I Put On My Jedi Robe And Wizard Hat

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Who are the ad wizards who came up with this one?

Star Wars: The Old Republic has 8 classes, 4 per faction, but those classes each split up into two different advanced classes that further specialize your character.

As I’ve said before, the honest truth is, TOR is making their non-jedi classes so interesting I wouldn’t be surprised if Bounty Hunters, Imperial Agents, or Smugglers were just as popular as the force using classes.

I personally intend to play either Imperial Agent or Smuggler, and I’m leaning towards Smuggler. It splits into Scoundrel and Gunslinger. Although Scoundrel gets stealth, I think I would prefer the dual pistols of the Gunslinger. I get to be a space cowboy and Han Solo? Sold.

I’ve known about the advanced classes for a while but they only recently revealed the Jedi Consular advanced classes. They’re Jedi Shadow and Jedi….Wizard. Okay. Goofy. I think most people would immediately think of Gandalf when they think wizard. Me, I think about the BloodNinja cyber logs.

I know that originally Jedi are essentially inspired by wizards. Particularly Obi-Wan Kenobi. I’m not sure the actual word fits in with Star Wars mythology. Believe it or not, I think TOR found a way to make an aspect of an mmorpg too geeky. Wizard? Really?



  1. I looked around and the only two times the word “wizard” was mentioned in Star Wars was when Owen Lars called Obi-Wan a crazy old wizard and when one of Anakin’s friends said “That’s so wizard, Ani!” in episode 1. Some people seem to think that this makes it totally okay…I’m still a little skeptical of this. a class shouldn’t be named after a disparaging term for jedi or stupid kid slang.

    And I’m totally speculating here, but I think while the non-force classes will be very popular, I’ll bet we’ll still see a lot of jedi and sith due to those classes being more popular with the older and younger players. Again, just guessing, but that’s what I think we’ll see.

    And Smuggler actually looks really fun. I’m still planning on going BH for my main, but if I were to make a republic character, my first one will definitely be that one.

    • Yeah i went looking for references to wizard too but other than various mentions of star wars essentially being based on fantasy tropes, didn’t find anything.

      You’re totally trying to goad me into another bet! well i’m not taking the bait. that one is too hard to judge.

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