, and GuildCast has far too much fan service for my liking, but that is just personal taste. I do suggest everyone interested in Guild Wars 2 and podcasts check it out.

Relics Of Orr would be the podcast I listen most regularly to. Being that I often play with Tigerfeet, a frequent co-host, that’s no surprise. The hosts are knowledgeable, funny, vary their topics, and generally contribute to a fun, comfortable listen. I think each show tends to improve upon the last, and would have to recommend the last show, along with their mini-episode where they interviewed John Stumme. That interview revealed they’re thinking about the limit on number of heroes you can bring, and moving Guild Wars Beyond to Cantha next. A couple of things that were previously unknown.

Another regular listen is Shut Up We’re Talking, which also had a strong episode last week. They talked a bit about hype, which the blogosphere seemed to be obssessed with last week. Also their guest was kind of funny and enthusiastic, I may end up listening to his apocalypse themed podcast at some point.

A podcast that is growing on me is The Multiverse. Although I’ve criticized it in the past, I don’t think it’s a bad show. I’ve actually been waiting on their latest episode but for some reason they haven’t had an episode in a few weeks. That’s cool though because Chris at Game By Night has a pretty good blog to read instead.

Split Infinity Radio gets mentioned on Relics Of Orr a lot and I’ve been checking it out. It’s an internet radio station that streams from its webiste. While the majority of music is from genres I’d rather not taint my sensitive ears with they do have a prominent nerd population, and some entertaining or truly freaky, freaky, DJs.

If anybody knows a good podcast I’d be happy to try it out, let me know in the comments.



  1. Thanks for the shoutout! We’ve been away for a bit but we’re actually getting together to record a new show tonight. We recorded two others that got damaged or scrapped, so the lack of new show isn’t because we haven’t been working at it 🙂

    • I figured as much. You guys don’t have a lot of luck with recording sessions i’m sensing.

  2. I most definitely recommend anything coming from Scott Johnson, at http://www.frogpants.com

    Also, with podcasting, you do have to be quite careful of how often you listen to the same people or similar styles or you’ll get worn on them. Some hosts, like Scott, can keep you entertained indefinitely. But most will not. But those that can’t can still deliver you a good show per week or so if you avoid overexposure. 🙂

    • gee only 20 or so podcasts to choose from there ryan. thanks for the precise recommendation.

      Getting worn out on those podcasts was about half the problem.

  3. Specifically I recommend “The Final Score” for you dude. You’d love it.
    As a movie lover, I enjoy “Film Sack” as well.

    “Hypothetical Help” is hilarious as well.

    • I really suck at threaded replies via WP.

      • i don’t think you’ve ever posted here without doing this.

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